Explore The Land of Kings with our Unforgettable Peru Tour in Lima

Let the murmurs of Perus mysteries fascinate you on this unique tour made to bring you its sensational sights and overwhelming wonders. Ancient ruins and lovely cities are whispered about legends of Catacombs and fortresses. Lost cities are rumored to be discovered.  From the lush and winding Sacred Valley to the historic diversity of Lima, discover Peru with one of the best Peru tour packages.


Tour Highlights


  • Pass the City of Kings, Lima and experience its Spanish and Inca influences
  • Travel below ground to explore the catacombs of the Church of San Francisco
  • Venture along the winding cobblestone streets of Cusco


Tour Description


From the wandering neighborhoods of Lima that spread across the sea and along the flatlands, where the fragrance of citrus is as lively as the beaches, to the undulating mountains that roll over the Sacred Valley, as the cobblestone streets of Cusco turn along the foothills of the Andes. The secret may be out but the charm continues to rise.
Your tour through Peru starts with your arrival in Lima, the City of Kings, and who told more secrets than the kings? Pass the rambling neighborhoods of Lima to view the variety and diversity of the city, where citrus falls into the ceviche and the catacombs dwell beneath the Church of San Francisco. Venture on to Cusco where the dramatic boulders of Sacsayhuaman watch over the city protecting its cobblestoned secrets. The Spanish facades sparkle in the sunlight and rise above the remains of the Inca capital ready to divulge its history.

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Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Stand Amongst the Murmurs


This is the land of Kings, where the remains of a decadent colonial past still adorn much of the city and have seeped into the diverse culture of Lima. Each neighborhood owns a very unique style of life, from the language they speak to the odors that drift from their restaurants. But throughout each, the air is filled with the lingering fragrance of the sea, drifting in from the nearby beach. While standing along the boardwalk of Miraflores the Statue of Lovers watches over the crashing waves, forever locked in a kiss, while the oceanic breeze blows along the lush grass. The lemon citrus of ceviche perfumes the walkway, drifting from a variety of restaurants that line the boardwalk, inviting you to experience Peru.


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Day 2: Beneath the Rumors Could be Real


Today you will travel to Lima, where the City of Kings is on display with its more prestigious architectural wonders along the Plaza de Armas. The trickle of the fountain flows through the air. A crowd of people walks through the plaza. The Government Palace stands along the square with grace and power, its structure dating back to another era, shown by the elegant frilled faade. Soldiers stand along the courtyard in silence, looking out into the square with focus. Carnations bring an energetic white and red hue to the plaza, blooming against the green grass in resemblance of the Peruvian flag.

The Church of San Francisco is a gem from the 16th century. The bright yellow faade looks even livelier in contrast to its white trim. The bells peel and add a touch of melody to the streets. The beautiful entrance resembles an opulent mouth, sitting between the spired bell towers. Enter into the majestic church where the fragrance of myrrh and frankincense fill the open space. Red and white tiles cover the pillars and over the archways. The courtyard is decorated with flowering trees and a pleasant tiered fountain. Follow your guide beneath the grounds of the church where the true draw rests. In the catacombs of San Francisco, the atmosphere is a bit damp and your footsteps echo off of the walls. Proceed through the darkness where the flickering bulbs make you feel like someone is carrying a torch and you're searching the depths of a secret, ancient burial ground. Once out of the catacombs, the air is freshened, with the sea wind blowing through the streets as you try to Miraflores for an evening along the shore.


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Day 3-4: The Cool Talk of the Town/Departure


Bid goodbye to the wonderful shores and to Lima as you proceed towards stunning Cusco, recognized as the Imperial City. Cusco rests 10,750 feet above sea level, creating it an additional edge in its beauty and giving you an understanding of its crisp, fresh air. View as the cobblestone streets turn along the city, over the hills, and through the narrow trails where buildings almost kiss. The Spanish colonial sign is still present within the city, the architectural wonder stunning along the altitudinal hillside and built on the foundation of the Inca capital.

The Church of Santo Domingo rises above street level, its terraced stairs beautifully reaching the opulent door. The brick cathedral was built on top of the old Sun Temple of Koricancha and looks like a normal church from the entrance. The way slopes down around the outside of Santo Domingo; you move inside and can see the magnitude of the cathedral. The courtyard is tiled with arches going around the border. The dome stands high and rich besides the entrance, and looking up at the structure from the gardens makes the beauty of the church all the more widespread. A journey to Cusco would be incomplete without visiting Santo Domingo and an opportunity to explore the grandeur of the Inca influence on the Spanish architecture within the Andean city.

The streets of Cusco sound different in the morning, quiet and peaceful. You can walk through the usually busy Plaza de Armas, where the romance of couples kissing or the laughter of children playing in the fountain echoes off of the buildings. The slightly bitter smell of coca tea fills the streets, the soft footsteps of a procession of nuns walk past the trickling fountain. Sacsayhuaman sparkles in the sunlight as it overlooks the city, and it is one of the last pictures of Cusco you will have before you leave for home.

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