Discover The Diversity Of Peruvian Cuisine With This Best Peru Trip Package

If all that comes to your mind while imagining Peru is Inca Empire, then it’s time for you to discover more about this vibrant country. Peru takes pride in possessing a diversity of landscape, unlike any other country. From Amazonian tropical forest and snow-capped Andes mountain range to desert and seashore, there are about 30 kinds of microclimate that can be found here in Peru. And these facts give birth to a wide variety of options when it comes to food, which in turn nurtured the country’s civilizations over millennia. Discover the flavors of Peru cuisine with this best Peru trip package customized especially keeping in mind your very own interests.


A Brief Look At The Peru Tour

(Day 1): Welcome to the land of Peru by arriving at Lima

(Day 2): A full day exploration of Lima – The history, Food Museum, and a restaurant celebrated for years

(Day 3): Discover the Town of Pisco and much more in Paracas

(Day 4): Visit to the Sacred Valley of Cusco

(Day 5): Departing for Home



Lima, Cusco, Pisco, Chincha, Sacred Valley  


Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Lima – Welcome to the land of Peru by arriving at Lima

Lima represents the greater Peru. The urbane city encompasses a rich history, both Spanish colonial and pre-Columbian, as well as a celebrated array of cultures found at the high-altitude plain of the Andes to the Central Pacific Coast. Upon your arrival at Gorge Chavez International Airport, your private guide will escort you to your gorgeous hotel overlooking the Pacific coast’s Miraflores cliffs. A trail along the coast offers scenic views, refreshing breeze and a sneak peek into the fashionable, contemporary district.


Day 2: A full day exploration of Lima – The history, Food Museum, and a restaurant celebrated for years

In the morning,  you get ready to explore the vibrant city of Lima where the fish market bustles with activity and highlight an incredibly impressive variety of marine life such as marlin, sharks, mussels, clams, and even the kind of fish you may have never known before.

After you wander through the historic district of Plaza de Armas and explore the catacombs of Saint Francis Basilica, head out to the House of Gastronomy which is the only museum in Peru dedicated to cultural cuisine. Opened in 2011, the gallery provides more than 500 years of history, including the age-old wisdom of cooking certain types of produce, as well as the fusion of flavors that were brought in Peru by the influence of international dishes. This museum is situated inside the former Post Office near the Government Palace. The guide will explain you the relevance of each of the three regions focused by the museum. Every region is known for its culinary styles and biodiversity, as well as the flavors which were brought by the immigrants over the course of Peru’s history. Primitive ceramics and cooking utensils offer dramatic realization into the ways the pre-Columbian people stored, cooked, and ate their food.


Day 3: Discover the Town of Pisco and much more in Paracas

After you have your breakfast, your guide will lead you out of Lima to the town of Pisco via the town of Chincha, situated along the southern coast. The town of Pisco shares its name to the national beverage, Pisco Sour and is located on the edges of a popular beach resort and the Paracas Reserve. This particular region has hosted the Paracas culture between 700 BC and 400 AD and is considered the most noticeable Peruvian civilization existing before the Inca Empire. You’ll be headed on a tour of the winery by your guide. It is known for growing the grapes which are used to produce pisco, a type of brandy spirit. The grapes are plump while the leaves are waxy beneath the warm desert sun. As you reach the tasting room, your guide will pour a sample of the pisco produced from the fermented mash, where you seek out hints of lemon and honeysuckle blending well with the tangy flavor.


Day 4: Visit to the Sacred Valley of Cusco

Today morning, board an early flight to Cusco, the capital of the Inca Empire. Your guide escorts you to the town of Maras, which is celebrated for their saltpans terraced along the sides of the canyon. The geometric pools here have permitted the locals to harvest the coveted cooking ingredient since the Inca time.

Near the town of Maras, a small stream drizzles into the interlocking pools where these pools cascade down the hillside and resemble a series of uneven steps. As the water evaporates, it leaves behind the salt crystals for the harvesters to scrape away from the ground with the use of simple instruments. The local families here continue to control the saltpans and transport the harvest spice across the Sacred Valley.


Day 5: Departing for Home

In the morning, as the sleepy streets of Cusco awaken, you get ready for your international flight and relish a last hearty meal of Peru remembering your culinary tour of Peru. Your guide will meet you at your hotel lobby and transfer you to the airport for your way back home.


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