Visit an Ultimate New Zealand Tourist Destination - 2019

New Zealand is a sovereign island marked in the peaceful southwestern Pacific Ocean and has two main islands, both with the attractions of volcanoes and glaciation. The country has a mild climate throughout the year which is suitable for the tourist to discover their favourite in New Zealand. The islands are worth visiting for its stunning golden beaches, rugged mountains, pristine lakes, raging river and active volcanoes zones. Moreover, these are sparsely populated and inhabit the flightless birds like kiwi and a burrowing parrot that can be seen nowhere else in the world. The country is home to rare marine creatures like The  Hector Dolphin (world’s smallest marine dolphin ) and Hooker’s sea lion (the world’s rarest sea lion). Here you can enjoy burning your energy in activities like hiking, bungee jumping, river rafting, kayaking, mountain biking and skiing or can relax on the beaches while gazing at the beautiful sunset view.


  1. Explore the exotic animals and birds in Auckland zoo.

  2. Learn about the social history of New Zealand at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

  3. Then explore The Green Dragon Inn in Hobbinton Movie Set.

  4. Go for a zip-line tour over the valleys of Waiheke Island.

  5. Taste the world-class wine at Man O War Vineyard

  6. Go for Kayaking in Whakanewha Regional Park

  7. Enjoy the tranquil beauty of Oneroa Beach.

  8. Go for skiing on Mount Ruapehu

  9. Enjoy going for a canoe tour in Whanganui River.


DAY 1- Welcome to Auckland and discover various birds and animals at Auckland zoo, then learn the pacific treasure of the island at Auckland War Memorial Museum.

DAY 2- Intoxicate yourself at Waiheke  Island and enjoy going for kayaking in Whakanewha Regional Park. 

DAY 3- Visit the Tongariro National Park and enjoy skiing in Mount Ruapheu

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Detailed Itinerary

Welcome to New Zealand, in this three days tour you will find yourself immersed in the paradise of Pacific. And your New Zealand travel agent will fulfil all your expectations from this tour.

DAY 1: Auckland: Welcome to the largest city of New Zealand that is renowned among the visitors for its beautiful beaches, rugged hiking trails and mesmerizing holiday islands. Your New Zealand Travel Agent will introduce you with the amazing animals and exotic birds in Auckland Zoo. The zoo is home to 135 species and 1400 plus animals and gives you the unique experience of meeting and hand-feeding the friendly Red Pandas, giant Galápagos Tortoise, Squirrel Monkeys, naughty Meerkat mob, flightless Kiwi and stunning big cats. Auckland War Memorial Museum is the next stop in your New Zealand tour. The frieze that runs around the top of the exterior of the building exhibits beautifully the different scene of World War I and World II. The museum inspires you by the social history of New Zealand at war and from its unique Maroi culture and Pacific treasurer. Walk leisurely to explore every aspect of New Zealand in the museum and enjoy going through the winter gardens to discover the flora and fauna of the country. Hobbinton Movie Set is an essential stop in your New Zealand tour, offering a fascinating and entertaining experience integrating the film set seen in The Lord of Ring and The Hobbits trilogies. Try exploring The Green Dragon Inn which has beautiful surroundings of bars offering two traditional ales, apples cider or non- alcoholic ginger beer, and giving you full dramatic surroundings of the movie. Then enjoy viewing of the stunning landscape and admirable Mount Te Aroha and the beautiful Kaimai ranges at The Shire’s Rest. The Hobbinton Movie set tour is famous for its dramatic setup, mouth-watering meal and snacks, craft beer and authentic drinks of New Zealand.

DAY 2: Waiheke Island: On the second day of your New Zealand tour take a ferry from Auckland for Waiheke Island. The island is second largest in the gulf, and is popular for its intact beauty of beaches and landscape, olives groves and pleasing vineyards. Take a zip-line tour over the valley of Waiheke Island and admire the beauty of nature. Then your New Zealand Travel agent will take you to Man O War Vineyards to taste the world-class wines of intense varietal flavour and find yourself amid the beautiful scenery and beaches. Apart from that, there are speciality shops, a cinema, art gallery, cafes, bars and restaurant for the visitors.  You can enjoy watching a movie with ice cream at Waiheke island Cinema or can have a visit in the eco-friendly and wonderful ambience of Waiheke Island Library & Artworks Complex. Your New Zealand tour must include a visit to Whakanewha Regional Park.  The park is known for its pristine beauty of nature and is a favourite place for visitors who love watching varied and exotic birds like Kerer? and t?? or like going for kayaking in nearby bays. The parkland has a well-known M?roi and European settlement history that is still visible on the headland. Then make your way for Oneroa Beach which is popular among families and friends with lovely white sand to make a sand castle, clear water to enjoy going for swimming or surfing during the day time and pleasant climate to relax and enjoy the serene beauty of the beach.

DAY3: TONGARIRO NATIONAL PARK: On the last day of your tripyourNew Zealand travel agentwill make you enjoy in TONGARIRO NATIONAL PARK, which is a dual world heritage area and oldest national park in New Zealand. The park has active and extinct volcanoes, spectacular landscape and wide range of ecosystem. Apart from that, it has some cultural and religious importance for the Maori people and it is the symbol of the spiritual link between the community and its environment. You can enjoy going for a thrilling hiking trial or a four by four excursion on to admire the beauty of nature. The park offers you with a wide range of outdoor activities to do like horse riding, walking tracks, diving and many such. Burn some energy in skiing on the eastern terrains of MOUNT RUAPEHU,  the mountain is an active volcanic zone covered with snow. Or you can enjoy going for kayaking, a canoe tour, jet boating or fishing in the fresh water of Whanganui River. 

Now it’s time to say Haere Ra (goodbye) to this adventurous journey of New Zealand, your New Zealand travel agent will help you leave for your home and will depart you comfortably at the airport. Hope you have made the countless number of memories in your New Zealand tour to take back home.

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