Enter the sensational world of Panoramic Beauty in this 9-Days New Zealand Itinerary

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Nov 13,2018

Experience the unparalleled joys of New Zealand on this 9-day itinerary through the extraordinary, enchanting, and indescribable sights of the North and South Island. Regardless of whether in the lavish summer months or the heaven of winter, the scenes, and the flavors are continually amazing in extent, and the general population is continually beguiling and benevolent. From the social history of the Maori, the high appeal of Queenstown, to the transcending magnificence of Mount Cook, New Zealand will make certain to amuse you, lure you, and keep you needing more. Cascades roar down mountains as fountains detonate into the sky. The saw-toothed mountains puncture the sky. The turquoise frosty lakes flicker in the daylight. The devouring murkiness vanishes inside the splendid radiance of glowworms. Venture into the unutterable universe of New Zealand and experience its unparalleled enjoyments.

New Zealand Travel Packages Highlights:

  • Explore the amazing universe of Te Puia Warm Hold
  • Sail through the great Milford Sound
  • See the tallest top in the Southern Side of the equator, Mount Cook
  • Experience the Waitomo Caverns and the Glowworm Cave
  • Enjoy the extravagances of the high city of Queenstown
  • Witness the grandness of the Franz Josef Ice sheet


9-Days New Zealand Itinerary at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Land in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Day 2: Exchange to Rotorua to See the Social Capital
  • Day 3: Visit the Te Puia Warm Save
  • Day 4: Travel to Christchurch, the Garden City
  • Day 5: Witness the Extent of Mount Cook On the way to Queenstown
  • Day 6: Journey the Celebrated Milford Sound
  • Day 7: Investigate Queenstown
  • Day 8: Leave for Franz Josef to See the Unimaginable Franz Josef Icy mass
  • Day 9: Adventure on the TranzAlpine Train to Christchurch

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Touch base in Auckland, New Zealand

Touch base in Auckland, the City of Sails, and experience the joys of New Zealand's biggest and most various city. Boat influence in the delicate waters of the harbor. Islands wait along the skyline, going from popular rural areas to uninhabited pits. The horizon towers over the city, including Skytower, the tallest working in the Southern Side of the equator. The delicate breeze skims through Rulers Road, the beat of the city's urban life. The aroma of rich espressos new, sweet macaroons coasts from the shops. The road is overlaid with a design that features a blend of European tastes with Polynesian pizazz.


Day 2: Exchange to Rotorua to See the Social Capital

Withdraw from Auckland and watch the sails of the harbor blur into the skyline as you advance towards Rotorua, New Zealand's social capital. En route you will stop in Waikato for a visit to the well known Waitomo Caverns. Pursue your guide into the obscurity. The limestone dividers are smooth against your fingers. The sound of hurrying water echoes against the dividers. When you make it to the underground stream you will board the dinghy and float further into the give in's murkiness. Out there you can see a swoon shine. The give in dividers start to open up and you see the accumulation of blue transmitting and pushing the lack of definition away. You have achieved the Glowworm Cave where the renowned light of the glowworms extend over the broad give in


Day 3: Visit the Te Puia Warm Save

Today you will investigate the assorted variety of Rotorua in its way of life and its property. The wonderful serenades of the past night blur as you advance toward Te Puia Warm Save where mud pools bubble, fountains burst, and lakes sizzle. Four Plumes fountain sits among sulfur recolored rocks, the limestone smoothed down from the growing water and time. The spring blasts into the air and includes a billow of hot fog that floats in the breeze. Local people have joined the warm springs into their regular daily existences utilizing the mud pools and the steaming lakes to help shape the manner in which they fabricate and eat. Look at a woven pocket loaded up with mussels and prawns is plunged into the sizzling water, steaming the substance until splendidly cooked. The air winds up perfumed with sweet prawns and wanton mussels.


Day 4: Travel to Christchurch, the Garden City

Today you will fly from the North Island, over the Cook Straight, and land in the enchanting Patio nursery City of Christchurch. From the cobblestone boulevards of the downtown area to the delicate murmur of trolley vehicles that murmur, to the blooming gardens that enrich the broad city, Christchurch is loaded up with pleasures to investigate. For an enchanting and extraordinary experience, go through the day at the Botanic Greenery enclosures. Walk around the Victorian engineering that enlivens the city with block exteriors, triangular rooftops, and transcending towers. The patio nurseries are loaded up with rich grass, dynamic trees, and vivacious blooms. The red and yellow roses sit before an expansive bungalow-style custodian's home on the banks of the Avon Stream. The sweet fragrance of bloomed blossoms encompasses you. The delicate stream of the Avon Waterway lifts into the air. Christchurch feels more like a superb field town than a clamoring urban focus.


Day 5: Witness the Extent of Mount Cook On the way to Queenstown

Today you will trade the greatness of the patio nurseries for the amazing excellence of Mount Cook. As you venture through the Canterbury Fields the dynamic shine of the consummately punctured fields stretches to the lower regions. Sheep brush along the prairies until the point that you go to the sparkling water of Lake Tekapo. The lake's surface sparkles an intelligent blue as the fields of purple lupines folds over the water. The moving pinnacles of the mountain extend sit on the furthest side of the lake. Visit the Congregation of the Great Shepherd where the smooth stones welcome you into the structure. The huge window at the congregation's holy place opens to the lake and the mountains, spotlighting the indescribable scene of New Zealand. Accept the open door to see Mount Cook and the national stop with a picturesque flight. Take off over the sky, over the snowcapped mountains that venture into the air.


Day 6: Voyage the Acclaimed Milford Sound

Adventure into the profundities of Fiordland National Stop to encounter the dazzling Milford Sound. Board the Red Pontoon for a voyage through the waters and around the stunning excellence of the well-known sound. The isolation of the zone is obvious in the apparently perpetual serenity. The quietness of the sound gradually disperses in the achieving roar of cascades. The cool fog of the cascade lifts into the air exuding the sweet aroma of crisp and salt water. Regardless of whether no matter what you can watch the dilute tumble the mountainside and collide with the ocean underneath. Dolphins swim along the ebb and flow of the vessel and energetically skip in the wake, the sprinkle secured by the cascade.


Day 7: Investigate Queenstown

Today is yours to investigate the superb pleasures of Queenstown. The city sits comfortably between the shores of Lake Wakatipu and is encompassed by the lower regions of the Southern Alps. The Remarkables Mountain Range sits over the lake with barbed, snowcapped tops that intrude on the sky. With such a great amount of magnificence to investigate, thus numerous alternatives for which to see everything, why not walk around the city and the locale on the Queenstown Wine Trail. Wander along the Gibbston Valley Stream Trail, a similar trail utilized by early Maori voyagers. Meander from basement way to basement entryway tasting the one of a kind and different kinds of New Zealand wines and cheeses. Tune in to the waterway skim through the canyon and along the valley floor.


Day 8: Leave for Franz Josef to See the Fantastic Franz Josef Ice sheet

Today you will advance toward the residential area of Franz Joseph to see the extraordinary Franz Joseph Ice sheet. Travel past the twin pools of Wanaka and Hawea. The mountains that grow around the lakes outline the shocking twins that shaped from the pooling icy water and sit isolated with around 1000 yards of land set between them. The air is fresh and cool around the lakes. The breeze clears off of the lakes and brings the smooth fragrance of unadulterated water.


Day 9: Voyage on the TranzAlpine Train to Christchurch

End your frosty adventure of Franz Joseph by boarding the hair-raising TranzAlpine Train that will twist through the Southern Alps and return you to the thrilling city of Christchurch. Regardless of whether loaded up with the sufficient green of the mid-year or the sweeping snow-white of the winter, you will traverse indented riverbeds and under peaks. The smell of rich, hot espresso fills the train vehicle as crisp, flaky croissants are served. The brilliant territory outside of the window sparkles as the train shrieks through the mountain pass. Touch base in Christchurch and sink into the agreeable appeal of the Garden City. Your last night in New Zealand will present to all of you the heavenly kinds of the city, the breathtaking recollections of your experience, and is certain to do nothing not as much as joy.

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