Enjoy the Classic Best 5-Day Myanmar Tour and Relive some History

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Oct 15,2018

In spite of the fact that Myanmar has been hit with discussions in the ongoing occasions, the travel industry part in Myanmar has not seen a decrease in the number of tourists visiting the country. The travel industry in the nation has seen a gradual development given probably the best profound and recorded capacity it has in itself. From a portion of the riddles of sanctuaries in the fields of Bagan to the pioneer urban communities with insightful designs, the old capitals of Myanmar have held a reverberation from the fourteenth century itself. At Bagan itself, there are very nearly 2200 sanctuaries which merit visiting. 

In this lavish 5-day Myanmar Visit, discover Myanmar getting it done with probably the best goals travelling through the times and interests of the nation. Visit Yangon, Mandalay, and Bagan to observe the combination of societies and verifiable stockpiles of the nation. Ingest the nearby life along the waterway Irrawaddy and take in the provincial green of Myanmar while taking a look through the farmland. 

Myanmar Culture Tour Highlights:

  • Ride in the Tourist balloon over the sanctuaries of Bagan.
  • Admire the best and most prominent religious locales of the World
  • Explore the Provincial legacy of Yangon
  • Explore the legacies of Mandalay – the antiquated chronicled capital of Myanmar
  • Spend time in Bagan, respecting its disintegrating blend of 2,200 sanctuaries
  • Discover Kipling's Mandalay and inundate yourself in its old magnificence


5-Day Myanmar Tours Itinerary at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Landing in Yangon and Inn Exchange
  • Day 2: Investigating Yangon's Pioneer engineering and Nightfall at Pagoda
  • Day 3: Visiting Bagan – Sanctuaries of the Country, World Legacy site, Tourist Balloon
  • Day 4: Bagan to Mandalay – Cruising the Incomparable Irrawaddy, Knowing the three capitals
  • Day 5: Inle Lake – Relaxing on Water
  • Day 6: Inle Lake – Town Markets and Unordinary Anglers
  • Day 7: Heho to Yangon – Takeoff

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Yangon and Inn Exchange 

On this day, the guests will more often than not touch base at the Yangon Universal Air terminal. There are a few goals from which the non-stop flights work to Yangon. From different goals, you may need to initially touch base at Beijing or Phnom Penh to get a non-stop trip to Yangon. When you land at Yangon, your movement specialist will aid the exchange to the pre-booked lodging and the visit will begin the following day.


Day 2: Investigating Yangon's Provincial design and Nightfall at Pagoda 

The second day would be occupied with investigating the provincial design of the city. Yangon has graced itself with the blurring of the pioneer hues as the frontier design appears to blur in shading. Yangon has not reestablished the provincial structures, yet it has not devastated them either. This day will incorporate investigating the frontier remnants of Yangon and afterwards going to an extremely exceptional place. At night, you can appreciate the dusk from the Shwedagon Pagoda which is the brilliant building and feeling of national pride. 


Day 3: Visiting Bagan – Sanctuaries of the Country, World Legacy site, Tourist Balloon 

On the third day, your visit administrator will exchange you to Bagan which is another essential place ever of. In the event that you remain on the housetop of your lodging in Bagan, it can wind up inconceivable for you totally the number of pagodas and sanctuaries in the city as there are upwards of 2200 of them in the whole city. Some of them have been reestablished by the administration however a large portion of them remain in vestiges of time. A significant number of the biggest and most acclaimed sanctuaries are found around there, giving a prologue to the diverse engineering styles inside simple strolling or cycling separation of your base. 


Day 4: Bagan to Mandalay – Cruising the Incomparable Irrawaddy, Knowing the three capitals 

On the fourth day of the outing, you will be exchanged to Mandalay to plunge profound into the chronicled past of Myanmar. This day will give you knowledge into the provincial living of the general population while cruising through Waterway Irrawaddy. Little towns remain on the riverside; kids sprinkle in the shallows and energetic garments are washed along sloppy banks. Pagodas transcend woodlands, hanging longingly over the water. 


Day 5: Inle Lake – Relaxing on Water 

Inle Lake extends underneath green slopes, a tranquil span of blue found on a provincial bit of Myanmar. Your lavish inn has a private waterfront area, perfect for retaining the nation's serenity yet you're just ever a 15-minute pontoon ride far from beautiful stilt towns, clamouring markets, and sanctuaries bound in otherworldliness. You'll fly from Mandalay to Heho, where it's a 45-minute street exchange to the lake shore, a voyage that breezes past clearing rice paddies. 


Day 6: Inle Lake – Town Markets and Unordinary Anglers 

But they're not paddling with their arms, they balance on the bamboo and impel themselves with their feet previously throwing their conventional nets down into the water. On a vessel voyage through the lake, they are difficult to miss, similar to the gliding gardens that breeze suggestively as your pontoon travels past. Stilt towns arrive like a fantasy, several wooden houses remaining over the water with no way between them aside from by watercraft. There's an entire arrangement of towns and speciality houses that can be visited, joined with the exquisite hours unwinding along the lakeshore. 


Day 7: Heho to Yangon – Takeoff 

The last day will see the exchange of the vacationers from Heho to Yangon from where they can withdraw for their individual urban communities.

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