A Perfect Week-Long Itinerary To The Montenegro Tours

What makes a lucky opportunity for the people to visit Montenegro?. Most of the times, it is the warm and welcoming weather of the country that welcomes all excitingly and curiously also. Its stunning nature especially when it comes to the Monte that means mountains are the most beautiful one to be discovered. Moreover, Montenegro means the ‘black mountain’. Being a travel fond personality, you can easily spend a week over here initiating by booking 3 days and 4 nights in Budva. In nutshell, enlighten the below listed 1-week itinerary for the Montenegro Tours that offer cheap travel Europe packages.


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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at the Budva old town including all its beaches. Don’t forget to visit the following:


- Sveti Stefan

- Petrovac

The best way to enjoy at the Budva is to find a place on its beaches and feel the breeze with the peace. It's worth spending a quality time at the hinterland on beeches and having a dinner at the Stari Grad restaurant. The beaches at Budva are what makes it a stand-alone and special in overall Montenegro in compliance with the other competitors on the Croatian Coast.

Day 2: From Cetinje, a drive of some hours would take you to the following places:

Lovcen National Park

- Njegos Monument

- Njegusi village

When it comes to the top listed National Parks in Montenegro then, the name of the Lovcen National Park strikes first in the minds of the tourists and travel guides also. On the Mount Lovcen summit, its second highest mountain range lies on the Njegos National Monument. This is fundamental because it is known as one of the most mandatory places for the Montenegrin.

Day 3: A complete day 3 will be dedicated to the Bay of Kotor. 

With a beginning from the Kotor’s Old Town including its nearest fortifications such as:

- Perast

- The two monastery islets

- Risan and its Roman mosaics

You will be heading yourself towards the Bay of Kotor, which would require a drive of 2 hours from Dubrovnik. This way is ideally suited for the shorter pathways. Here, you can also spend your compete day in Boka.

After this, you can also go for a drink in the Bardac Art Bar which is located in the Cultural Center Nikola Djurkovic. Enjoying the views of the fjord sitting by the water, climbing rocks, walls of the Kotor’s fort would assist you with a bucket of the broader memories.

Day 4: If you’re a wine lover, your 4th day will be consumed at the Skadar Lake 

Arrival at the Skadar Lake abreast with the Rijeka Crnojevica including the following:

- Horseshoe Bends

- Loads Of Endemic Flora And Fauna

- Local Wine

- Freshly Roasted Water Chestnuts

Would serve you with the best ever tastes and memories. However, the best season to go here is mainly the Autumn season especially if you desire to have the Freshly Roasted Water Chestnuts.

Day 5: Step ahead towards the Durmitor National Park 

Hee, you can easily spend a complete night and in fact, a day also. On your way, it is suggested to stop at the old Roman bridge in Niksic to have the Hot Rod Café coffee cup. This will boost your energy to step forward at the slopey street leading to the Ostrog Monastery. It is one of the oldest and most mandatory monuments for the Serbian Orthodox Christians. Moreover, it has also been embarked inside the mountains for a hiking purpose.

Days 6: Durmitor National Park - Departure

This Durmitor National Park is so huge that a complete day seems to be insufficient to explore it deeply. It has much more hills to hike and to explore the beauty of the hills and lakes. Here, the Black Lake is much more recommended to explore and to capture the pictures.

After visiting this, you can easily depart on the same day either in the evening or at night. 

Hope this 6-day itinerary with cheap travel Europe packages really help you make an awesome Montenegro Tours.

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