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Ranging from the huge city sophistication to the country’s heartfelt hospitality, Latvia welcomes all its visitors, warmly. Planning for the Latvia Tours would lead you to explore the valleys, discovering ancient castles, miles of beaches and especially the Baltic gem.


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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1. Art Nouveau architecture and Old Riga


Riga is the capital of Latvia which holds the finest gathering of Art Nouveau buildings all over the world. In fact, about 438 hectares of Riga’s historical center has been successfully inscribed onto the UNESCO World Heritage List. This has been inscribed with a great recognition to the gatherings of the brilliant Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) architecture.

Day 2. Riga museums and Kipsala walk

Riga has invested much in most of its museums in order to transform them as the best and up-to-date museums. The special museums are mentioned below:

The Riga Bourse Art Museum

- Latvian Museum of Art

- Riga Motor Museum

The Latvian and Riga Motor Museum was opened in 2016 after reconstruction. However, the Latvian Museum of Art and the Riga Bourse Art Museum are situated in the high architectural and historical establishments. All these museums are worth seeing just because of its art. You can easily reach here by own foot from the old town. These museums are Riga’s real gems.

On the contrary, one of the oldest neighborhood of Riga gives a brief introduction of the Old Riga including all its renovated wooden houses. The Old Riga is nearest to the Kipsala. It is an island situated amid the Zunda Channel and the Daugava River.

Day 3. Day trip to Sigulda

Sigulda - Latvian most beautiful sight and is meant for the Riga’s famous day trip. It's most impressive in autumn due to colorful foliage resulting in adding four moon passion to the landscapes. Gauja River is located at the left side of the Sigulda town whereas, the Turaida River on the right.  

Your consumed day will be consumed in visiting the following:

- Enrich natural landscapes

- Historical sites

- Several castles

- Hiking trails delivering the best views

- The old river bed (Gauja river)

- Skiing slopes

- Bobsleigh track

- Gauja National park

And there are endless things to do and to explore.

Day 4. Rundale Palace day trip  and Bauska castle


Not only in Riga instead, but Latvia also has much more to explore on its outskirts and outside the city. Some of the best-reckoned places are listed below:

  1. Rundale Palace (in Zemgale region). It is 80 kilometers away from Riga and is well known for its historical monuments, castles, palaces, and manors. The Breadbasket is a nickname for the Rundale Palace. Its important cities are Jelgava and Bauska. The Rundale Palace is a perfect instance of the Baroque and Rococo architecture.

  2. Mežotne Palace: It is a house and hotel in classicism style.

  3. Livonian Order Castle: It is located in Bauska.

Day 5. Kuldiga

The most magical and magnetic town in Latvia is Kuld?ga. Owing to its preserved medical appearance and charm, it is appreciable to all the tourists and visitors. Kuldiga is the capital of the Duchy of Courland which is also one of the historical parts of Latvia. It always creates a unique and harmonious ensemble for almost everything found in it. Presently the old town inKuld?ga including the red-brick bridge crossing the River Venta is meant for the inclusion in a list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. In Europe, this town is so famous for its widest waterfall.

Day 6. Liepaja city and music

The 3rd largest city in Latvia is Liep?ja and is also the country’s musical capital. It is located at the stretch of a piece of land amid the Liep?ja Lake and Baltic Sea abreast of a connection with the Trade Canal. Liep?ja enriched itself with the following:

- Rich cultural

- Artistic and sports traditions

- Events and festivals (in summers)

- Summer Sound - beach party

- Festival of speed “Rally Kurzeme”

The real pearl of the art is its internationally recognized Liep?ja Symphony orchestra performances. 

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