Japan Luxury Tour Package: The Classic 2-Weeks Japan Tour Itinerary

Japan is a marvelous fusion of past and future, old and new, technology and tradition where hi-tech futuristic innovations prosper harmoniously along with medieval and sacred Japanese temples. Join our Japan luxury tour package and experience the phenomenal land of the rising sun for ourselves!


A Brief Look at the Japan Tour

(Day 1): Arrival in Tokyo

(Day 2): Tokyo Exploration

(Day 3): More Exploration of Tokyo  

(Day 4): One Day Tour of Tsumago

(Day 5): Traversing to Hiroshima

(Day 6): Exploring Hiroshima

(Day 7): Heading to Kyoto

(Day 8): Experience Japanese Culture in Kyoto

(Day 9): More Time in Kyoto

(Day 10): Venturing to Hakone

(Day 11): Hakone Exploration

(Day 12): Returning Back to Tokyo

(Day 13): Departure Back Home


Places To Visit

Tokyo, Tsumago, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Hakone


Day 1: Arrival in Tokyo

Today you begin your Japan journey by boarding your international flight to Tokyo.

After passing through customs and luggage collection, you'll meet your private guide at the airport who will transfer you to your hotel. After check-in, spend the rest of your day at leisure, taking in the vibe of the city. If you wish to do some city exploring, you can step outside for a walk around the Imperial Gardens.


Day 2: Tokyo Exploration

Your private guide will meet you today in the hotel lobby to discuss the trip with you and offer any local advice so that you can enjoy the country with confidence. In the first section, the guide will explain you the itinerary in more detail and answer any queries that you might have. They will also assist with validating your Japan rail pass. This can take up to 2 hours. Later, make your way out accompanied by your guide to see some of the major attractions of the city. Also, try some of the local Tokyo cuisines in the lively district of Ebisu.


Day 3: More Exploration of Tokyo

This morning, you’ll get out of the city and catch the train to the seaside town of Kamakura, in the southwest of Tokyo. The journey lasts an hour and a quarter. In this 800-year-old town, witness the Great Buddha of Kotokuin, and numerous scenic temples and shrines. On returning back to Tokyo, visit one of the recommended restaurants for an evening meal.


Day 4: One Day Tour of Tsumago

Venture by bullet train today to Tsumago, which is a quaint post town in the Kiso Valley. Later in the afternoon, meander along the picturesque Nakasendo Highway, which once linked Kyoto and Tokyo in the 1800s. It was a significant route used by samurai and traders. The route lines a number of temples and you'll cross through paddy fields and another peaceful countryside. In the evening, relish a delicious meal at a traditional inn or 'ryokan'.


Day 5: Traversing to Hiroshima

Board the train to Hiroshima today. This is going to be a long journey of 5 hours which involves changing at Nagoya, then quickly covering the remaining of the way by bullet train. After check-in into your hotel, visit the Peace Park. In spite of it being a quite relaxing experience, the Japanese have made it an immensely fascinating place. Stroll along the tree-lined avenues of the city and visit the Memorial Museum.


Day 6: Exploring Hiroshima

Today, you’ll get to explore Hiroshima and its surrounding areas at your own pace. Boarding the 20-minute ferry crossing to nearby Miyajima Island is suggested to witness its 'floating' red torii gate. It stands out in the bay and is entirely surrounded by water at high tide, offering the illusion that it floats. Miyajima Island itself is packed with fascinating shrines and temples. During October and November, its Japanese Maples turn a rich dark red.


Day 7: Heading to Kyoto

This morning, you’ll board the bullet train east to Kyoto. The journey will take around 2 hours. Later in the afternoon, make your way out on a tour accompanied by a local guide who can assist you in making the most out of your time in this beautifully multi-faceted city. You could walk around the Ryoanji gardens and Silver Pavillion temple or visit the geisha quarter, Gion at dusk and spot a Geisha, hopefully.


Day 8: Experience Japanese Culture in Kyoto

Today morning, you can participate in a private cultural activity at Kyoto's Women's Association. With the guidance of experienced English-speaking practitioners, have an introduction to Japanese culture by sampling origami, a tea ceremony and wearing a traditional Japanese kimono. After the session, spend the rest of the afternoon at leisure in Kyoto. Traverse your way around the city witnessing the many shrines, gardens, and shops of this remarkable city. Attractions include the food markets selling tasty Japanese delicacies, the Golden Pavilion, and the striking Nijo castle.


Day 9: More Time in Kyoto

Board a local train today to visit Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, a quick 5-minute train journey from Kyoto. The shrine is home to a number of red torii gates spilling out over the hillside. Taking a walk through the forest is also worth it here. Continue your voyage on to Nara, which is one of the former capitals of the country, to feed the wild deer and witness the 'daibutsu', a huge Buddha housed inside a wooden building.


Day 10: Venturing to Hakone

Today morning, you’ll board the bullet train to Hakone. The journey will take around three and a half hours. After check-in at the hotel, you can either make your way straight to a hot spring to relax for the remainder of the day or head out to the National Park. You can use your Hakone free pass to reach numerous amazing viewing areas over the park's mountains and lakes.


Day 11: Hakone Exploration

Today is another day for your further exploration of Hakone National Park at your own pace. Your Hakone Free Pass includes the use of the buses, trains and cable cars. Pass Lake Ashinoko on a replica pirate ship or make your way to a viewing spot for a glance of Mount Fuji. Make sure to visit the outstanding open-air sculpture museum in Chokokunomori.


Day 12: Returning Back to Tokyo

This morning, return back to Tokyo to spend a final night in the beautiful capital city. Make the most of your last few hours in the city exploring a new corner of it. Make your way to the Imperial Palace Gardens, the man-made island of Odaiba, stylish Shinjuku or the quaint landscaped Hamarikyu Gardens.


Day 13: Departure Back Home

Today, after breakfast, your guide will meet you in the hotel lobby and transfer you to the international airport for your return flight back home.

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