Visit the Magical Burren Island in this 3-Days Irish Adventure

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jul 02,2019

Ireland and its beautiful destinations never cease to amaze anyone. Its serene setting coupled with some astounding hang out points makes up for hustling city lives. Getting out there can chill anyone’s busy lives and one must get out making some lifetime memories. Starting from the capital city of Dublin, this private tour takes you to a 3-days tour to various parts of Ireland including three major destinations in the western part. Your Ireland Tour Agent will help you set up the itinerary based on your preferences taking you some of the mountain ranges to the countryside areas as well. you will be visiting the famous destinations of Inis Mor before delving on to Cliffs of Moher and the Galway. This trip will take you through Irish history, its culture mostly important the architectural marvel the country possesses. You get to visit the amazing nightlife of Celtic and Galway as well as mixing up with the locals and getting a feel of the local cuisine and culture. More than just tourist spots, these destinations also sport as the educational hubs for tourists who want to get some knowledge about the culture and cuisines of the area. The highlights of the tour are as follows:

Tour at a Glance

  • Visiting some beautiful locations at the three most tourist destinations of Ireland including Inis Mor, Galway, and  Cliffs of Mohr
  • Checking out the Gaelic Speaking population of the Inis Mor, a language which is considered ancient and forgotten. This is almost going back to time.
  • Explore the amazing pub town of Galway and fill your thirst with some amazing local drinks savored through time. 
  • Looking at the world from the mighty Cliffs of Mohr which overlooks the city and the getting some amazing photo sessions done.
  • Exploring the mystery of the lunar landscapes of the Burren Island which has enough mysteries smitten in it.
  • Wander through the amazing 3000-year old ancient historical fort of Dun Aonghasa and learn about its historical importance in Ireland

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

Start Planning your trip

Detailed Itinerary

While these tour plans often work to de-escalate your busy life, it also helps in understanding the history, geography, and archaeology of these regions which have been important for European History. The amazingly planned history of Ireland has seen from Vikings to the earliest stone of the English empire. Check out these and many more in this wonderfully planned trip to Ireland, the itinerary follows:

Day 1: Arrival in Dublin and Moving on to the city of Galway

The city of Dublin is filled with fresh air and the moist dew from the yesterday’s night when you arrive at the Dublin Airport where you will be received by the local guide and the Ireland Travel Agent as well who will take you to your pre-booked hotel. The fair city of Dublin welcomes you with all its pleasantries and after having a meal you will make your way to the Tullamore Dew Whiskey Museum where you can taste the real wine of Ireland, a taste which every Irish is proud of. Locally, this wine is called ‘Uisce Batha’ or ‘Water of Life’ and after having a sip of it, you are sure to become a fan of it and something which warms the hearts. Cross the peat bogs of Central Ireland while also checking out the Ballybog Faeries. Now after having a good gaze at the faeries, your agent will take you to the West of Bohemian Galway which is also called the cultural capital of Ireland. An orientation walking tour is conducted for exploring the colorful city and to check out the energy which the Irish people demonstrate. In the evening, check into some Irish pub and get to know about the local history from the local people. 

Day 2: Visiting Inis Mor and Spending one full day

After having spent one entire day at Galway, it is time to spend one entire day at the Inis Mor which is the largest of the Aran Island. For getting there, your Ireland Tour Agent will hire a ferry which will take you across the Atlantic where you can spend the entire day. At this place, you can see the time fly past in jiffy. This is also the place where its indigenous people speak in the ancient Gaelic tongue which has become obsolete in the other parts of Ireland. By listening to the Gaelic tunes, you can actually get back in time by chatting with the locals and knowing about their life. You can hire a horse and cart or rent a bike to check out the rugged and mysterious beauty of the Inis Mor Island while not forgetting the famous Dun Aonghasa. This place is 3000 years Iron Age Ring fort which is situated on the edge of a 300-foot high cliff. The sandy beaches are scattered all around the island. After having discovered the ancient relics and knowing about the fort, get back to the mainland for the night stay and probably get some drinks as well. 

Day 3: Moving Back from Galway to Dublin, checking out Burren Island, Cliffs of Moher

From the mainland at Galway, you will make way to the very mysterious Burren Island which consists of the Lunar landscapes formed by the limestone which is available here in abundance. This place is also home to some mesmerizing ancient tombs, fairies, and leprechauns. Your Ireland tour agent will help you know about the magical area of Burren Island while taking you to the famous cliffs as well. The Cliffs of Moher finds its mention in The Lords of the Ring as well and it is the time that you explored the beauty yourself. Look down from the sheer drop of the famous Moher coastline which rises hundreds of meters from the Atlantic Ocean down below. It was this place that the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was shot and a perfect place to take a selfie over the shoulder. After having spent some considerable time there, it is time to move back to Dublin to plan for the next trip ahead. 

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