Discover the Bewitching Beauty of Nature on Greece Tours!!

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jul 05,2019

The golden words of Mark Twain about traveling, are immensely educating. He once said that “Travel is  fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.” When he said these lines, he meant that ‘traveling to different and enriching places around the world is an evolved form of education.’ Undoubtedly, when there’s a mention of ‘the enriching locations’, it’s important to talk about Greece also called Hellas. Traveling to a great place like Greece encompassing rich history, fascinating culture, captivating tourist places, and moreover meeting exceptionally warm people, opens up our mind and transforms us into a better person. Let’s not waste more time and plan delighting Greece tours.


Perfectly planned Greece Tours can be the most helpful natural therapy for anyone’s wanderlust! Giant virgin nature, showcasing the best, in its unspoiled form is what most travelers envision to see. Greece, the absolute heaven on the earth embellished amazingly with more flowers than one may have ever seen in their lifetime. And, that’s not really the end of it; brewing volcanoes, Soaring lakes, national parks, tranquil wetlands, and dramatic gorges, there’s no dearth of wonderful places to visit on Greece tours. 

In addition to its amazing beauty, the wondrous Greek land offers travelers an opportunity to travel and revel at its aesthetics at any time of the year. With an exceptionally fascinating landscape, amazing biodiversity, and never experienced ecological values, one goes head over heels in love for this place. The great Greek land is inundated with the gifts of nature including lakes, national parks, mountain ranges, wetlands, volcanoes on Santorini, rushing rivers, and much more. It’s going to be a real eye-opening destination that has an uncalculated wealth of beauty. In addition to all this, adventurous activities including rafting, mountain climbing, rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, off-road driving, and canyoning have to be an important mention in the list of things to do on Greecetours. 

However, to get a deeper understanding of this perennial beauty and to explore every part of it, one has to have a perfect guide who has prior knowledge of this giant gift on Earth to mankind. Nothing to worry about; there are an assortment of Luxury Greece Tours Agent who are well-equipped with everything that is significant to designing an amazing trip. These specialists and experts have visited every nook and cranny of the country and they can be the best guides through the trip. Selecting experienced Greece tour agents is helpful in a way that they will be responsible for every part of the trip from accommodation to finding the best places to visit to booking tickets and everything. Having discovered these tempting aspects of tourisminGreece and discovering the hassle-free way to plan it out, one can’t stop himself, that’s for sure. Let's get out of the cocoon and discover the amazing world!!

Trip At a Glance:

Day 1: Kefalonia - Discovering the Melissani Cave

Day 2: Discovering the Great Volcanic rocks of Falakro

Day 3: Stefanos Crater - An Exciting Adventure through Nisyros island

Day 4: Meteora - Explore this UNESCO listed region

Day 5: Back Home


Trip Highlights:

  • The itinerary begins with the exploration of Melissani Cave, Kefalonia Island. 

  • Kefalonia boasts of its wonder for the Melissani Cave.

  • Moving further to the northern Greece in the Drama regional unit of eastern Greek Macedonia to discover the wonder of Falakro Oros, the wondrous mountain.

  • Next you’ll be discovering Stefanos Crater. This is the most active volcanoes on the Nisyros island.

  • Finally, Meteora; explore the UNESCO listed region.


Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

Start Planning your trip

Detailed Itinerary

This one is 5 days well-planned itinerary that will take travelers through the best of Greece. It offers an amazing opportunity to discover the undiscovered going through the places that have always been the most talked about spots. The itinerary particularly focuses on some of the real natural wonders secretly located in the lap of this unblemished land. Let’s find out what’s there in the knapsack!


Day 1: Kefalonia - Discovering the Melissani Cave

Hey! Wonderful indeed...we have together begun our perfect GreeceTours. Day one and it’s obvious to be in the state of skepticism and bewilderment. According to this 5daysGreeceItinerary, one will be starting the vacation from Kefalonia Island. Here, the traveler feels amazed to discover one of the wonders of nature, the Melissani Cave. This is truly amazing and even if one looks at its images over the internet, they are sure to get mesmerized. You have landed here at the Cephalonia International Airport from your homeland. It’s kind of relaxing to have hired Greece Tour Agent, as they will responsibly make all arrangements on your behalf.

After settling down here and feeling a little acquainted with the place, get on to the great discovery. Located in the west of mainland Greece, along the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia boasts of its wonder for the Melissani Cave. 

Let’s discover a little about the history of the cave! It was Giannis Petrochilos who discovered the cave and its underground lake. The Melissani Cave is located in the vicinity of the underground lake of the cave called, Sami. This lake is 20 meters high and it encompasses an islet where the nymphs and Pan have believed to have taken sanctuary. The name of the cave from one of the names of the nymphs, who was called Melissani. Explore this amazing geological structure by boat on the first day of your trip.


Day 2: Discovering the Great Volcanic rocks of Falakro

This is the second day of the trip and it’s the time to discover the next stop. It’s going to be a real mountainous day. Located in northern Greece in the Drama regional unit of eastern Greek Macedonia, Falakro Oros is a wondrous mountain. Profitis Ilias is its highest summit and it is 2232 meters high. It’s wonderful to enjoy at its ski resort!

Plan out to reach here early morning so as to be able to start earlier! After catching up some rest and having breakfast, start off the trip for the day. Your Greece tour agents will be there to help at every stage. 

Most often the Lemnos islands are considered to be a kind of under-the-radar tourist destinations. And, this is true even after the presence of its beautiful beaches and mesmerizing beaches. However, the most sought-after part of this land are the dormant volcanoes that belong to the Miocene era. Go and grab the opportunity to see Falakro and their wonderful volcanic rocks. It’s been formed in a unique shape in the island’s northern part.


Day 3: Stefanos Crater - An Exciting Adventure through Nisyros island

Ahhh...You must be feeling relaxed and more excited about exploring more of it, as two days have already passed. Even the wonders of Greece are waiting to be discovered! This is the third day of your Greece tour and today you’ll be discovering Stefanos Crater, most active volcanoes on the Nisyros island. However, it’s been a long time since it last erupted; it was some 700 years back. It’s amazing to see here that given the fact that it has not erupted from quite some time,  but still it looks alive. Travelers from across the globe come to see the magic, and how one can see the steam rising from it. Make the most of this opportunity and walk along with the yellow surface encompassing several fumaroles. Today it’s going to be an amazing experience and you are going to feel as if you are walking on the surface of the Moon. With its crates and many cracks, you’ll feel like being on the Moon.


Day 4: Meteora - Explore this UNESCO listed region

Located in the central part of Greece, Meteora is a spectacular region in the vicinity of the Pindos Mountains. This is the fourth day of your trip and today you’ll be discovering this wonderful part of the country, which is a collection of gigantic rocks. The most enticing and worth noticing things about this place is its assortment of medieval monasteries. A few of these monasteries are still operational. You already have hired the best Greece tour agents and  you are going to be guided perfectly. Meteora has also been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites for its spectacular sites, mystical atmosphere, and wonderful natural tourist spots. The best place to stay, on the trip, is the Kalambaka village. This small village is located at the foot of the rocks, which is the best thing to get started with the exploration. Explore its incredible monasteries and also the area surrounding. It’s the most perfect opportunity to discover the real beauty of Central Greece natural landscape.


Day 5: Back Home

This is the last part of your Greece tours Itinerary! Now is the time to assimilate all the collected memories and go back home. The nearest airport to Meteora is the National Airport of Nea Anchialos. Catch your flight back home!


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