Crafting Your Perfect 7-Day Greece Tour with our Gratifying Itinerary

Welcome to Gratifying Greece! It's the appealing coastline, fascinating culture, and immensely rich history of Greece that has attracted travelers from across the globe. It's also sometimes called the country with creative contradictions'. In Greece, you get to enjoy a never-ending odyssey of exploration. Be it visiting the appealing archeological site or walking through the groves of the country or strolling through the islands nothing can outdo the galore that the country offers.


The country is all inundated with cultural and historical richness, which has made it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. The genie, in this case, would be your Greece tour agents, who will follow your orders and make each of your wishes true. Greece is today named as a wonderful summer vacation spot. With its uniquely glittering lights and perennially blue waters, today it finds an important place in the tourism industry. Greece boasts of its assortment of lovely beaches placed beautifully along its 16,000km of coastline. On your Greece tour, you will find that almost half of the coastline of the country is situated on the mainland and the other half on the Greek islands.


And, not only in summer that the country is a heaven for the travelers, but you can enjoy the perfect holiday in every season. The idea is to come prepared! Hiring experienced Greek tour agents from a trusted agency is a significant part of this entire odyssey. They make it a simple and hassle-free experience that remains etched forever on your memories.


Greece is one of the important archaeologically rich destinations. These thousands of alluring archeological sites are one of the major reasons that people from all across the globe are planning Greece tours so keenly. And, thankfully, theres something special and unique for everyone here. History buffs can explore the galore of great temples, theatres, public markets, and public assembly buildings showcasing 5,000 years old history. In addition to that, you can also allow your adrenaline to burst with various outdoor activities. Lets just not waste any more time and experience this never-ending freedom to fly!


Trip Highlights


  • On the first day, you arrive in Athens, the capital city of Greece.
  • The second day includes sightseeing in Athens. Visit Panathinaiko stadium, the Zappeion, Hadrian's Arch, the temple of Olympian Zeus, the Parliament, and more.
  • Catch a ferry to Mykonos. Just interact with the locals and relax.
  • Youll be exploring this popular Mykonos island, which is a loved place for the Jet Setters.
  • Get transferred to the Mykonos port, where youll be catching a high-speed local ferry to Santorini.
  • Explore the magically majestic Santorini Island. Discover Fira & Oia.

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Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Athens

This is just the beginning of your Gratifying Greece Tours! On this day, you will be arriving at Athens airport. You are going to be overwhelmingly welcomed by traveling guides as arranged by your Greek tour agents. Your guide will generously and gladly welcome you in the country and drive you to your accommodations. This day is just to relax, catch up on some rest, stroll around your hotel room, and spend some time leisurely. At the end of the day, you can enjoy the perfect dinner in the Greek style.

Day 2: Athens - Sightseeing in the city

According to this Greece Itinerary, the second day of the trip is completely dedicated to exploring the city and sightseeing. It is going to start today a little earlier as there's a lot to do and see today. At 7:30 you will be picked up from your hotel by your guide. This means that you need to be ready with breakfast and have everything done by that time.


This will begin with the most astoundingly panoramic landmarks and monuments of Athens. Visit Panathinaiko Stadium, which is a multi-purpose stadium, also called Kallimarmaro. This is one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in Greece. It's the only stadium in the world, which is built with marble. An hour is enough to explore this site completely.


Moving on, the next destination is going to be the Zappeion. This is an incredible piece of architecture from Theophil Hansen built from 1874 to 1888. In the last few years, a number of significant events in Greece have taken place here. Some of which include significant political conferences and European summits.


Other important sites that you are going to visit today include Hadrian's Arch, the temple of Olympian Zeus, the Parliament, Schliemann's house, Syntagma Square, the tomb of the unknown soldier, the National Library, the Acropolis museum, and exploring Plaka, the beautiful part of the city.


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Day 3: Piraeus - Mykonos

This is the third day of your trip and this will start at around six in the morning. After breakfast and everything in the morning, you will be transferred to the port of Piraeus by your guide. Here, you will be catching a ferry to Mykonos at around 7 AM. It is going to take four hours to reach Mykonos. Your selected Greece travel agents have already booked a hotel in Mykonos-Mykonos is one of the most popular islands of Aegean and well-known tourist destinations in Greece. Every type of traveler from across the globe comes here to bask in its glamour and beauty. This is one of the parts of the country that will provide everything that you have been desiring for. Packed with the perfect appetite of adventure and luxury, this is something you cannot miss.


On your third day of the trip, you have just arrived and it's fine to just interact with the locals to gain some knowledge to make it an educating trip. Just relax, stroll in the vicinity of the hotel, and enjoy a wonderful Greece-style dinner.

Day 4: Visit Mykonos

This is the fourth day of your Greece tour! Today you will be exploring this popular island, which is a loved place for the Jet-setters. This part of the trip includes exploration of its wonderful beaches and enjoying the flamboyantly vibrant nightlife.


Once you are on your spree to the discovery of this part of the country, you will find thousands of reasons that make Mykonos one an important travel destinations. The Michelin rated restaurants, amazing beaches, legendary parties, dreamy villas, welcoming people, expensive yachts, and wonderful services, all of it makes Greece an important travel destination in Greece. This is a place you will hopelessly fall in love with and that's for sure!

Day 5: Mykonos to Santorini

This day you can start off in a relaxed way! You don't need to get up early in the morning. Enjoy your breakfast at around 9 AM. From 10 AM to 12 AM get transferred to the Mykonos port, where you will be catching a high-speed local ferry to Santorini. Once you reach here, you will be met with your guide who will be taking you to your hotel room. In the remaining part of the day, just spend your time leisurely.


Ready to embark on your Greek adventure? Plan your dream getaway with Leisure today!

Day 6: Santorini

This day is all dedicated to exploring the magically majestic Santorini Island. Today you are going to discover Fira & Oia. Fira is the capital city of Santorini and from here you get a wonderful view of the island. There is an assortment of activities that are going to keep travelers engaged. After Fira, the next destination is going to be Oia today. Located in the northwestern Santorini Oia is the coastal town of the country. Here, you will be visiting whitewashed houses, a 19th-century mansion, and the Naval Maritime Museum. At the end of the day, explore the beaches or those who are interested can take a boat tour. Get back to your hotel.


There is an assortment of things to experience here including the exciting nightlife, the wonderful Cycladic architecture, and breathtaking beaches. Today, you are going to stroll around Chora's narrow street, swim in exotic beaches, and watch the sunset from Little Venice. At the end of the day, get back to your hotel and prepare yourself for the next day trip.

Day 7: Departure

This day, enjoy your early morning breakfast and get transferred to the airport. Your luxury travel agents will assist you until the completion of the trip. Board your flight and say Goodbye to Gratifying Greece.



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