Germany Itinerary- For The First-Time Travelers To Germany

Germany is one of the most stunning countries especially when it comes to its capital Berlin and the most attractive city Munich. Both such cities make Germany most special and attractive as well when you are traveling to Germany for the first time. Owing to its beautified assistance, it has also become highly beloved by the people. 

Trip Highlights: 

Germany has a lot to offer to its tourists. Ranging from its history, culture, custom, and traditions, it has never failed to withstand tall on the needs of its tourists. Hence, you may easily spend at least 4 days here to see the main highlighted cities and attractive spots of the country.

Places to Visit: 

  • Marienplatz

  • Marienplatz town hall

  • Hohenschwangau

Trip at Glance:

Day 1: Munich - Visit Nymphenburg Palace

Day 2: Nymphenburg Palace - Dachau Concentration Camp

Day 3: Dachau Concentration Camp - Neuschwanstein Castle

Day 4: Neuschwanstein Castle -  Departure 

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Munich 

Initiate your journey visiting the Marienplatz main square where you could be guided about the directions, timetable, places to visit and the duration given to one particular place. So, visiting Munich is only worthy if you first visit the Rathaus-Glockenspiel. It dates back to 1908 and performs each day sharp at 11 am. However, in summer times, it performs consistently from 12 pm and 5 pm. In the afternoon, it is suggested to have a lunch at Hofbrauhaus because it is one of the most reckoned beer halls in the world. After having lunch, in the afternoon, move towards St Peter’s Church to enjoy the breathtaking views of the complete city center. The best part is that you can also catch the Alps glimpses which totally depends on the weather.

Day 2: Nymphenburg Palace

Try to begin your day early in the morning because you could be covering more destinations on day 2 where the premier one could be Nymphenburg Palace which is just outside to the city center. Kindly don’t miss the main museum of the palace because missing so is exactly worthless. Visiting this palace, step ahead at Third Reich Afternoon Walking Tour which could give a brief introduction about the Nazi’s government and Hitler. Assure that your visit must get wind up before 4 pm because you will be heading towards the Royal Residenz. Covering these destinations would be time-consuming so in the late evening, you may end your day by having a mouth-watering dinner at Ratskeller Munchen.

Day 3: Dachau Concentration Camp

After your morning coffee, board a train to visit the Dachau Concentration Camp. This camp is exceptionally as well as incredibly important for tourists to visit, visiting Germany. This is because this camp is actually a symbolic representation in introducing that why and what had happened during the Adolf Hitler’s era. Each establishment has been made a museum delivering a closer look to the prisoner’s life and guards who had occupied there during Nazi Germany. No doubt, this place could be serious but is important to visit. From here, move towards the English Gardens and River Surfing which would help you in refreshing your thoughts out from the concentration camps.

Day 4: Neuschwanstein Castle

Germany is the country that offers a person with a bucket full of options. Begin your journey of day 3 by visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle abreast with the wandering breathtaking views of the Bavarian village. The main destination is this castle only which was built in 1886 by King Ludwig II. From here, you may directly give a farewell to the country. This Germany itinerary is perfect for those who are traveling to Germany for the first time.


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