5 Days Family Tour Of France

Take your family down the paths of Paris during your personalized family-friendly tour of  Paris. Stroll through the gilded halls of Versailles and indulge in the captivating flavors of Parisian chocolates. Make scones in sample wines in Montmartre with the adults. Your family tour of France immerses you in charismatic art, fascinating culture, and distinguished culinary experiences you, and the kids will love.

Tour Highlights

Traverse the grand galleries of the Louvre Museum uncovering the celebrated artwork of spanning the history of Western Civilization on a scavenger hunt

Delight in the enchanting flavors of chocolate during a cooking lesson taught by a chocolatier in Paris

Wander the lavish halls of the Palace of Versailles and discover the magnificent gardens with bicycles for an in-depth look at the grounds

Relish a moment for adults with a delicious wine tasting inside a restaurant known for its famous guests like Renoir, Monet, and Van Gogh

Venture to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower for marvelous views of Paris while making an unforgettable connection to the iconic Parisian landmark

Tour at a Glance

(Day 1):  Start your tour in Paris to Explore the Louvre Museum

(Day 2):  Bask in a Food-Tasting Tour and Wine Tasting Menu in Montmartre

(Day 3):  Find the Opulence of Versailles, a Bike Tour, and the Eiffel Tower

(Day 4):  Explore Notre Dame and Indulge in a Chocolate Workshop

(Day 5):  Depart for Home

Tour Description

Paris is a city of classical bistros and boutique shops, but the contemporary wave has brought tech start-ups and multimedia art galleries. The iconic architecture of baroque design and art nouveau facades can entrance the most ardent cynic, especially when accompanied by the deserved reputation for culinary excellence. The city boasts artistic treasures in the countless museums and celebrates its gastronomy in style by taking the time to enjoy every sip of wine and every bite of food.

The city has unveiled its family-friendly standing with incredible aplomb. Enjoy a visit to the Louvre with a scavenger hunt keeping the kids entertained and sample the cuisine of the Le Marais district on a walking tour. Explore Montmartre before tasting stunning wines and learn to craft delicious chocolates as a family. Visit the Eiffel Tower and venture into the countryside outside of Paris to explore the majestic galleries and gardens of versailles.



Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

Start Planning your trip

Detailed Itinerary

Day1 : Start your tour in Paris to Explore the Louvre Museum

After a tasty breakfast readying the family for the day, you travel under the English Channel to reach Paris. The kids marvel at the engineering after learning they are riding on a train beneath the water separating England from France. The rolling hills of the southern English countryside have given way to the expansive lush greenery of the northern French landscape dotted with grazing cows and rolled hay bale. The renowned city of Paris is often associated with the finer delicacies of life, from chocolates to clothing, dining to art. However, the cobbled leans of the Left Bank and the grand architecture of the Belle Époque reflect a city able to enchant the entire family instead of relegating the streets solely to couples.

After spending time getting accustomed to the comforts of your accommodations, your private guide leads the family on an immersive tour of the Louvre Museum. The palace was once home to the kings of France until the 17th century when Louis XIV transferred the royal family to Versailles.

Today, the Louvre possesses more than 30,000 works of art over 652,000 square feet. Your guide turns the children into detectives searching the museum for clues while you take in the greater majesty of the famous collection. The Venus de Milo embodies the artistic elegance of Greek sculptures rising to one of the most famous ancient Greek works in modern times. The marble statue was crafted to depict the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite.

What’s Included: accommodation, transportation, tour, breakfast

Day 2:  Bask in a Food-Tasting Tour and Wine Tasting Menu in Montmartre

The key to the perfect exploration of Paris is through the cuisine, with traditional cafes serving unforgettable pastries and hidden restaurants offering the succulent flavors of traditional Parisian dishes. At breakfast, you sip a decadent cappuccino brimming with flavors of chocolate and caramel. The kids indulge in the sweet taste and thick texture of hot chocolate made with whole milk. Your guide escorts you into the Le Marais district for a flavorful exploration of one of the city’s historic districts. The streets remain the epicenter of chic boutique shops and designer hotels, dramatic art galleries and delectable cafes.

Your guide introduces the family to the home of Victor Hugo and the Place des Vosges, the oldest plaza in the city. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the fashionable nobility lived around the square resulting in the lavish architecture bordering the tranquil park. You dip into an elaborate chocolate shop known for its diverse flavors layered into fruit pastes, nougats, marshmallows, and caramels. The entire family is captivated by the depth of flavor in the chocolate and overjoyed about the mix of textures between the creamy caramel and almond crunch.

In the historic neighborhood of Montmartre, you relax at a welcoming restaurant away from the painters capturing the Sacre Coeur and the delightful scent of fresh baguettes. A local oenologist greets you at the table and introduces the children to the joys of delicious grape juice and cookies while you discover the splendors of three mesmerizing French wines. You relax in the ambiance once frequented by the likes of Monte Cézanne, and Toulouse-Lautrec as you find a bouquet of soothing aromas emanating from your glass.

What’s Included: accommodation, transportation, tour, breakfast

Day 3:  Find the Opulence of Versailles, a Bike Tour, and the Eiffel Tower

The extravagance of the French monarchy emanates from the Royal Palace of Versailles, which was designed to dazzle foreign heads of state and visiting nobility. The symbol of power encompasses more than three square miles with a garden featuring 50 fountains and 200,000 trees. Your guide treats the family to the marvels of the interior in all its excessive opulence. The breathtaking Hall of Mirrors glitters along every inch of the 239-foot long room. 17 giant mirrors and 300 mirror segments reflect the windows, gilded statuary, and shimmering light fixtures for a striking glow passing between the King’s and Queen’s separate apartments. Once in the gardens, the family has a chance to explore the trails on bikes for a comprehensive tour of the landscape.

The Dragon Fountain captures the legend in which a young Apollo struck the serpent Python with his bow. You reach the miniature hamlet erected for Queen Marie-Antoinette as an escape from the stress of her royal life. The village reminded her of Austria and acted as a working village with farmhouses, a dairy, and mill. You return to central Paris to find the emblematic figure of the Eiffel Tower rising above the Champs de Mars.

What’s Included: accommodation, transportation, tour, breakfast

Day 4:  Explore Notre Dame and Indulge in a Chocolate Workshop

The intricacies of Paris open the family’s minds and taste buds to the finer details of life as you begin the day with a tour of Notre Dame Cathedral. The fascinating architecture creates a gripping first impression with two immense towers and a single spire reaching 300 feet in height. The cathedral was founded in the 12th century under the reign of King Louis IX and the sitting Bishop Maurice de Sully, who wished to rival the storied Basilique Saint-Denis that now stands in the northern suburb of Paris.

The gothic design contains ethereal light shining through marvelous stained-glass windows and flying buttresses that revolutionized reinforcing the heavy walls of the age. Gargoyles adorn the balcony amidst the view overlooking the nave’s roof and spire. The typical features on gothic structures demand attention. The kids latch on to the gargoyles’ dreamy, fierce looks known for scaring away evil spirits. In the rain, their mouths act like spouts creating miniature waterfalls.

You continue to the Chocolate Museum for a lesson in the history of chocolate’s long journey from the rainforest in South America to celebrated confectionaries of Paris. After an introduction into marvelous travels of special treat, the family enters the workshop where you all become chocolatiers harvesting and shaping the cacao into your perfect candy. Your private chef teaches you how to properly temper the chocolate to create a proper consistency while slowly adding your preferred flavors, such as orange citrus, marshmallows, or pralines.

What’s Included: accommodation, transportation, tour, breakfast

Day 5: Depart for Home

At breakfast, you sip a frothy cappuccino and enjoy the stories the children retell about their favorite moments on the trip. You nibble on an airy macaron savoring the flavor of pistachio or strawberry while listening to the elaborate recounting of your memories of discovering all the right clues during the scavenger hunt at the Louvre. You cannot help but think of the incredible art within arm’s reach while wandering the exhibits of the celebrated galleries. After breakfast, your private transfer greets the family in the hotel lobby and escorts you to Charles de Gaulle Airport for your flight home.

What’s Included: airport transfer, breakfast


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