How and where to spend 10 Days in Fiji Islands?

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jul 18,2019

Fiji is a group of 300 plus islands in the heart of South Pacific.  The unparalleled beauty of Fiji is beyond one’s imagination. Serene Landscape, exquisite white sand beaches, turquoise lagoon water and tropical climate makes Fiji an ideal tropical getaway on the earth. Moreover, in your Fiji Tour you will find yourself in between the happiest people on earth and you will be amazed by seeing the warm hospitality and welcoming attitude of Fijians. The islands of Fiji provides you with various types of adventure such as snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, zip-line tour and many more that you can enjoy in your tour. Beautiful private islands, luxurious resorts and world-class spas make Fiji an idyll escape from the hustle bustle of the city life.


  1. Go for glass bottom boat tour in the blue water of Nanuya Lailai Island.   

  2. Snorkel with sharks at Kuata Island.

  3. Enjoy the cultural dance ‘Meke’ of Fiji at Castaway Island.

  4. Go for a hiking adventure at Mount Koroyanitu.

  5. Enjoy the giant water slides and surfing at Big Bula Water Park.

  6. Gain the dunal experience at Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park.

  7. Go for diving in the azure water of Great Astrolable Reef.

  8.  Enjoy the zip-line tour at Kula Wild Adventure Park.

  9. Learn about the history and culture of Fiji at Fiji Museum.

  10. Cool and relax your mind in the waterfalls of Tavoro Falls.



Day 1: Start your Fiji tour by visiting Nanuya Lailai Island.

Day 2: Hop a ferry to Kuata Island to enjoy kava ceremony.

Day 3: Visit the Castaway Island, a four-star island resort.

Day 4: Enjoy a four by four tour of Mount Koroyanitu.

Day 5: Cool yourself at Big Bula Water Park

Day 6: Visit the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park.

Day 7: Explore various species of animals and birds at Kula Wild Adventure Park.

Day 8: Enjoy snorkelling with fishes at Great Astrolable Reef.  

Day 9:  Visit the best Museum of South Pacific – Fiji Museum.

Day 10: Enjoy the stunning view of three waterfalls at Tavoro Falls.

Day 11: Say goodbye to this adventurous tour to Fiji islands.

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Detailed Itinerary

Welcome to Fiji Island, and get ready to explore the top ten destinations of Fiji in a most comfortable way with your Fiji travel agent.

Day 1: Nanuya lailai:

On the very first day, your Fiji travel agent will take you to Nanuya Lailai Island. The island is famous for its fringed palm trees along the gleaming white sand beaches, blue lagoon water and tropical climate that will soothe your mind and soul.  Apart from the serene beauty, you can enjoy going on a snorkelling safari tour or glass bottom boat tour. Also, gain the experience of being with the locals and enjoy the Kava ceremony and cultural village tour which is a must do in Fiji.

Day 2: Kuata:

Kuata Island is waiting for you on the second day of your Fiji tour! The beauty of this island lies in its pristine sandy beaches that are ideal for basking in sun and the reefs offer you an unforgettable experience of snorkelling with white tipped sharks and many colourful tropical fishes. If you are not that much daring to swim with sharks, you can choose to go for scuba diving, kayaking or hermit crab racing which are the popular activities on the island.

Day 3: Castaway Island:

On the third day of your Fiji tour, get ready to unwind yourself in a cruise tour to Castaway Island. Castaway is a four-star island resort lying in the heart of Mamanuca Islands group. The island preserves the beauty of tropical rainforest and is surrounded by pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear water of South Pacific that treasures the vibrant coral reefs. Visitors enjoy going for a walking trail in the lush rainforest and have your Fiji earth oven dinner buffet followed by the cultural dance of Fiji ‘Meke’. 

Day 4: Mount Koroyanitu: 

Get up early in the morning and get ready for a hiking adventure on the rugged plains of Mount Koroyanitu which is the fourth highest peak of Fiji Island. If you don't prefer going for a hiking tour and still want to admire the beauty of this green-clad mountain then you can choose a four by four excursion that will save your time and energy as well. 

Day 5: Big Bula Water Park:

Your Fiji tour must include the fun at Big Bula Water Park. The park lies in the laps of beautiful Denarau Island and is a perfect place to add some fun in your tour. Start with some small water slides to cool yourself in the intense heat of Nadi then add some thrill by getting wet on giant water slides and finally experience surfing on the big waves. The visitors also enjoy climbing on 10-meter long palm trees, various massages and Henna service that are offered here. 

Day 6: Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park:

On the sixth day, your Fiji travel agent will take you to Sigatoka Sand Dunes. The park preserves the fragile ecosystem of the Sigatoka River. Choose going for a 2 hours walk along the ridgeline to gain the ‘Dunal Experience'. In your tour to this park, you will come across various archaeological sites and visitor's centre that displays the more than two-thousand-year-old potteries, stone tools and ceramic pots found from the excavations of the sand dunes. Apart from that, the park also has exotic birds that you can enjoy watching here.

Day 7: Kula Wild Adventure Park:

The Kula Wild Adventure Park is highly popular among the tourist for its native birds, animals and corals. You can start this day by visiting the incubation labs that display the eggs of Fiji's rarest animals like iguanas, then go and see the soft and fragile coral's display, where corals are kept in peak of their health. The park also has a zip-line roller coaster rails that give you a panoramic view of the park and there are few jungles water slides and splash pool to add a little more fun in your day.

Day 8: Great Astrolable Reef:  

Your Fiji tour is incomplete without discovering the soft and vibrant coral reefs at Great Astrolable Reef.  It is the fourth largest barrier reef in the world that surrounds the Kadavu Island. Divers, snorkelers and swimmers would love visiting this place. Enjoy swimming with manta rays, tuna, mahi mahi and many other colourful tropical fishes, and see the beautiful and vibrant coral reefs of south pacific. 

Day 9: Fiji Museum:

If you are a bit curious about Fiji's culture and history then you must visit the Fiji Museum.  It is located in the heart of Suva Thurston Gardens and considered as the best museum in the South Pacific. The museum exhibits a remarkable collection of archaeological materials, objects that reflect the culture of indigenous Fijian's and other inhabitants of Fiji and it also shows the natural history of Fiji.

Day 10: Tavoro Falls:

After learning so much about the history of Fiji, it’s time to immerse you in the fresh water of TavoroFalls. The Tavoro waterfalls are a magnificent series of three falls that graces the beauty of Bouma National Heritage Park. You can cool yourself in the natural swimming pool of waterfalls during the day time and go for snorkelling to witness numerous of prawns.

Day 11: Departure:

So, this was your tropical getaway to Fiji Island, and here you have gained countless memories that will remain forever with you. Your Fiji travel agent has shown you the top ten destinations of Fiji in your Fiji tour.

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