Exploring the Real Paradise Alone- Fiji Island

Fiji isn’t only for honeymoon couples; Fiji comes with a wide range of choices. You can choose an adventure package and have a social visit alone too. Fiji tour is to unwind on the shoreline and you can also have a functioning excursion in Fiji plunging or notwithstanding zorbing. For solo explorers, they're terrifying last boondocks: islands. Not on the grounds that there's anything wrong with islands, yet they're simply not places that will, in general, be helpful for solo travel. On the Fiji tour, you'll feel an ultimate experience of freedom with a passionate desire to explore the world. The Fijians are very friendly and cooperative, there you went for a solo trip but you'll enjoy a group trip with the locals. Fiji is the place you can experience your island dreams of turquoise waters and sandy shorelines. The Fiji travel agents will let you explore the small isles, hidden caves, and coral coast, help you in doing surfing, diving, Fijian barbeque. Listen to Fijian music and meet some Fijian people, nannies and kid's group. Let's get started with your amazing Fiji tour.

Trip Highlights:

  • Explore various islands with coral reefs, white sand beaches, and turquoise water and discover various horticulture secrets of the Fiji Island.

  • Visit the various ports and beaches also to meet different peoples.

  • Enjoy in the Big Bula Waterpark and at the coral reefs.

  • Discover some history of Fiji Island at Fiji Museum.

  • Travel to various gardens, waterfalls, mountains of Fiji Island.

  • Enjoy various adventure sports like, hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and swimming with sharks and dolphins.

Trip at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Explore Mamanuca Island and Garden of the Sleeping Giant.

  • Day 2: Stay in Castaway Island

  • Day 3: Travel to Mana Island & Port Denarau

  • Day 4: Enjoy at South Sea Island

  • Day 5: Travel to next destination Yasawa Island and Enjoy at Big Bula Waterpark

  • Day 6: Stay at Tavarua Island Resort and enjoy at Great Astrolabe Reef

  • Day 7: It’s fun to travel to Kula Adventure Park and see the beauty of Fiji Museum

  • Day 8: Explore one more island- Malolo Lailai

  • Day 9: Have fun in Fiji Island and Thurston Garden

  • Day 10: The last island to visit is Matagi Island


Day 1: Mamanuca Island

Welcome to the most picture-perfect island of Fiji, the Mamanuca Island. The white sandy beaches, turquoise sea water, and coconut palm trees are part of the beautiful scenery of the island. The Mamanuca is a great place for the various water sports, surf breaks, and dive sites. Enjoy some water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming also. The next place to jump-off is the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. The garden has a vast collection of 2,000 varieties of beautiful Asian Orchids and Cattleya hybrids. It’s a wonderful place for your wanderlust.

Day 2: Castaway Island

Castaway Island is surrounded by tropical rainforest, white sand beaches, coral reefs, and south ocean pacific water. Stay in the picturesque Fijian resort and enjoy the warmth of hospitality of the locals. You're not going to be disappointed by the different water sports like kayaking, paddle boarding, and surfing. You can also enjoy exciting on-land activities like volleyball, tennis, barefoot boxing classes and many more. Explore the island with bushwalking trails. Spend the starry night on the beach side.

Day 3: Mana Island

Tourists are warmly welcomed at the Mana Island Resort by the locals. Mana Island is the idyllic center in the focal point of Fiji's stunning chain of Islands, encompassed by the turquoise oceans, coral reefs, and white sandy shorelines. Mana Island is home to various restaurants and bars, a water sports hub, a dive center and unwinds the beaches. Swim, snorkel, paddle board and dive around the beach. The next place to drive off is the Port at Denarau Island. The port offers various entertainment programs that create a vibrant atmosphere like a famous fire dance show, Polynesian dance. It’s not just an entertainment spot; it is the best shopping center and massage center also. Fiji travel agent will book a cruise dinner and stay for you.

Day 4: South Sea Island

South Sea Island is encompassed by perfectly clear waters and coral reefs that are abounding with marine life. Enjoy different water activities like snorkeling gear, kayaks, Hobie cats, swimming, diving, semi-submersible coral viewer submarine, and beach water volleyball. The next place to jump-off is Big Bula Waterpark. This is the world’s largest inflatable waterpark, with giant water slides, surfing big waves, racing through obstacle courses and many adventurous thrills seeking rides. One more fun-filled day comes to an end of the Fiji tour.

Day 5: Yasawa Island

You will be going to have fun in the complete solitude position on Yasawa Island. Yasawa Island is the unspoiled island of Fiji. The pristine white sand private beaches, crystal clear water, colored corals, indulge with ancient Fiji culture and beachfront spa. Have some guided walks to village visit and blue lagoon cave trips. Yasawa Island is full of a gourmet meal, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Celebrate your solo stress-free trip; let Fiji travel agents help you in planning your full day to the Yasawa Island.

Day 6: Tavarua Island

The next island resort is surrounded by natural beauty and world-class coral reefs with a sense of adventure. Surf on the most powerful and challenging wave, Cloudbreak. Another fun wave named Tavy Rights is suitable for both long and short boards, this wave is best for wind and glassy conditions. On the Fiji tour, you'll discover lots of different things and different experiences. This island is a great spot for the quality time to spend only with yourself. Admire Fiji's rich and unique ecosystem at Tavarua Island.

Day 7: Kula Wild Adventure Park

Nature walk through sections of land of normal woodland with raised boardwalks permitting exploration, from the valley floor to the timberland covering. Kula adventure park is the biggest fun park to explore. This park is a spectacular place to watch the bird and marine life. Enjoy some more fun activities on your Fiji tours like a roller-coaster zip line and jungle waterslide. Fiji travel agents will take you to the next place, Fiji Museum. Fiji museum preserves the Fijian culture, local residents present some of the old artifacts of the Fiji Museum.

Day 8: Malolo Lailai

Malolo lailai is another amazing island to explore. Enjoy the sunrise view with orange rays of the sun and sipping a cocktail by watching surfing. Again enjoy the water sports kayaking and surfing at this beautiful island resort. Malolo fulfills explorers looking for sun and fun in shoreline heaven. This is the place where adventure and relaxation come together. Scuba diving and fishing are the best part of this island.

Day 9: Fiji Island

Fiji travel agent will help you to explore the small islet, Fiji Island. It is an adventurous island with scenic beauty and friendly locals. Visit Thurston Gardens. These are known as the Suva Botanical Garden also. This is the palm-filled garden with the museum.

Day 10: Matagi Island

Matagi Island is surrounded by three tiny volcanic islands. This resort is for adults only. Here you'll enjoy various activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, fishing, hiking, cultural village tours, and excursions to waterfalls.

Sometimes its good to spend alone time and relax. Fiji Island is the true paradise travel to. Say Ni sa moce (goodbye) to your Fiji tour. Fiji tour is one of the best trips because of its beauty and adventure fun. Fiji travel agents will book your flight tickets to your hometown.



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