Best Honeymoon Fiji Island Tour 2019 - 7 Days Trip

Love is in the air of the Fiji Islands, and it is a perfect destination to create everlasting and unlimited memories with your love. Fiji Tour will make you find yourself in between the happiest people on Earth. Fiji Travel Agent will make you come across the luxurious private islands, inclusive resorts, outdoor activities, hot springs, spas to relax and culinary destinations. Hiking, diving, coral reef, zip-line, swimming are some of the activities you can enjoy doing at Fiji island. It is blessed with 333 tropical islands with the unparalleled beauty of white sand beaches, colorful landscape, crystal- clear ocean water that offers an ideal vacation destination for couples. Fiji tour will take you away from your stressed life to a relaxed, mesmerizing and adventurous journey. And you will be amazed by seeing the welcoming attitude of Fijian. The bright Sunlight and rainfall make the climate so pleasant and perfect for a romantic beach holiday.


  • Enjoy the zip-line through the jungles of Wild Adventure Park and rift down the Navua River.

  • Take bask at white sand beaches and enjoy the fish-rich coral reef at Mamanucas Island.

  • Pamper yourself with Fijian traditional massage and enjoy the traditional dance called Meke.

  • Enjoy the Kayaking in Bluewater and explore the Sawa-I-Lau caves at Yaswas Island.

  • Hiking at Wasali Natural Reserve and visit the Snake temple and Naga Baba Mandir.

  • Travel the Bouma National Heritage Park and hike at Lavena Coastal Walks.

  • Explore the Flora and Fauna at Fiji’s only Marine reserve and enjoy the couple breeze spa.


DAY 1: Bula (which means welcome) to Fiji Island - Start your trip with Viti Levu.

DAY 2:  Come across the white sand beaches and coral reef at Mamanucas Island.

DAY 3: Relax your soul in the laps of nature and enjoy the culture of Fijians at Casataway Island.

DAY 4: Explore the limestone caves and have experience of Kayakingin crystal blue water at Yasawas Island.  

DAY 5: Visit the legendary Snake Temple and Naga Baba Mandir at Vanua Levu Island.

DAY 6: Travel the Bouma National Heritage Park and Lavena Coastal Park at Taveuni Island.

DAY 7: Visit the luxurious private island of Fiji, the Wakaya Island.

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Fiji Travel Agent will welcome you to Fiji Island with a garland and will take care of all your expectations from this tour.


Start your tour with checking into the resort in Viti Levu chosen by your Fiji Travel Agent. Viti Levu, Fiji’s largest isle and international gateway. Your Fiji travel Agent will include the wild side of Viti Levu island and will make you explore the traditional mountain villages, or raft down the Navua river through a flawless rainforest, and enjoy the experience of zip-line through the jungles and preserved biodiversity of Fiji at Kula Wild Adventure Park. Have your meal and relax in the resort for the second exciting day.


Travel from Viti Levu to Mamanuca Islands, the most popular honeymoon destinations in Fiji for good reasons. These islands have twenty splotches of sublime white sand gleaming beaches where you bask in the sunlight and enjoy the fish-rich coral reef. Mamanucas islands are the ideal place for couples, its sunlight and light rainfall which make the climate pleasant for a perfect for a romantic day.


After so much of adventure now it's time to relax and pamper yourself at Castaway Island, which is a private Island four-star resort, and feels the essence of traditional Fijian massage in the air of the beautiful and tropical garden. Then enjoy the culture of Fijians by watching the action dance called ‘Meke’ at Castaway Island. And end this day with the Fijian earthen oven dinner buffet, which gives you the taste of Fijian cuisine.  


On the fourth day Fiji Travel Agent will make you experience the travel to Yasawas Island through Seaplanes and Speed boat. Check into a resort like Paradise Cove Resort or Turtle Island Resort, have breakfast and then start your day. Enjoy the fun of Kayaking in the blue water, experience coral reefs, and don’t forget to explore the limestone caves.  Take a scenic boat to the majestic Sawa-I-Lau Caves, the heart of Yasawa Caves and know the love story behind these caves.


A popular destination for those who love nature and want to travel off beaten track.  Start your day with hiking trial threads through the rain forest at Wasali Natural Reserve and enjoy beneath the waterfall or go for a hot spring bath.  Visit the glorious Snake Temple and Naag Baba Mandir which is 20 km away from Labasa, the largest town in Levu. Come back to the resort and end this day with Kava drinking (a must do in Fiji) and watch the wild traditional dance by grass-skirted warriors.


Travel from Ventura Levu to Taveuni. It is also known as Garden Isle for its lush jungles, magnificent beaches, secluded waterfall, and diverse wildlife. Travel over the Bouma National Heritage Park that makes one-third of the Taveuni Island and enjoys and has fun in the waterfall with the natural swimming pool.  Then explore the Lavena Coastal Walks, five-kilometer hiking and look into the beauty of Black and White Sand Beaches merger with a coral reef.


Fiji tour is incomplete without having experience of the luxurious private island of Fiji, the Wakaya Island. Visit Fiji's only marine reserve at the shores of Wakaya Island to see the incredible diversity of flora and fauna, and then enjoy the couple breeze spa retreat at Wakaya Club and Spa resort.

Now it’s time to say Ni Sa Moce (means Goodbye) to this romantic and adventurous Fiji tour. Fiji Travel Agent will take you to Nadi International Airport and will help you to leave for your home in a most comfortable fight. The memories of these seven days adventure will last forever in your and your partner’s life.

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