How to Spend 7 Days in Fiji Island? - Step by Step Guide

Author: Priyanka Saxena on May 21,2019

When most people think of vacations what quickly pops up in their heads are the luxury, magnificent architecture, gigantic landscapes, huge water bodies and thick forestry which are the common features that come with Fiji.  Fiji goes beyond its beautiful natural scenarios to deliver each visitor with experiences unlike none. This destination is one of the most hospital places you'll ever get a chance to visit which adds up as a bonus to all the beautiful tourist attractions which are scattered all over its lands and water bodies. Fiji is an ideal destination for people who want to learn new things, meet other people, gain knowledge of different cultures and have a memorable experience as a whole.

A brief look at your Fiji Island itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at Fiji

Day 2: Start your Fiji tour with a hiking trip

Day 3: Enjoy the view of the clear water on a cruise

Day 4: Be part of the Kava ceremony

Day 5: Go sky diving

Day 6: Go on a game fishing tour

Day 7: Have a zip-line ride through the trees

Tour Description:

With a well-arranged tour plan from our experienced Fiji tour agents, we will start your Fiji tour exactly the day after your arrival with hiking activities to get you in active shape. The following day will be a cruise ride to experience the clear water really close and then it will be followed by a ceremony which you will partake in. Sky diving is what is next on our list right before you go for a game fishing tour the following day. The last day of doing any activities involves you zip-lining from one tree to the other like Tarzan.


Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

Start Planning your trip

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at your touristic destination

The first day of your arrival is left for you to relax and capture rest in preparation for the activities that will follow up the following day.  In a beautiful resort which you'll be welcomed to you can get familiar with what you see on your very first day which will get you excited to start your Fiji tour with full force.

Day 2: Go on a hiking trip

You start your Fiji exploration with a hiking trip where you'll get to explore the wilderness of Fiji. You'll hike through different jungle trails which will give you sights to the beauty of mother nature. You'll trek through muddy paths as you walk through the jungle, you'll also get the opportunity to observe a variety of flora and fauna in Bouma National park which is a heritage site. As a reward, you get to cool your nerves and temperature in the three waterfalls of Tavoro, to pull more out of you the tour guide might decide to take you right up to the Des Voeux Peak where you'll get the chance to see the outstanding mountainside views and visit majestic landmarks.  

Day 3: Go on a cruise ride

The third day is all about relaxing while you enjoy a cruise ride on the clean and clear waters as you go across the many Islands and view the incredible scenarios which you can see all over the place. You'll be signed up for one of the many cruise tour packages where you can either spend your whole day in the Pacific Ocean gazing at the beauty of the sea and it's surrounding lands or decide to cut it short by returning back to the mainland quicker. As a common activity for visitors who are lucky enough to set their eyes upon all the beautiful views which come with the cruise tours, it will be an ideal time to start taking as many photos as you can, especially when the cruise makes a stop at the Mamanuca islands.

Day 4: Take a part in the Kava ceremony

You will be among the lucky few guests who are welcomed by the locals with a traditional ceremony known as the kava ceremony. You'll be able to participate by sitting in a circle on the floor while the local host will be preparing a drink from pounded kava root.  This drink is usually consumed by the eldest male in a group first in just one-shot. The drink will then be passed down to the other members of the group to continue the process. The reason for this ceremony is considered by the locals to attract happiness so you are going to love this experience.


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Day 5: View Fiji from the Sky by skydiving

On the fifth day of your Fiji tour, you go way up, literally, way up before you dive down with the guide of an expert skydiver. As scary as the height may be the view which you'll get as you carry out this activity is second to none. As you descend during your exciting fall you'll be able to see as many Fiji islands as well as see the coral reefs, the beautiful beaches and the clear sea water all from the very best angle.  You can also be recorded as you go down with several photos taken of you so you can look back and remember how cool you are.

Day 6: Enjoy game fishing activities

The sixth day is all about fishing as Fiji is blessed with rich marine lives in its surrounding waters. To catch several types of fish you'll participate in fishing games which are offered by some of the resorts as well as ride on boat charters to stand a better chance of catching various type of fish. With these activities, you might just have a rare fish which has never been seen before in your palms.

Day 7: Feel like Tarzan with Zip-line activities

On your seventh day and last day of any wild activity or adventure, you'll get the opportunity to feel like the king of the jungle by taking a zip-line from one tree to the other as there are a lot of places which offers canopy tours in Fiji's jungles. The height won't be a problem after the skydiving activity so this should be more fun and less scary. With the help of the zip-line, you'll be flying across thick greenery as you enjoy the incredible views from up top while it lasts.

Last Day:

No one likes to say goodbye but unfortunately, it is time to prepare going back as you'll be taken to the airport after saying your final goodbyes to all the locals who put an effort in making your stay worth every moment.  You'll likely leave with a lot of souvenirs offered to you by the people of Fiji. Isn't this an experience you'll love to have a taste of which can be arranged for you by Fiji tour agents?.

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