Get into the Adventure Mood with this Customized 11-Days Fiji Trip Itinerary

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Nov 12,2018

It is anything but difficult to discover energy on this 11-day sentimental experience get-away in Fiji. Parlor on disconnected shorelines. Scuba jump to discover stunning coral reefs. Vanish with your accomplice in absolute unwinding, enjoying spa medications with perspectives out to the water. Climb along shrouded rainforest trails and spend each minute getting a charge out of the true extravagance, rich landscape, and impeccable organization. The sentimental experience starts with your entry on Viti Levu, where your private exchange meets you at the airplane terminal to escort you to a lavish resort on the Coral Drift. You subside into your resort close to the town of Sigatoka, found where the Sigatoka Stream meets the sea. The next morning your guide drives you into the island's good country mountains to pontoon down the observed Naval Stream, twisting around bluff clad twists and over energizing whitewater.

Fiji Adventure Trip Highlights:

  • Venture down the Navua Waterway on an energizing couple's boating visit
  • Fly through the wilderness overhang on a commended ziplining experience
  • Bask in the candlelight of a sentimental supper situated in a private oceanside give in
  • Trot close by the rich coastline of Savusavu with a personal horseback riding journey
  • Enjoy the view of a gourmet lunch alongside an immaculate cascade
  • Relax in the calming scene and customized extravagances of your island resorts
  • Search for glorious untamed life on a guided dolphin journey around Vanua Levu


Fiji Trip Itinerary at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Entry on the Island of Viti Levu and Exchange to Resort 
  • Day 2, 3 and Day 4: Sigatoka – Stream Boating, visiting the overhang, zip line experience, visiting Viti Levu 
  • Day 5: Exchange to the Rich Heaven in Savusavu on Vanua Levu 
  • Day 6: Enjoy the Waterfront Charms around Savusavu 
  • Day 7: Delight in the Bright Coral Reefs and Dolphin Cases on a Journey 
  • Day 8: Half-Day Cooking Exercise and Private Cascade Lunch 
  • Day 9: Have a great time a Horseback Ride along the Shoreline 
  • Day 10: Thrive with your Day at Recreation at your Resort 
  • Day 11: Leave for Home 

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Entry on the Island of Viti Levu and Exchange to Resort

You land at Nadi Airplane terminal where your private exchange is standing by. You will be escorted along the prized Coral Drift to your resort close to the town of Sigatoka. When you touch base at your lavish convenience, you see the generally styled covered material over the entryway. You can see the smooth range of the sea from your room. Rich trees shade the walkways and thin, transcending palms give a delicious aroma of coconut all through the ground. You and your accomplice can sink into your close island heaven, tuning in to the water lap against the shoreline, and lolling in the solaces of the island.


Day 2, 3 and Day 4: Sigatoka – Stream Boating, visiting the overhang, zip line experience, visiting Viti Levu

The morning goes to the island, restoring the delicate light to the jade leaves of the wilderness. At breakfast, you have an open perspective of the peaceful pool with the shoreline out of sight. The shades of the crisp organic product sparkle like a coral reef with natural products you know, for example, bananas, to new organic products like rambutans. After breakfast, your guide meets you and your accomplice at the resort, anxious to bring you into the fruitful wilderness around the island good countries. Subsequent to twisting through the underbrush, you go to the banks of the Upper Navua Stream. Venture on board a pontoon and advance toward the waterway. The wilderness has a rich smell of ripe soil. The Fiji Woodswallow twitters in the trees. The flow moves you down the conduit around rising slopes transforming into jagged precipices. The water is cool and reviving in the tropical warmth.

You and your accomplice start your day with a walk around the shoreline. The sand is cool in the delicate morning light before the fragrance of breakfast channels through the resort. The trees stir in the sea breeze conveying the smell of the water. At breakfast, an open, green coconut radiates the succulent fragrance of the organic product. After your supper, your guide meets you at the inn to escort you and your accomplice into the wilderness trees afresh, just this time you adventure higher into the overhang for a huge zip line outing.

Early in the day, you locate the sweet fragrance of sugar stick exuding upstream around the Sigatoka Valley. The deliver showcase emits with life in the core of possessing. Local people come looking for taro, sweet potatoes, cassava, and huge breadfruit. The day is yours to appreciate Sigatoka and Viti Levu at your recreation. Walk around the private shoreline resort or parlor in the agreeable shade of the detached pool with a chilly mixed drink in your grasp.


Day 5: Exchange to the Lavish Heaven in Savusavu on Vanua Levu

Today you abandon the riverside excellence and nearby appeal of Sigatoka. Your private exchange escorts you to the air terminal for your concise trip to the second biggest island of the Fijian archipelago, Vanua Levu. Upon your landing, you are exchanged to the captivating town of Savusavu. The town is situated on a general cove of slanting emerald slopes overflowing with ruby and white blossoms. You smell hibiscus around you. The sea gleams indigo, featuring the complexity of shading between the trees and the water.


Day 6: Enjoy the Beachfront Charms around Savusavu

The water brushes discreetly against the sand underneath the layers of dawn. You wake up in the richness of your private convenience. Individuals have embarked to the sea early, getting a charge out of the calm, mitigating water of the sound on stand up paddleboards. They journey along the light swells of the water's surface effortlessly, plunging their oar into the water to control them. After breakfast, the day is yours. You and your accomplice take pleasure in the miracles of Savusavu and the island of Vanua Levu however you see fit. The reefs around your resort are shocking, offering your knowledge into the polish and wonderment of marine life around Fiji.


Day 7: Delight in the Brilliant Coral Reefs and Dolphin Cases on a Voyage

Journey along the Natewa Cove looking for dolphins. Natewa Narrows is one of the biggest bayous in the Pacific and home to an agreeable case of spinner dolphins. Venture on board a cutting-edge pontoon with a lot of conveniences to make your visit as agreeable as could be expected under the circumstances. Fog sprinkles into the air on the way to finding the dolphin unit and the ocean breeze transforms into the quiet breeze. Your chief spots the case out yonder. Spinner dolphins are normally inquisitive and unimaginably agreeable. They can develop to very nearly eight feet long with a triangular dorsal blade skimming the water's surface. They want to flaunt with aerobatic moves; the more charmed you are the more they hop out of the water. The dolphins jump into the air and bend their bodies previously sprinkling down. The regular magnificence of their development is rousing.


Day 8: Half-Day Cooking Exercise and Private Cascade Lunch

Today, you could set out on a scuba experience into the luxurious profundities of disconnected coral reefs. Or then again, wait with your accomplice under the relieving impacts of a couple's spa treatment. At lunch, advance toward a close-by private cascade where you can appreciate a personal supper together. You hear the falls previously you see them, settled into the verdant backwoods around you. Leaves line the lush walkway close by the rope railing. Water tumbles roughly 10 feet into an unmistakable undulating pool. Your table sits on a wooden deck disregarding the pool. A little stream prompts the lower falls close to the pathway.


Day 9: Thoroughly enjoy a Horseback Ride along the Shoreline

Savusavu is at your longing to encounter the excellence of the island with your cherished one. Local people and guests surf the break at Natewa Sound. Apprehended lorry sing toward the beginning of the daylight, penetrating through the rich covering. After breakfast, you can investigate the edges of the island's coral reef or unwind on the brilliant shoreline circumscribed by the rainforest


Day 10: Abound with your Day at Relaxation at your Resort

With the whole day at your recreation, there is continually something to do on the island of Vanua Levu. You can hear the hints of the Meke, a conventional account move lauding the island country's history, reverberating through the trees. The drumbeat shifts from rigid to melodic and moderate. Ordinarily, guitars include an additional layer of musicality to narrating. The artists wear grass skirts and neckbands weaved together with vivacious blooms. They hold lances and get out with decided voices charming all that tune in.


Day 11: Leave for Home

On your last morning in Fiji, you may take breakfast in your room by and by, thriving in the private ocean side view. After your feast, your private move meets you in the anteroom to take you to the island airplane terminal. Before long you come back to Nadi Airplane terminal in Viti Levu for your corresponding flight home. You won't neglect to watch out the window, snatch your accomplice's hand, and recollect the excellent time you both had in your private tropical heaven.

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