Enjoy the Solitude as you stride out for 8-Days Fiji Itinerary for Solo Travelers

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Nov 12,2018

The hardest part about voyaging solo is picking a sheltered goal that permits you a blend of unwinding, experience, culture, and socialization. Your 8-day Fiji excursion for solo voyagers is the ideal escape. Fiji excursions give the quality of a tropical heaven and an unending measure of movement readily available. Drift with the delicate South Pacific current to see noteworthy coral reefs. Plunge far below the water to observe a variety of sharks on a guided visit. Unwind on the shoreline with water lapping at your toes, or in a customary day spa with a view out to the water. You are allowed to encounter the huge island of Viti Levu however you see fit. Your exclusively custom fitted Fiji get-away for solo explorers offers you the opportunity to appreciate experience and quality cast over the various scene of Viti Levu. Visit remote towns and course through the woods on the back of whitewater. 

Fiji Solo Travellers Highlights:

  • Experience the dynamic and cordial Fijian culture when visiting the beautiful mountain town of Navala
  • Indulge you're bold agree with a scuba journey in the South Pacific, to a realized shark seeing heaven
  • Learn what it feels like to fly on a protected and energizing zip line trip through the rainforest overhang
  • Journey down the Navua Waterway on a guided whitewater boating visit offering gigantic perspectives of the island good countries
  • Become acquainted with the inviting and grasping local people and guests around Viti Levu
  • Spend time on an island heaven at your relaxation, appreciating the opportunity of revelation and investigation


Fiji Itinerary for Solo Travelers at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Landing in Viti Levu – the biggest Island of Fiji
  • Day 2: Find the Delightful Shorelines around the Island
  • Day 3: Adventure into the Good countries on an Entire Day Boating Journey
  • Day 4: Come back to the Trees for a Half-Day Zipline Visit
  • Day 5: Entire Day Submerged Experience to Observe Colorful Sharks
  • Day 6: Adventure into the Good countries to Visit the Town of Navala
  • Day 7: Snorkel at Nananu-I-Ra on the Island's Northern Edge
  • Day 8: Takeoff from Fiji

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Viti Levu – the biggest Island of Fiji 

You land at Nadi Worldwide Airplane terminal on the vast island of Viti Levu where your private exchange is pausing. Your escort takes you to an awesome resort with a scene of the sea. The fragrance of sugar stick clears over the tall grasses. Out there, you can see the transcending pinnacle of Mount Tomanivi, a wiped out well of lava standing 4,344 feet above ocean level. Close to the shoreline, the aroma of coconut oil mixes with the ocean. 


Day 2: Find the Wonderful Shorelines around the Island 

Toward the beginning of the day, you can hear the light brushing of the ocean against the sand. At breakfast, you discover a variety of fascinating organic products lighting up the morning supper. The fragrance of tropical pineapple is coordinated by its shocking yellow shading. Your table is loaded up with similar explorers looking for a dazzling tropical escape. Everybody oozes island life, accepting the day as it comes, unwinding into the joys of heaven, and welcome each other with "Bula!" You chomp into the pineapple and locate a new sweetness. After your dinner, you dare to Natadola, thought about the most delightful shoreline on the whole island. 


Day 3: Adventure into the Good countries on an Entire Day Boating Journey 

Your guide meets you in the resort campaign prepared to take you up into the island good countries. You touch base at the banks of the Navua Stream. The other boating members have wide, brilliant grins, instantly presenting themselves before communicating how energized they are. You rapidly feel quiet and are similarly energized for the boating trip. The Navua Waterway starts on the southeast incline of Mount Gordon and wanders through the rich rainforest 40 miles until achieving the southern drift. You step onto the pontoon, take your position, and leave from the riverbanks letting the momentum take you. The aroma of verdant soil floats around the stream. Parrots add life to the treetops with dynamic calls and breathtaking shading. 


Day 4: Come back to the Trees for a Half-Day Zipline Visit 

The shoreline has a boundless charm, loaded up with sparkling water and fixed with cool sand toward the beginning of the daylight. The trees in the upper rainforest keep up as much island enhance as the shorelines of Viti Levu. Your guide meets you in the entryway, escorting you again into the rainforest, coordinating your look into the trees. You adventure up into the overhang and are fitted for your exciting zip line experience. You hear the surge of the waterway underneath. The lines can convey you up to a separation of 512 feet among stages, and over an aggregate region just about a mile long. Your heartbeat is dashing. 


Day 5: Entire Day Submerged Experience to Observe Colorful Sharks 

When you get up early in the day, you take in the waiting smell of coconut and recollect the opportunity you on your escape to Fiji. Your guide meets you at a young hour early in the day and takes you to Pacific Harbor where you discover your watercraft pausing. You venture on board the 35-foot hydrofoil intended to give an agreeable ride and make an insignificant yield draft. When you touch base at the jump site, you pursue your guide into the water without the slightest hesitation. The site is close Beqa Tidal pond, known for its submarine permeability up to 92 feet and the warm temperature of the water. You pursue your guide beneath the water's surface close to the drop off the edge of Beqa Entry around 100 feet down. The water swings to a rich cobalt blue. 


Day 6: Adventure into the Good countries to Visit the Town of Navala 

Today you will leave the sandy shoreline and advance toward the Nausori Good countries. The thick rainforest of the eastern good countries is a memory, supplanted by a general display of verdant edges. Pale, green slopes transform into ribbed mountains set behind remote towns. Navala is settled in the mountains with all-around flawless customary covered buses, cabins, in the forefront. 


Day 7: Snorkel at Nananu-I-Ra on the Island's Northern Edge 

Early in the day, you watch out on the water and justifiably need to invest more energy lounging in the wonder of the island. After breakfast, you go to the island's northern ranges, past the sweet merry fragrance of sugar stick, to locate the little island of Nananu-I-Ra. The pocket-sized landmass is more than one square mile of moving slopes enveloped by furrowed inlets. White sands sparkle in the midmorning daylight and mangroves cast shade over the shoreline. You see kiteboarders skimming over the ocean. Their kite gets the breeze and conveys the visitor into the air. 


Day 8: Takeoff from Fiji 

Your private exchange will escort you to Nadi Worldwide Air terminal for your flight home. Before long you will watch the islands blur into the separation beneath the mists; however, you could generally remain a while, going to one of the other prized tropical islands over the archipelago. The opportunity of solo-voyaging and the excellence of Fiji are a magnificent blend. You might need to peruse the Fiji travel surveys for outing expansion thoughts.

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