Enjoy in the Award Winning Namale Resort & Spa in this 8-Days Fiji Itinerary

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Nov 05,2018

Give yourself a chance to enjoy island loftiness on this 8-day extravagance excursion on the Fijian island of Vanua Levu. Arranged inside the Namale the Fiji Islands Resort and Spa you will locate an extravagant welcome and generous staff who convey the way of life of the island to the sumptuous solaces that fit superbly with the unparalleled view. Visited by a cornucopia of big names from Meg Ryan to Edward Norton and incompletely possessed by Tony Robbins, you will encounter the reasons why such a significant number of having seen the detached magnificent coral reefs and spilling cascades of the island. From the well-known grins of local people to perpetual experience, disconnected climbs to a quiet swimming undertaking, the gigantic beat of the Market to nonstop amazement feasting areas along the rich scene, there are unlimited exercises accessible that will feature the normal magnificence of the island and the great extravagances of the resort. 

Fiji Vacation Package Trip Highlights:

  • Experience the advantage of a comprehensive, five-star, grant-winning resort and spa, at Namale Resort
  • Discover the island heaven of Vanua Levu in Fiji
  • Indulge in full snacks and five-course meals set along unparalleled tropical scenes
  • Snorkel along the loved Koro Straight loaded up with the lavish untamed life that swims around Rainbow Reef and the Namena Marine Hold
  • Enjoy the confinement of a private, in-room pool and Jacuzzi
  • Explore the field of cascades and mountains that catch up on against the turquoise ocean
  • Witness the way of life of the nearby towns and the historical backdrop of Fiji with a conventional Meke


Luxury 8-Days Fiji Itinerary at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Entry on the Dazzling Island of Vanua Levu, Fiji
  • Day 2: Adventure through the Rainforest to Investigate the Characteristic Marvels of the Island
  • Day 3: Find the Sea-going Quality underneath the Koro Ocean and a Night of Town Social Life
  • Day 4: Thrive in a Spa-Filled Day Ignoring the Island
  • Day 5: Appreciate a Morning at Relaxation and a Night Encountering a Fijian Meke
  • Day 6: Unwind in Relaxation on your Island Heaven including a Private, Amazement Supper
  • Day 7: Investigate the Breathtaking Variety of Nearby Craftsman
  • Day 8: Leave for Home

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Entry on the Dazzling Island of Vanua Levu, Fiji 

Welcome to Vanua Levu, the second biggest of the Fijian isles yet an overwhelmingly shrouded pearl of the South Pacific. Land at the air terminal and be met by a semi-private exchange that will convey you to the rousing hall of Namale Resort and Spa, Fiji's top of the line escape. On the way to your astounding convenience, it is unthinkable not to see the quiet common excellence of the island. The water is a quiet turquoise that prompts the skyline. 


Day 2: Adventure through the Rainforest to Investigate the Common Miracles of the Island 

With the day at your recreation, you can wander into a spectacular wilderness journey to scour the nearby widely varied vegetation through the momentous characteristic scene that brings the picture of the South Pacific to life. You can start your adventure into the trees; the air is loaded up with the aromatics of lively rainforest, from lavish leaves to rich earth, and the hints of vivacious flying creatures. You will go to the main arrangement of three cascades known as Tavoro Cascades. The first is more than 74 feet high with a long ground-breaking burst of water spilling through the incorporating greenery. 


Day 3: Find the Amphibian Wonder underneath the Koro Ocean and a Night of Town Social Life 

The little island of Namenalala off of the southwest shore of Savusavu features the delicate coral and the hair-raising biodiversity of the reef. The coral is sublime, relatively like neon in its liveliness and sparkling inside the iridescent water. Fish pour from the reef, swimming all through the sea-going woods, going from those that are superbly hued to those that are fiercely enriched with zebra-like stripes. You may even observe an ocean turtle or two. At night, the grandness underneath the waves is joined by the social sounds as you encounter a conventional Fijian involvement with an investigate town life. 


Day 4: Thrive in a Spa-Filled Day Ignoring the Island 

Give the morning a chance to wash over the ocean before you adventure out into another island day. The sweet smells of breakfast are at your impulse and order yet again. The day is at your recreation, loaded up with interminable plausibility and the miracles of Namale Resort and the island. Regardless of whether you visit Kioa, a little island off of Vanua Levu settled by Polynesian islanders in the late 1940s, or choose to unwind on the shoreline with the sun folded over your shoulders, the day is yours to do to such an extent or as meagre as you'd like. 

For a loosening up day, you could generally have a merry visit at Namale's honour winning spa. You locate the extravagant fixate set on a volcanic bluff where the aroma of the palm isn't just enveloping yet in addition mitigating. Regardless of whether you share in the loosening up medications alone or coupled-up in solace, you can watch out over the sea as you feel the loosening up oils rub into your shoulders and back. The detached scene joined with sumptuous contacts makes an immaculate domain. Until December 2015 you can get a $200 (Fijian Dollar) credit toward the resort and enjoy a serene day at the spa. 


Day 5: Appreciate a Morning at Relaxation and a Night Encountering a Fijian Meke 

Regardless of whether you let the delicate sound of the stirring leaves wake you or you have just ventured outside into what has likely turned into a day by day custom of strolling along the impeccable shore, the morning comes and prepares you for multi-day of investigation through the island's miracles. Naag Mandir Sanctuary is a brilliant presentation of design and religion. Inside the Indian-styled structure, you will discover Cobra Shake, a nine-foot-high stone that looks like its reptilian namesake and which local people guarantee has become bigger consistently. The scruff of the stone is always secured with wreaths and coconut cream, known as Lolo, and organic product is laid at the stone's base as an advertisement. 


Day 6: Unwind in Recreation on your Island Heaven including a Private, Amazement Supper 

In the early morning of the day, you can discover the daylight topping over the eastern skyline and conveying the turquoise water to flickering life. The days can be as dynamic or as unwinding as you usually like, spent walking around towns or swimming in the ocean. For a striking morning loaded up with an exquisite perspective of the island, you can dare to Des Voeux Pinnacle, the island's second most noteworthy mountain remaining at 3,585 feet tall. Set out underneath the overhang of the trees where you can tune in to the agreement of the early morning risers; the magnificent blue and yellow Kingfisher sing in the coming daylight. The sun before long hits its pinnacle and you are remaining on the summit of Des Voeux Pinnacle watching out over the completely clear day. The lavish greenery slants down to the ocean side, blending the hues that have turned out to be plentiful and grasping, unfit to disperse their brilliance. You can even investigate the old volcanic pit that has moved toward becoming Lake Tagimaucia, where you may even have the capacity to see the shades of the uncommon tagimaucia bloom, Fiji's national verdure, blooming in high elevations in the last a very long time of the year. 


Day 7: Investigate the Marvelous Variety of Nearby Craftsman 

From the coastline to the tree line, you have adventured through the outstanding scenery of the island, however, you can generally discover more brilliant qualities en route. After breakfast, the day is intended for you to appreciate the daylight and sand, the trees and the preferences, in the manner in which you want. Today may be only the day to wander around the island to encounter the neighbouring towns and the creativity of the island. The fragrance of coconut oil is dazzling and glitzy while the woven artworks and wood-cut figures are charming and striking; woodcarving keeps on being a renowned exchange of the Fijian Islands. 


Day 8: Leave for Home 

Today you will have a semi-private exchange to the air terminal where you will start your adventure toward home. It is a rarity indeed one can state they have discovered heaven, however in a resort called Namale on the Fijian Island of Vanua Levu, you can without much of a stretch say that you have.

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