Engage in Water Sports in this Customized 8-Days Fiji Tour Itinerary

Fijian waters emanate sky blue, completely clear from the shore to untamed water. The sun penetrates the sea's surface where it counts to spotlight radiant coral reefs. Your 8-day scuba, snorkel and experience excursion to Fiji islands takes you starting with one heaven then onto the next, halting in impossible sounds circumscribed by unparalleled rainforest. Coral encompasses regular underwater paths and calderas feed into the ocean. You can spot tropical feathered creatures and tropical fish inside snapshots of one another. Your journey is hand customized to take you around the sensitive shine of praised coral reefs and the frequently disregarded islands along the northern edge of the archipelago. The islands will quickly charm you, and you will before long find the ecstatic potential outcomes of Fiji. 

Fiji Tour Packages Highlights:

  • Explore the social grounds of Bouma National Legacy Stop for a more profound take a gander at the scene and the Islanders' association with the rainforest
  • Witness perfect cascades lurching through the wilderness
  • Kayak through amazing mangrove woods that bring you into disconnected channels
  • Witness the genuine legacy of island towns with conventional services, from Polynesian clans to a Melanesian execution at Wiwi Town
  • Indulge in the lavish solaces of a 140-foot yacht with sea sees from each point
  • Discover the excellent magnificence along the Rainbow Reef, a surprising underwater condition gleaming with coral


8-Days Fiji Visit Itinerary at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Landing in Savusavu and board your lavish journey
  • Day 2: Investigate the Waters and Culture Close Rabi Island
  • Day 3: SCUBA or Snorkel Outings and Polynesian Social Occasion
  • Day 4: Visit the Island of Cobia to Observe the Shocking Landscape
  • Day 5: Find the Magnificence of Taveuni Island, Fiji's "Garden Island"
  • Day 6: Discover Surf, Sand, and Uncommon Reefs around Qamea Island
  • Day 7: Come back to Rabi Island for multi Day at your Relaxation
  • Day 8: Exchange to Nadi on Viti Levu for your Takeoff Home

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Savusavu and board your sumptuous voyage 

You land in Nadi at a young hour early in the day and proceed to the city of Savusavu situated on the island of Vanua Levu. The tropical heaven never again fills your creative energy yet wakes up right in front of you. Lavish mountains slant downwards edging the purplish blue sound. 

Your private exchange meets you at the air terminal and takes you to the harbor where your voyage dispatch is standing by. The pontoon is 140 feet long with bars transcending like the palm trees up to 33 feet tall. The staff offers a warm and charming welcome, loaded up with energy and a complimentary glass of champagne. Delicate pads line the upper deck and give a whimsical display of the straight. Toward the evening, the watercraft gauges grapple. The sea breeze transforms into a moving breeze that brushes your cheeks. The magnificence of the islands is coordinated just by the advantage of your journey. 


Day 2: Investigate the Waters and Culture Close Rabi Island 

Wake up to the perspective of the general South Pacific. The water swims delicately and brushes against the vessel. You can perceive how clear the sea is from your window. Nearby tropical natural products fill breakfast making a rainbow of creating, including the remarkable pomelo, a blend between a grapefruit and blood orange. The taste is invigorating, delicious with a trace of lively citrus. After breakfast, you put in the day close Rabi Island, arranged around waters that give rich snorkel and SCUBA encounters. Manta beams skim easily through the water. 


Day 3: SCUBA or Snorkel Outings and Polynesian Social Occasion 

Table corals pop outwards from the calcite plant around rock corals and porites. Mollusks settle into open spaces and cover into the reef. Blue Supported Angelfish swim independently or in sets, regularly nipping at delicate coral. They can develop to more than seven inches and have novel blue specks enhancing their focal body, with a sparkling yellow best balance fixed with brilliant blue. The territory is gratifyingly loaded up with marine life, from the hues to the species, giving solid thinking to the name Rainbow Reef. Once ashore, you will dare to a Polynesian social execution for a sagacious and gregarious investigate the legacy of an island people. People, young men, and young ladies dress in conventional grass skirts and enhancing hoods. The drums beat into the air and guide the artists and vocalists. You see the verdant arm ornaments the men wear, dangling lavish green from their wrists. Each development recounts a story, rich with history and convention. 


Day 4: Visit the Island of Cobia to Observe the Dazzling View 

Adventure onto the scene where the rich trees shade the pathway to the volcanic summit. The water is commended for its clearness, where the light can achieve a profundity of 120 feet. You can't resist the urge to see the radiant purplish blue when you look down from the caldera's edge. The island has taken the state of a bow moon, grasping the inlet. The tropical woods adds mind-blowing measurement to the terminated spring of gushing lava. Once on the caldera the cool water basically overflows into the sea. 


Day 5: Find the Magnificence of Taveuni Island, Fiji's "Garden Island" 

The day starts with individuals energetically embarking to snorkel and Coral City, needing to visit the outstanding hues and quick fish moving around the ocean bottom. After breakfast, you advance toward the shores of Taveuni, known as Fiji's Garden Island. The land's wonderment in as much in its covering tropical timberland as in its neighborhood's drive to secure the whole scene. Walk around Bouma National Legacy Stop and increase abundant representation of the island's industrious endeavors to keep up its social roots, in customs as well as in the land that sustained its predecessors. The recreation center was built up in 1990 and is over roughly 58 square miles. 


Day 6: Discover Surf, Sand, and Outstanding Reefs around Qamea Island 

You wake up to the ship swimming in the water close Qamea Island. The island is close to Taveuni and stores up of 13 square miles. Profound narrows incorporate the coastline where you can see white-sand shorelines wrapping around the shores. Rich soil offers life to lavish greenery. Individuals board kayaks and paddleboards to experience over the unmistakable water. Behind the shoreline, huge, thin palms ascend out of the island. Feathered creatures twitter in the woods overhang. Snatch a kayak and adventure out to the Native mangrove timberland where the curving foundations of the trees burrow far below the saltwater. 


Day 7: Come back to Rabi Island for multi Day at your Relaxation 

You wake up settled close Rabi Island and Albert Inlet. The island may appear to be commonplace, however, the landscape remains fresh out of the box new and shocking. The day is yours to spend in extravagance, skipping on the shores of the island, kicking up sand amid a shoreline volleyball game, or taking the greatest number of journeys into the water as you can. Assemble the SCUBA rigging and hop into the water to investigate Karaoke Pass. The coral shines in colorific shades, yellow and reds, oranges and blue working on each other. 


Day 8: Exchange to Nadi on Viti Levu for your Takeoff Home 

You land the ship and meet your private exchange who escorts you to the airplane terminal. The ship's group sings a euphoric melody wishing you goodbye and safe ventures. The congruity and musicality help you to remember the previous week, meandering through coral reefs, climbing through tropical rainforests, and enjoying the interminable excellence of the islands. Before long you will come back to Nadi where you will meet your flight home yet until further notice you remain and tune in to the team's melody, remembering the valuable minutes along the valuable waters of the South Pacific.

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