Know What To Do In Fiji For Solo Travelers

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Oct 24,2018

With its luxury resorts and island getaways, it would be quite easy to mistake Fiji for a couple’s destination. Sure, it is great for honeymooners and family vacations but the Islands of Fiji also present numerous options for solo travelers to stay, relax, party or meet others. In case you are also wondering what to do in Fiji, then know that there are plenty of other options for those traveling alone here. Check it out…


A Brief Look At The Fiji Tour

(Day 1): Arrival in Viti Levu – The largest Island of Fiji

(Day 2): Discovering Viti Levu

(Day 3): Excursions in Viti Levu  

(Day 4): Adventures in Viti Levu

(Day 5): Visiting the Village of Navala

(Day 6): Departure for Home



Viti Levu, Navala



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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Viti Levu – The largest Island of Fiji

Fiji’s Island nation is a collection of more than 320 islands dotting the South Pacific. The emerald green water gleams against palm-fringed beaches. The vibrant-tinged fish swim around the rainbow-colored reefs. The locals of Viti Levu are known as some of the friendliest people on earth, always eager to help and sharing fabulous smiles. Upon your arrival at Nadi International Airport on the large island of Viti Levu, your private guide meets you at the airport and takes you to a spectacular resort with panoramic views of the ocean. The resort will be filled with similar travelers who are also staying away from family friendly and couples-styled grounds.


Day 2: Discovering Viti Levu

In the morning, you will be able to hear the light brushing of the sea waves against the sand. At breakfast, you find many like-minded travelers who are also in search of an amazing tropical getaway. Everyone emanates island life, taking the day as it comes, spending some relaxing moments into the pleasures of paradise. After you have had your meal, venture to Natadola, which is considered as the nicest beach on the entire island.

On reaching the beach, you are going to discover an expanse of white sand gliding in azure sea water. The sun reflecting off of the surface brings a gemlike quality to the sea. The trees rustling in the seaside breeze bring a refreshing coolness and carry a touch of mist. Dig your toes into the powdery sand and feel the warmth folding over your feet. You can lie out under the sun and relax in the calm, fresh environment around the beach.


Day 3: Excursions in Viti Levu  

Fiji boasts endless wonders on the island of Viti Levu. Wake up to the view of glistening ocean and fringed palms and head out for your Fijian breakfast.

Your guide will meet you in the resort lobby to take you up into the island highlands. As you arrive at the banks of the Navua River, you’ll be witnessing the other rafting participants having wide, bright smiles, immediately introducing themselves to you before expressing how excited they are. You will feel at ease quickly and will be equally excited for the rafting trip. The Navua River starts on the southeast slope of Mount Gordon and passes through the lush rainforest 40 miles until outstretching the southern coast. As you step onto the raft, you take your position and shove off from the riverbanks letting the current take you.

When you paddle, the cold water splashes against your cheeks. You will be able to hear the river rushing against the surrounding landscape. Your guide demonstrates you to get into position. Your heart beats with super excitement as you hold onto you oar and help propel the raft.  


Day 4: Adventures in Viti Levu

As you wake up early in the morning, your guide will meet you and take you to Pacific Harbour where you will be finding your boat waiting. Step aboard this 35-foot hydrofoil designed in order to provide a comfortable ride and create a minimal output draft. On arriving at the dive site, just follow your guide into the water without a thought. The water will turn to a rich cobalt blue. Move slightly with the current before the guide points at a nearby shark. The bull shark is a pure highlight of any diver’s experience, especially in Fiji. When the massive shark swims in the area, definitely your heart can’t help but race. Make the most of this opportunity and see the animal’s magnetism all around you in the elegant and purposeful movement. Soon your guide will give you the signal, and you will be venturing to a higher depth in the search of more sensational shark life.


Day 5: Visiting the Village of Navala

Today you will be leaving the sandy beach and head out to the Nausori Highlands. The eastern highlands’ dense rainforest is a memory in creation. Navala sits in the mountains with picturesque traditional thatched huts, in the foreground.

The huts form pristine avenues that are wrapped around a central promenade and leading to the banks of the Ba River. The friendly villagers smile at you and wish you a pleasant morning. The traditions of the village are rooted deep in the island’s heritage making the villagers proud to be in deep touch with their culture.


Day 6: Departure for Home

Today morning, you take a morning walk along the beach in order to linger in the beauty of the island and its memories. At breakfast, you share your stories with other travelers present there.

Your private guide will escort you to Nadi International Airport for your flight back home. Soon you will be watching the islands fading into the distance below the clouds. The freedom that solo-traveling offers and the beauty of Fiji are truly an unbeatable combination.


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