Where to Celebrate New Year's Eve in January 2020

Happy New Year 2020! Even before the celebration of Christmas, the world plunges deeper into the merriment & glee of entering into yet another New Year. Lights, love, triumph & yet another opportunity & the unflinching faith to win over the negativities - that’s what you see everywhere.

The beauty of the New Year Celebration is that the festivity is all through the world! However, undoubtedly, New Year Celebration around the World has a different flavor. You have got to discover something unique & exciting that you must never have experienced. 

Watching the skies lighting up, the streets decorated with Numerous lights, shops decked up with scores of decoration items, assortment of New Year Events being organized in the town, and much more, you will experience real happiness. From Berlin to Toronto, Hong Kong, Sydney, Paris, New York to Chicago, New Year Celebration is all a different fun. 


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Let us dive a little deeper into the top Destinations for New Year Celebration around the world: 

(Day 1 to 3): New York City

Happy New Year 2020...It’s about to knock on our door and say hello! It’s nothing less than an achievement that you have so gracefully & gleefully added one more chapter into your life. And, for this achievement, you definitely need a grand celebration. 

For that matter, the New Year celebration in New York is one of the most popular.  With plenty of events all through the city & exuberance of celebration among people is solely something that brings about the zeal of celebration.

New Year’s Eve In New York:

  1. The Ball Drop at Times Square

  2. Harbor Fireworks

  3. Grand Army Plaza Fireworks

  4. Time’s Up New Year’s Eve Ride

  5. Phish at Madison Square Garden

  6. Concert or Show on New Year's Eve

  7. Boat Cruise

  8. Coney Island

New Year Celebration Tips in New York:

There’s a lot to discover and revel upon in New York during the New Year celebration. However, you have to be specific, if you take care of certain aspects while on the trip. Here’s a bunch of important New Year celebration Tips in New York:

  1. Do prerequisite Research.

  2. Reach out someone who is in connection

  3. Reach out Earlier

(Day 4 to 5): Berlin

Berlin, the capital city of Germany is particularly known for the extravagant parties, plenty of clubs, great party spots & much more to enjoy during New Year Celebration. The enormous explosion of energy & the city’s attitude to celebrate the eve makes you fall in love with everything around. At every step there’s something special to experience in Berlin particularly during New Year’s Eve. 

New Year’s Eve In Berlin:

  1. Easy access to the best clubs in the world.

  2. Experience the wonderful fireworks everywhere.

  3. Witness the Electric atmosphere on the streets

  4. The midnight explosion events

  5. The biggest Open-air Parities of Europe.

  6. The world-class New Year DJ party

New Year Celebration Tips in Berlin:

  1. Keep children safe from firecrackers.

  2. Be Prepared in advance.

  3. Park your car in the garage.

  4. Be safe & think before stepping on any unexplored area.

(Day 6 to 7): Egypt

For the last many years, Egypt has been a great tourist attraction and during the festive season, it becomes a way wonderful spot for tourists. There are a wide range of natural as well as historically rich tourist spots. Particularly during the festive seasons of New Year & Christmas the entire country is all decked up. 

In fact, the end of December is the perfect time to visit Egypt! The amazing concert, which is organized near the 4500 year old Pyramid of Egypt is one of the most popular things during the season. There are plenty of events to keep the spectators entertained from sunrise to sunset - New year celebration in Egypt is amazing. 

New Year’s Eve In Egypt: 

  1. Click a photo Kissing the Sphinx

  2. Shake your legs around the Bonfire.

  3. Enjoy the diving Events in Dahab.

  4. Explore the great white Desert

  5. Tour around the great Nile River

New Year Celebration Tips in Egypt: 

Just be prepared and keep your itinerary ready. 

(Day 8 to 9): Paris

Paris on usual days is a perfectly beautiful place and its energy gets accentuated during New Year to another level. Paris is particularly known for being a city of parties and New Year’s Eve is the best season to experience it.

During New Year, the city gets lit up all around, the clubs & the streets get all filled up with an enthusiastic crowd. But, you definitely have to plan out a way in advance to make sure that you do not miss on all the fun & everything. There are clubs and the city’s fireworks display to start with. And, there’s much more to experience:

New Year’s Eve In Paris: 

  1. Champs-Elysées Festivities

  2. Try the Sparkling Wine.

  3. Enjoy the Cabaret Event

  4. A Dinner Cruise

  5. The Sacré-Cœur street party

  6. Clubbing

New Year Celebration Tips in Paris: 

- Just be prepared and keep your itinerary ready. 

(Day 10 to 12): Sydney, Australia

The firework show is the most enchanting part of the New Year’s Eve celebration In Sydney. The firework exploding beautifully above the Opera House & the Sydney Harbor Bridge is something that cannot be missed. People in huge numbers line up to see the beautiful fireworks show. 

It is also the first major international city, which started celebrating the New Year at midnight. In addition to that, the family-friendly parks & the harbor Islands accentuates its beauty overall.  With light shows all through, brilliant firework displays, wide range of events and more - Sydney is definitely one of the best places to celebrate New Year. And, there’s much more than that - let’s see:

New Year’s Eve In Sydney:

  1. New Year Harbour Cruise in Sydney

  2. Enjoy camping under the stars

  3. Sydney Opera House & the Opera Gala

  4. Royal Botanical Garden

  5. Harbour Party at Luna Park and more

New Year Celebration Tips in Paris:

 - Just be prepared and keep your itinerary ready.

 (Day 13 to 15): Vienna, Austria

At the stroke of midnight, the entire Vienna delves deeper into the celebration spree! Dancing and partying all fill the city with amazing enthusiasm. And, the special highlight is the Old City’s New Year’s Eve Trail. And, the festive ball, a gala dinner, the concert, and the time spent in one of the sophisticated bars is a wonderful experience. 

Right from the afternoon of 31st December (2 p.m) to the next morning, the city transforms itself into a party zone. With the New Year’s Eve Trail in the city center, entertainment is evident. You are treated with thousands of culinary treats and punch by an assortment of gastronomes. And, the plenty of entertainment shows including DJ, pop, waltzes, and playing through the streets are amazing. 

New Year’s Eve In Sydney:

  1. Silvesterpfad Vienna

  2. Vienna Gala New Year’s Eve celebration

  3. Die Fledermaus

  4. Wiener Silvesterlauf

  5. Concerts In Vienna

New Year Celebration Tips in Sydney: 

  1. Travel during the least expensive days - Wednesday & Tuesday
  2. Rental cars are not a very good option
  3. Weather is a little unpredictable so make sure you are prepared.
  4. Harbour Bridge is closed between 11 pm until 1.30 am.

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