100+ Christmas Celebration Ideas for 2019

Good news on your way! Christmas comes with the hope that the dear Angel in everyone’s life will bring that much-needed cradle of “HOPE”. It’s the time that brings about the realization of LOVE, HAPPINESS, OPTIMISM & most important celebration.

The soul of the Universe brings happiness & gift of SMILE for everyone! Christmas fills people around the world with an incredibly greatest sense of euphoria to the hilt. People in different corners of the world celebrate the eve in different ways.

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We are going to mention here 100+ Christmas Celebration Ideas for 2019. Here we go:

  1. Vow to Spread Happiness & Glee

Christmas is the celebration of summoning happiness in the lives of people around! On Christmas 2019, vow to spread glee & merriment all around.

  1. Help, Feed & be with those in Need

However, a day or week is not enough to be compassionate, yet from Christmas you can give it a start. Extend a Helping hand!

  1. Decorate Your Home with Christmas Lights

Lights up your Home inside out! Christmas lights are a special & important element of the celebration. Make sure you have Lighted it upright!

  1. Arrange for Secret Santa Gift Exchange 

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Secret Santa Gift Exchange is an important part of the celebration! You can secretly place your gift by the bedside or on the study table writing area as per the requirement.


  1. Get an Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf is a special tradition of Christmas in which special scouts are sent to everyone’s home and which makes sure that kids are behaving right. You can buy one on Christmas.

  1. Play some Interesting Games

You can play plenty of games on Christmas - "Snowball" Throw, Christmas Guess Who, Two Truths and a Lie, and alike.

  1. Decorate the Christmas Tree

This is an important part of the Christmas celebration! You can choose between an artificial or a live tree. Decorate it with lights, garlands, ornaments, and stars.

  1. Cook something special on Christmas

This Christmas, cook something special on your own! Try out something that you never have - maybe Blood Orange Spritz, Creamy One-Pot Garlic Mashed Potatoes or alike.

  1. Make a Ginger House

Ginger House preparation is another important tradition of Christmas! It’s a confectionery like building that is prepared with cookie dough. Made of gingerbread, it’s usually crisp ginger-like.

  1. Spend time with family

And, some quality time with family is a must! You can make it as simple as any other day or if can plan out a get together in case everyone is living in different places.

  1. Watch some Christmas special movies with family

This is another way of being together & spending some quality time together! You can watch out a movie that everyone will like (maybe Christmas based movie).

  1. Listen to a couple of Christmas Songs

Listening to Christmas songs is another way of celebrating the occasion. Make a Christmas playlist & play them all on full volume.

  1. Write Thank You Note to Everyone You Know

Gratitude! It’s an important ingredient of a happy & satisfying life. Just be grateful to everyone who has played a role in your life. Pen it down!

  1. Plan Holiday for Your Loved Ones

Gift a Holiday package to any of your loved one who has been talking about the same for long. It’s the time, book a holiday package!

  1. Mail Christmas Card to Your Family & Friends

Choose a heartwarming Christmas card and mail the same to everyone in your contact list. To everyone you know!

  1. Use Everything you have to Decorate your Home

You can show your creativity here! Just use every little thing to decorate your home. Everything that is not in use.

  1. Design DIY Gifts

Awww! DIY Gifts are incredible & bring about another level of connection. You can get specific & design DIY gifts for everyone in the list.

  1. Buy New Dresses 

Buy a couple of new dresses! This is an important part of any occasion & Christmas is not an exception. Go to your favorite store & grab one!

  1. Share Memories with Friends 

Reviving those old bonds is a significant part of any celebration! Just plan out for a get together with friends & share those wonderful old memories. 

  1. Give Back to Others

Give back! No one can deny the fact that they have been blessed with a lot of things. Just make sure that you can give it back to those in need.

  1. Visit a Local Christmas Market

A Christmas market is the one where the celebration of Christmas advent week looks incredible & in full swing. The same was started in Germany and now it is celebrated in many parts of the world.        

  1. Shop for the Christmas Party

Just make sure that you are shopping around to the hilt! Bring everything you can to decorate your home as well as the neighborhood if you can.

  1. Plan Vacations to Your Favorite Place

And, how can you forget about a wonderful US vacation or a vacation to your favorite place. This is the perfect time, just make it true!

  1. Connect with a Friend You have not been in Touch for long

It’s such an overwhelming feeling when you get a call from a friend you have not been in touch for a long time. Just make sure to connect to one!

  1. Enjoy a Sip of Hot Chocolate 

Awww! That's wonderful! Who does not love hot chocolate & when it’s Christmas, you should never miss it. 

  1. Design Handmade Christmas Cards

There is nothing in this universe that can showcase a feeling as vividly as a handmade piece of gift. It actually shows your hearties love for the person.

  1. Create Your Own Christmas PlayList

Maybe you can get plenty of Christmas playlists on the internet, but again when you will create one as per your own choice, it’s going to be wonderful. 

  1. Donate Toys to Underprivileged Kids

Do You want to be Santa for someone? The best way would be to donate toys to underprivileged children who cannot really afford to buy them.

  1. Go and Visit an Orphanage

Doing something good for those who have been left behind in the rat race. It’s liberating! Go and visit an orphanage and embrace a new family. 

  1. Decorate your Front Door with a Wreath

You can DIY a wreath or even buy it from the market. Just make sure that you have designed the front door to impress everyone who comes to visit.

  1. Educate Yourself About Christmas

And, when you are celebrating an occasion, the celebration spree doubles when you know everything about it. 

  1. Design a Snowman Angel

Another important way to celebrate Christmas is designing your own Snowman Angel! Just do it in your own way with a pinch of creativity.

  1. Spend an Evening Before Christmas Wrapping up Gifts

Dedicatedly devote a day before Christmas warpoing up your gifts creatively. Make sure that it accentuates the value of the gift.

Here are some more Christmas Celebration Ideas:

  1. Volunteer for Some Social Cause

  2. Send a Secret Letter to Santa

  3. Design paper Snowflakes

  4. Enjoy a Christmas party

  5. Go for a Random Act of Kindness

  6. Bake Christmas Cookies

  7. Design an Advent Calendar

  8. Make your Christmas Wishlist

  9. Do Something New - A New Tradition

  10. Create a Christmas Family Photo Album 

  11. Get Dressed as Santa & Distribute Gifts

  12. Rescue a Stranded Animal

  13. Make a Fresh Long Term Goal

  14. Go for a Christmas making

  15. Christmas Cookies Competition

  16. Get an Affordable vacation package Deal

  17. Give some Time to Relax

  18. Go for a Walk into the Nature

  19. Decorate your Christmas Tree in a Unique Way

  20. Volunteer an Event

  21. Watch a Classic Movie to Understand about the Significance of Christmas

  22. Buy Books which help you Learn about Christmas

  23. Visit in the Town to See the Decoration & Christmas Lights

  24. Go Christmas caroling

  25. Help Children Believe in the Existence of Santa

  26. Make Sure to Enjoy Christmas Day Dinner with Family & Friends

  27. Surprise a Friend by Doing Something Special

  28. Throw a Christmas Party 

  29. Send Christmas Card Emails to Friends & Family

  30. Reconcile Your Relationships

  31. Watch the Sunrise

  32. Arrange for a Family Christmas Prayer

  33. Learn About Other Cultures

  34. Visit to Someone’s place who is incapable of traveling

  35. Gift a vacation Package (a US vacation package, Albania vacation package or alike)

  36. Pray for those who are in Need

  37. Donate Your Body parts

  38. Help a Family Member in Need

  39. Travel around the world & taste different types of Foods

  40. Teach your Kids the acts of kindness

  41. Visit & surprise your Childhood Friends

  42. Encourage your kids to make DIY Gifts for their Friends in school

  43. Take your time to reflect back on things in the past you have done

  44. Visit Your Nearby Church 

  45. Distribute New Clothes among Poor Kids

  46. Decorate Your Pet’s House

  47. Discover a Thousand faces of Santa Clause

  48. Create a Track of Your Good Deeds and place them on the Christmas Tree

  49. Plan for a Food Distribution Ceremony among Street Children

  50. Give Away Your Prized Possession to those in Need

  51. Decorate your neighborhood with Lights & everything

  52. Invite a Poor Family for Christmas Dinner

  53. Learn any Five languages to Express Your Love 

  54. Throw a Book Reading Party

  55. Decorate your car with Christmas Lights

  56. Do not let your Illness Ruin Your Christmas Celebration

  57. Write a Secret letter to Santa

  58. Click a couple of beautiful pictures with Santa

  59. Try some Fun Pictures with Your Christmas Card

  60. Gift Something Special to your Expecting Friend

  61. Design Your Christmas Library Beautifully with Lights

  62. Feel Cozy with your Friends at the Fireplace

  63. Venture Out to watch out for the Christmas Parade

  64. Decorate Your Christmas tree with Stars

  65. Eat Fruit Cake with Friends & family

  66. Surprise Your Office Colleagues with Beautiful Gifts

  67. Decorate Your Office Work Station

  68. Plan a Christmas party at Office

Christmas is undeniably one occasion which is celebrated throughout the world with perennial zeal & enthusiasm. Planning and looking for Christmas celebration Ideas are prerequisites. Preparations begin to happen a few days before the occasion and you need to have that list of top Christmas celebration Ideas ready at hand.  

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