5-day Family Vacation in Europe: Barcelona, Royal Palaces, Art Galleries

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Nov 22,2018

When it comes to family vacation destinations, you need to be picky because you can not put your kids at the risk of rugged mountains and neither you would want them to be closer to the wild. In such cases, Europe takes the opportunity. A well-customized Europe Family Vacation is all that you need to give your kids the moments of wonders and we are offering the same.

Trip At A Glance:

Day 1: Welcome to Barcelona

Day 2: Tour of the city

Day 3: Feeling the Royalty of Madrid

Day 4: Spotting the Marvels of Madrid

Day 5: Visiting Segovia: A City with a Legend

Trip Highlights:

  • Stepping into the luxurious wonderland of Barcelona

  • Feeling the endless energy of the Barcelona streets and exploring it all fully

  • Spending a leisure time with kids at Park Guell

  • Witnessing Europe’s largest royal palace and neoclassic monuments of Madrid

  • Reveling around The Sierra de Guadarrama Mountains which offers a perfect backdrop to the town.

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome to Barcelona

Barcelona is a city which is known for the energy it vibrates with all the time. It has a panoply of avant-garde museums that literally make it a luxurious wonderland. Arrive at the international airport of Barcelona where your private guide greets you at the exit doors of the airport. Get transferred to your hotel and on your way do not miss to feel the charm and peace the city offers which each passing stroke of air. 

The building in Barcelona reflects a unique thought the architectures had while drafting the layout. Check into your room and relax before you actually begin your luxurious family tour in Spain.

Day 2: Tour of the city

Begin your day with luscious breakfast and step out to explore the beauty of Spain. On the streets, you will feel an endless energy encompassing you every now and then. It’s because of the active streets crowded with fully-energized locals. Do not miss to stop explore Barcelona’s most famous street, La Rambla. Get marvel by the narrow lanes lined with trees and the central boulevard. Wander your eyes through the wondrous Barcelona streets to give you moments of life. When done with this, you can take the delights of vivacious suns to adorn plate that embellishes the roof of Park Guell. It is a very good place to spend time with family. Your kids are going to love this place.

Day 3: Feeling the Royalty of Madrid

Madrid is known to have the largest royal palace in all Europe and it’s stunningly beautiful to witness in person. This is the place where your kids can feel the royalty of the emperors by exploring it all by foot. While Madrid is known to be a home of many royal palaces and monuments, but it is not the only thing that drives your attention. The food, art and the culture of this land together drag you out of your zone and take you to the world of royals where you will feel to be walking in the residential areas of royal families. The marbled hall, lion statues at the entrance doors, elegant neoclassical designs are some of the highlights of these royal monuments. You won’t mind spending your full day exploring it all. Would you?

Day 4: Spotting the Marvels of Madrid

If art and crafts inspire you, The Prado visit on day four of your Spain tour will give you the joy of wonders. Prado is the largest art gallery entailing more than 7,000 paintings and 1,000 sculptures. Step into its main wing and you will find it resembling to the façade of a royal palace. The interior is immaculate and reflects the splendor of Spanish and European legends through art effectively and efficiently.

Day 5: Visiting Segovia: A City with a Legend

Today, you will step outside the boundaries of Madrid to witness the Segovia town which was founded by none other than The Hercules. It would be a day trip wherein you will visit the countryside legends and hence, giving you an opportunity to connect with the base of the Roman monument remains. You will also visit The Sierra de Guadarrama Mountains which offers a perfect backdrop to the town.


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