Panama Tour - A Relishing Family Vacation In Latin America Journey

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Oct 26,2018

From wildlife-packed forest adventures to lonely beaches with sea-green waters, Panama has something to offer tourists of all ages. start your family adventure in the lively Latin American metropolis of Panama City. Visit the Panama Canal, Chiriqui Highlands, Casco Antiguo a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Embera Indian Village and the Soberania National Park in your Latin America journey.

Tour Highlights

Day 1: Arrive in Panama City, Panama

Day 2: Panama City–David

Day 3: Panama City

Day 4: Panama City–Gamboa Rainforest Resort

Day 5: Gamboa Rainforest Resort–Panama City

Tour Description

This country is home to the engineering marvel that provides passage for nearly 14,000 ocean-going vessels per year. This tour partner makes it easy for you to travel to Panama by handling all the details for you. This 5 days Panama tour package includes your hotel reservations, sightseeing, daily breakfast, two lunches, and transportation between destinations. Plus, you’ll have the assistance of a Local Host, someone who can let you in on little-known places, answer questions, offer guidance, and help you personalize your tour. 

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Panama City, Panama

Arrive in elegant, bright, and lively Panama City, where you will be greeted by your Local guide. Established in 1519 by Pedro Arias de Avila, a Spanish conquistador who made it his camp for robbing Peru’s riches, Panama today is one of the central hearts for commerce and trade in the Americas. Panama offers several natural wonders, a melting pot of ethnicities and cultures, and historical as well as modern skyscrapers.

Day 2: Panama City–David

A short flight takes you to David in the province of Chiriqui. This magical land is the Chiriqui Highlands, the part of the Cordillera Central that marks the northern border of the province of Chiriqui. It is a wonderful landscape of cloud forests, volcanic peaks, and coffee plantations, and inhabits most of Panama’s Ngobe Bugle Indians. Here you will find rainforests bedecked full of chirping iridescent birds, blooming epiphytes high above the forest floor, and gurgling rivers making their way toward the nearby sea. Arrive and rest at your resort in Boquete this afternoon.

Day 3: Panama City–Gamboa Rainforest Resort

In and around Gamboa Today, a special surprise is in store when you board a ship for a Panama Canal. Your ship will head to the canal at the Gaillard Cut, where the Chagres River runs into the canal and where the canal was carved through the Continental Divide. Reach the Pedro Miguel Locks, where your ship will be down approximately 30 feet into Miraflores Lake. Continue to the Miraflores Locks to be lowered about 60 feet to the Pacific Ocean. Disembark your vessel and move to Gamboa Rainforest Resort within Soberania National Park.

Day 4: Gamboa Rainforest Resort

An exciting trip takes you deep into the dense forest of the Chagres, where the Embera Indians have subsisted for centuries. The adventure starts with a riverboat up the Chagres in dugout canoes, the Embera traditional hand-carved boats. Upon arrival at the Indian village, you will be taken back to past as you are involved in ancient Embera cultural dances and music that have not changed much since Columbus landed in the 1500s. The Emberás will give you a sight into their mystical ceremonies and marvelous knowledge of medicinal plants and other natural solutions. The Indians will invite you to explore the area’s abounding diversity of birds and wildlife during a tour that takes you through the isolated forest and past gleaming waterfalls. Add spice to your visit with a typical lunch in the village.

Next day you will experience a free day to take the comfort of the resort’s many activities, like an aerial tram tour, kayaking, fishing, or birding and monkey tours. Or you can just relax by the pool or at the spa.

Day 5: Gamboa Rainforest Resort–Panama City

Your vacation ends here and we will transfer you from the Gamboa Rainforest Resort to Panama City’s airport.

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