4 Days Family Tour Of Royal England

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Sep 20,2018

Take the children down the paths of royals during your personalized family-friendly tour of London. Bring history to life at the Tower of London and witness the hypnotic march of the Changing of the Guard . Make scones in Windsor with the kids. Your family tour of England immerses you in charismatic art, fascinating culture, and distinguished culinary experiences you, and the kids will love.

Tour Highlights

Learn the art of making traditional English scones in the opulent setting of Guildhall in Windsor

Enjoy the thrills of archery in the English countryside with a lesson testing your skills with a bow and arrow at a country estate

Witness the glistening precious stones of the British Crown Jewels when visiting the historic Tower of London

Relish a moment for adults with a delicious wine tasting inside a restaurant known for its famous guests like Renoir, Monet, and Van Gogh

Tour at a Glance

(Day 1):  Arrive in Fabulous London with the Remaining Day at Leisure

(Day 2):  Enjoy the City on a Classic Tour with Private Guide and Boat Ride

(Day 3):  Relish the Scenery at Windsor Castle with a Tour and High Tea  

(Day 4):  Depart for Home

Tour Description

Europe becomes a magical place for families with kids of all ages due to enchanting castles, delicious pastries, and histories resembling epic legends. Your 4-day family-friendly tour of London encompasses the remarkable pasts and fascinating modernity of the city reflected in the iconic highlights scattered across London and the charming English countryside. Celebrate the culture of England with High Tea and discover the remarkable traditions welcoming you to London.

Your adventure in Europe begins with your arrival in London. The fabulous city commemorates its history and revels in its place as a center for global commerce and communication. Visiting the city sets the family in a time warp surrounded by antiquity but also noticing the diversity of innovative art and imagination. The city reflects a high-density urban population stacked with museums, galleries, and scenic highlights like Westminster Abbey but also leads to wide-open public spaces like Kew Gardens and the riverside panoramas.

Bask in the treasures of London with private tours across the city, witnessing the Changing of the Guard, meeting a beefeater, and traversing the Tower of London. For an exciting excursion, you can rush down the River Thames on a high-speed boat for a different view of the celebrate promenade. Outside of London, the grandeur of royalty continues to attract the family at Windsor. The stunning display of historical power exemplifies the proud culture. Learn to shoot a bow and arrow with an archery lesson, enjoy making scones and tea under the guidance of a local baker, and explore the fascinating halls of Windsor Castle.

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1:  Arrive in Fabulous London with the Remaining Day at Leisure

London is consistently one of the world’s top tourist destinations creating a cosmopolitan ambiance reflecting the milestones of British ingenuity in the form of art, architecture, and culture. Your flight lands at Heathrow Airport, where your private transfer greets the family upon your arrival. The streets of London bustle with an air of importance, as if everyone strolling along the sidewalks, walking along Millennium Bridge, or traveling in the Tube has a significant meeting they must attend. The pillars supporting the Neoclassical façade of the British Museum reflects the 13 million artifacts from around the ancient world protected within the exhibits and storage houses including the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon, the Rosetta Stone, and a giant bust of Ramesses II.

The National Gallery provides insight into the artistic visions from around Europe between 1260 and 1920 with a celebrated selection of Dutch and Italian masters between the 15th and 16th centuries. The kids marvel at the iconic image of the Clock Tower and its famous occupant Big Ben, the nickname for the Great Bell. The tower stands at 315 feet tall peeling every hour with the resounding gong of Big Ben. The family easily settles into the mixture of fascinating history at the heart of modern Britain for a captivating arrival in London.

What’s Included: airport transfer, accommodation, tour

Day 2:  Enjoy the City on a Classic Tour with Private Guide and Boat Ride

London is a city with so much history to see and never enough time to experience all the little details shaping its former and current grandeur. The River Thames rushes through the heart of the city beneath the reflecting façade of the recognizable tower known as the Gherkin and the antique walls of the Tower of London. Your guide leads you from Westminster Abbey to the Buckingham Palace and eventually taking you through the gates of the infamous complex that transitioned from a prison to a palace on the north bank.

The tower has played a prominent role in the history of England and the city’s illustrious past as an armory, treasury, home of the Royal Mint, and home to the Crown Jewels. The White Tower was named for the stone with which it was built and was the strongest structure connected to the former medieval complex.

The Line of Kings was established in the mid-17th century displaying a collection of hunting and sporting weapons, arms and armor used in tournaments. The Crown Jewels make a distinct impression on kids inside the Jewel House. The Imperial State Crown was crafted in the 1830s for the coronation of Queen Victoria with more than 2,800 diamonds and precious stones. It glistens under the soft flight in the museum display.

What’s Included: accommodation, transportation, tour, breakfast

Day 3:  Relish the Scenery at Windsor Castle with a Tour and High Tea

At breakfast, you notice the herbaceous aroma of black tea filling the dining room accompanied by the sound of sizzling sausages emanating from the kitchen. You enjoy the simple pleasures of a familiar breakfast or delight in the hardy flavors of a traditional English breakfast before the family embarks on a day trip to Windsor. The twin towns of Windsor and Eton stand on opposite banks of the Thames River. Schoolboys dressed in uniforms stroll through the streets of Eton on their way to school. The morning fills with an air of pageantry during the changing of the guard at Windsor. Lavish boutique shops and beautiful cafes line the streets of the city center as restaurants open their doors to passing patrons.

Windsor Castle represents the world’s largest and oldest continuously inhabited fortress. Before entering the majestic battlements and towers, the kids partake in an archery lesson. You test your marksmanship skills as well, learning the proper way to hold the bow and arrow. The kids make jokes about Robin Hood as they make an open stance with their shoulders perpendicular to the target. They rest the arrow’s shaft on the bow and attach the grooved end known as the “nock” to the bowstring.

They grip the string with their knuckles wrapped around but not touching the nock, draw back, and release the arrow to the target. Shimmering armor flanks the Grand Staircase alongside a statue of Queen Victoria foreshadowing the opulence of the stately apartments. St. George’s Hall may hold 162 people during banquets all sitting beneath the towering ceiling decorated with images associated with the Knights of the Garter.

The splendors of the day do not stop at the gates to Windsor Castle and instead follow the family inside a traditional setting known for glittering banquets. Your instructor welcomes the family with a soft and gentle accent before introducing you to the art of making proper scones within the elaborate setting of Guildhall. The local baker fills the room with the scent of butter, lemon, and berries as the kids dig their fingers into the flour to get started.

What’s Included: accommodation, transportation, tour, breakfast

Day 5: Depart for Home

At breakfast, you sip a frothy cappuccino and enjoy the stories the children retell about their favorite moments on the trip. You nibble on an airy macaron savoring the flavor of pistachio or strawberry while listening to the elaborate recounting of your visit to White Tower in London or other pleasing moments. You cannot help but think of the incredible art within arm’s reach while wandering the exhibits of the celebrated galleries. After breakfast, your private transfer greets the family in the hotel lobby and escorts you to  Airport for your flight home.

What’s Included: airport transfer, breakfast

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