Venture Onto A Once-In-A-Lifetime Tour Of Egypt And Jordan With This Middle East Tour Guide

Are you looking for a historic Middle East tour? Here is a once in a lifetime trip to Egypt and Jordan customized especially for you. You are presented with an amazing opportunity to witness the Great Giza pyramids, cruise down the Nile river, relax on the Red Sea, visit Roman ruins in Jordan and swim in the dead sea. The land of Egypt and Jordan is just separated by the narrow Gulf of Aqaba. This tour has so much to offer when it comes to ancient history, culture and natural beauty.

A Brief Look at the Egypt And Jordan Tour

(Day 1): Arrival at Cairo

(Day 2): A full day trip of Edfu

(Day 3): A visit to Abu Simbel temple and return to Cairo  

(Day 4): Exploring more of Cairo

(Day 5): A swim in the famous Dead Sea

(Day 6): Departure



Cairo, River Nile, Luxor, Luxor Temple, Luxor East Bank, Luxor West Bank, Edfu Temple, Aswan, Abu Simbel, Giza, Great Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx of Giza, Dead Sea


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