Explore The Best Of Egypt And Nile With This 5-Day Egypt Luxury Tour Package

This trip of Cairo and Luxor to the Nile comprises of the most important sites in ancient Egypt. You can have some marvelous sights of the historic temples and tombs of Nile valley, explore Giza Plateau, visit religious landmarks of Cairo and step out to witness some monuments along the East and West Banks of Nile. Here is your very own Egypt Luxury tour package for a smooth and comfortable trip.

A Brief Look at the Egypt And Nile Tour


(Day 1): Arrival at Cairo, Capital of Egypt

(Day 2): On a Half day Giza tour

(Day 3): A luxury cruise tour on the Nile

(Day 4): Return back to Cairo

(Day 5): Departure for Home




Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Aswan



Day 1: Arrival at Cairo, Capital of Egypt  

Cairo is a place that exudes excitement and movement. Your flight will land at the Cairo International airport where you’ll meet your guide and get escorted to your hotel.  One of the largest cities in Africa, Cairo, the capital city of Egypt has stood more than 1,000 years on the banks of the Nile. The city is situated in the northeast of the country and is considered the gateway to the Nile delta. For more than 6,000 years, Cairo is serving as the capital of a number of Egyptian kingdoms. The city is marked by the influences and traditions of the West and the East, both the modern and ancient.


Day 2: On a Half day Giza tour

The bustling streets of the celebrated city return back in the morning. One can smell the scent of turmeric, cardamom, and cinnamon blending together. The strong aroma of Turkish coffee fills the air. After a traditional breakfast, your guide will meet you at the hotel and take you on a tour of the Giza Plateau. The geometric shape of the giant pyramids has been a forever intriguing mystery for most travelers offering numerous questions more than the answers. The Great Pyramid of Giza which encompasses 13 acres is the last of the remaining Seven Wonders of the World.


Day 3: A luxury cruise tour on the Nile

Today, you board a luxury cruise on the Nile river that sails between Luxor and Aswan. The balcony offers majestic panoramic views of the glittery Nile waters and the riverbanks. As you settle into the comforts of the ship, you can witness the elegant decor, classic cuisine, and the historic ambiance of the riverway with much space to feel as if the entire boat is yours.


Day 4: Exploring Abu Simbel and returning back to Cairo

In the morning, after breakfast, you make your way to the Aswan airport and aboard a flight to Abu Simbel. After an entire day of the exploration of the depths of Abu Simbel, head out to the airport for your return flight to Cairo. In the evening, you can have more of the city by wandering through its historic streets and experimenting with the city’s traditional dishes.


Day 5: Departure for Home

You are met by your guide at the hotel lobby just when you are ready and get transferred to the international airport. Enjoy a last look at the captivating banks of the Nile River and the passing boats on your way before you board your final flight back home.



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