4 Days Itinerary Making Luxury Egypt Holiday More Luxurious

Egypt is like the quadrant of a circle on the world's map. Ranging from, Cairo to Aswan and Luxor, there are much more places to visit in Egypt to explore and you can easily enjoy the Luxury Egypt Holiday with great peace and relaxation. 

Highlights of the Trip:

There are many places to visit in Egypt that would make you feel how much it is easy to spend days in Egypt. This is because the country has much more to tell that definitely anybody would want to stay here forever.

Places to Visit:

  • Pyramids at Giza

  • Egypt-Sudan Border

  • Islands

  • Ancient Tombs

  • Coptic Christian Quarters

Trip at Glance:

Day 1: Arrival in Cairo - Aswan

Day 2: Cairo - Aswan

Day 3: Aswan - Luxor

Day 4: Luxor - Cairo (Returning to Cairo)


Day 1: Cairo

The first destination of the day would be Giza. Arriving here would surely allow you to steel yourself from you. Here, pyramids of Giza are considered as the world-class tourist destination all over the world. Here, Camel Riding becomes a must to do. The breathtaking rooftop views of the Giza Pyramids would serve you with the best wonders of the world via the sun sets including the apricot glow on superlative monuments. Giza is also the 4000 years old attraction which would add four moon passion in your Luxury Egypt Holiday. There are some more tourist attractions near Giza, Egypt, so do explore when you reach there.

Day 2: Aswan

Day 2 first destination would be Abu Simbel. The rock temples at Abu Simbel are just worthy to visit. This is because such temples were built 3000 years ago. Your day 2 could easily be spent in Aswan visiting the places like:  

  • The environs of Aswan

  • Town and Marketplaces

  • Egyptian Tombs on Aswan’s West Bank

  • The tombs of Egyptian nobles

  • The Kubbet el-Hawa

  • Dome of the Wind

  • A small shrine offering you with Aswan’s stunning views

Alas!!! End your day by trekking to the St Simeon Monastery and visit the Nubian Museum which tells the reasons of the region’s existence.

Day 3: Luxor

Luxor is the favorite city for the tourists to make the Luxury Egypt Holiday more memorable. Reaching here would lead you towards the Valley of the Kings and the West Bank, day 3 first destination. Here huge peaks to the forgotten kings still stretched into the sands level. After visiting the Pyramid’s astronomical wealth you will be reaching at The Marvels in Luxor. It offers a pool of the sights which one can catch in the early morning by having a hot air balloon ride. Spend your evening by ending your day visiting the Temples of Luxor and Karnak as these are the important destinations to explore.

Day 4: Cairo (Returning to Cairo)

It is suggested that after leaving from Luxor, you must step ahead at the Heart of Cairo i.e. near Tahrir Square. The vibes of dusk and dawn in Crio are just exceptionally stunning and speechless. In addition to this, let the artifacts at the Egyptian Museum of bygone civilizations dazzle you. The place would make you understand about the Egyptian dynasties. After this, the other worthy place to visit is Tutankhamun’s fabled treasures to see the intricately painted papyrus scrolls lovingly carved sarcophagi, and the preserved mummies. Surely, before that, you wouldn't have seen this kind of gold at a single place, exceptionally a piece of intricate metalwork. Also, visit:

  • The Citadel and Mosque of Mohammed Ali Pasha

  • Islamic Cairo

  • The al-Azhar Mosque

  • The Coptic Christian quarter

Visiting all such places would consume your compete day 4. Thus, after exploring all such places, it’s time to shop something from the marketplace, capture pictures, and selfies and say a final goodbye to the places in Egypt while making your Luxury Egypt Holiday exceptionally beautiful. 


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