Explore The ​Amazing Places To Visit In The Czech Republic

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Oct 23,2018

There are many amazing places to visit in the Czech Republic but when it comes to the Czech Republic, Prague city comes to the mind first. If you like going around the world, Prague needs no introduction. This well-planned itinerary would reveal a week-long itinerary in the Czech Republic. So get ready to explore the most romantic and amazing places that will create some magical moments for you.

Highlights of the Trip:

  • Witness the walk to the Golden Lane, which a delightful neighborhood of tiny, medieval houses

  • Visit the Museum of Communism

  • Make a tour to Pilsen City

  • Enjoy the brewery tour of Pilsner Urquell

Trip Glimpses

Day 1: Arrival in Prague, Czech Republic

Day 2: Prague Food Tour and Museum of Communism

Day 3: Arrive in Pilsen, A Tour To Pilsen City

Day 4: Beer Museum & Pilsner Urquell

Day 5: Drive to Cesky Krumlov, A Tour To The City and Castle

Day 6: Drive to Telc, city tour & castle

Day 7: Departure 

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Prague, Czech Republic

To explore the city of Prague, public transport is the best choice. Here, you would get to see the UNESCO Heritage Site i.e. the Old City and the Prague's Jewish Quarter which starts daily at 3:30 PM. Anyhow, if you become late at reaching here then, don’t worry because in the evening at 5:30 PM daily, you can attend and join Charles Bridge and Castle tour.

Day 2: Prague Food Tour and Museum of Communism 

Your morning of Day 2 will take you to the Museum of Communism. You’ll get to know about the Velvet Revolution that brought collapse to the system, since November 1989. After this, don’t forget to take yourself to the Starbucks at Krizikova station, the yellow subway line present on line B of Prague’s metro station. Here, you will be having the food tour of the Prague Restaurant which is also termed the Prague Food by Foot tour.

Day 3: Arrive in Pilsen, Beer Spa, A Tour To Pilsen City

Hire a car on rent and head towards the Pilsen. It is suggested to stay at the Courtyard Marriott which is at the walking distance of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery. Having a lunch at the Parkan Brewery Taproom is a worthy investment. After having a lunch, it is suggested to visit the Puppet Museum including a historic tour to the historic underground of Pilsen.

Day 4: Beer Museum & Pilsner Urquell

On your day 4, it's time to invigorate yourself with Beer by going to the Beer Museum. Book an advance ticket for the brewery tour of Pilsner Urquell. Here, it’s truly fascinating to know about the brewing process and to try the unfiltered beer. If you are a nature lover, then board a bus (#20) to visit the Velky Bolevecky Rybník. This is the beautiful lake on the Pilsen’s outskirts where you can easily enjoy the swimming, paddle boarding and sailing as well.

Day 5: Drive to Cesky Krumlov, A Tour To The City and Castle

The drive to Cesky Krumlov will directly take you to the Czech Republic road trip. The city is equipped with different moods and feel especially if you explore it before 10 am and after 6 pm. To have Goulash and Dumplings in snacks, head over to the Pizzeria Nonna Gina. This food court is right across the Tourism Office. Here, you can easily explore the picturesque old town and the castle overlooking both the city and river.

Day 6: Drive to Telc, city tour & castle

The Day 6 will be for Telc. It is the topmost premier stop in the Vysocina region where you will be visiting the famous Renaissance houses. Here, you will be assisted with a plenty of experience and time to explore the complete city for the rest of the day. The activities to do here:

  • Stroll around the castle gardens

  • Enjoy ice creams and milkshakes on the charming main square cafe

  • Buy some Easter-egg colored facades around you

  • Shop few handmade gifts and little trinkets to bring home with you as a sign of your trip

Exploring these castles garden in the morning of October month would assist you with the magical and mysterious ambiance.

Day 7: Departure

After this eerie experience, it's time to say a goodbye by head back towards your residential place. We thank you to be a part of our itinerary services in order to explore the amazing places in the Czech Republic. 

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