From Colonial Towns To Salsa Rhythms: Relish The Best Experiences in Cuba This Year

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Oct 23,2018

The Cuba Island with its varied landscape, vibrant rhythms, and rich heritage of literature and dance win over many tourists, who return to the land of Cuba again and again. The travel opportunities in Cuba differ from other countries in Latin America. Though the country has been a spot for sun-seeking travelers, it is only slowly opening up to less-conventional travel. A Cuban tour offers an opportunity to explore this captivating and uniquely beautiful land and connect with its friendly and open locals. Relish the best experiences in Cuba with this specially customized Tour Itinerary.


A Brief Look At The Best Experiences In Cuba

(Day 1): Arrival in Havana

(Day 2): Exploring the capital city, Havana

(Day 3): A day tour to Guama

(Day 4): A historic tour of Trinidad

(Day 5): Enjoy a day at Santa Clara

(Day 6): Departure for Home   



Havana, Guama, Trinidad, Santa Clara


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Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Havana

Your flight will land at Jose Marti International Airport, where you have your first glance at the capital city. Your private guide greets you at the airport and escorts you to your hotel in the city.

On your way, you’ll witness the contemporary high-rises of Vedado overlooking the renovated colonial architecture of Old Havana. After check-in, you settle into your hotel which is situated in the heart of the antique city.


Day 2: Exploring the capital city, Havana

On your very first impression of Havana, the city may seem like a confusing jigsaw puzzle. Once you work out as to how to put the pieces together, an alluring picture emerges. Despite its 50 years of withering neglect, Havana is too contradictory, too audacious and too damn beautiful. As you stroll along the colonial streets, you’ll witness the survivalist spirit as well as the salsa energy emanating most emphatically from the people.

The art culture in Havana is presently the biggest surprises the city offers to its visitors. Today is yours entirely to wander across the streets of the capital city with an open mind admiring the art and beauty of this spectacular city.


Day 3: A day tour to Guama

After you have had your breakfast, your private guide greets you at the hotel lobby and leads you to your first day out of Havana, taking you to Guama. Located about halfway between the famous Bahia de Cochinos and the Autopista Nacional at Jaguey Grande, Guama takes its name from the native Taino chief who made a last stand against the Spanish in Baracoa in the year 1532.

The major attraction here is a boat trip through the mangrove-lined canals and across the Treasure Lake, leading to a recreation of a Taino village. Soon, you’ll struggle drawing parallels with pre-Columbian Cuba. Loud rap music will welcome your journey back in time. The boat passes across a cluster of shops, restaurants, snack bars, and a crocodile farm. Your guide will demonstrate to you about the original inhabitants of the swamplands hunting the reptiles using a bow.


Day 4: A historic tour of Trinidad

The best preserved colonial city of Cuba, Trinidad is a unique combination of ancient 1850’s architecture and 1950’s cars that makes it seem like the time has really frozen! The old part of the city is a UNESCO heritage site since 1988. Like most other colonial towns, Trinidad is lively with cobblestone streets and brightly colored buildings.

Trinidad is also packed with sparkling natural attractions. 12km south lies the best beach of south Cuba, platinum-blond Paya Ancon. You can spend some quiet relaxing time at the beach or stroll along the white sand of the beach. Just meandering through the market makes you immersed in the sensibilities of the city, offering a window into the way locals view music, art and the culture of Trinidad. The town’s extravagant palaces and large plazas, Trinidad has become one of the most famous Cuban cities for travelers to visit worldwide.


Day 5: Enjoy a day at Santa Clara

Today, you’ll be waving goodbye to Trinidad and heading out to visit the most revolutionary city of Cuba, Santa Clara. This is a city of new trends and prodigious creativity. The capital city of the Cuban province of Villa Clara, Santa Clara lies at 367 feet above the sea level amidst the hills of Coral rock.

Your guide will lead you along the path to a natural pool. A small waterfall deluge into the edges of the pool, thus refilling the area with cold, fresh water. Cuba is packed with endless discoveries. The town of Santa Clara also hosts the most prestigious university outside of Havana.


Day 6: Departure for Home

Today, your private guide meets you at the hotel lobby when you are ready and escorts you to Jose Marti International Airport for your international flight back home.


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