Celebrate Christmas In Cuba With This Tour Guide

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Sep 19,2018

The pulse of salsa music complements the rhythmic sounds of crashing waves on the coastline. Antique sugar mills give way to gorgeous manors reflecting the former prominence of agricultural barons. Pig roasts signify the importance of family gatherings for holiday feasts. Firework displays create an illuminating spectacle of a friendly feud between neighborhoods. Whether exploring galleries at the Museum of Fine Arts or relishing the colors of the sky on a sunset cruise, your time in Cuba provides a perfectly tailored and culturally immersive celebration. Experience the charm of Christmas and New Year in Cuba this holiday season and learn a lot about the culture of this Caribbean island nation.


Trip Highlights

  • Discover the colonial charms of the small towns at the island’s center, including fabulous Trinidad and often-overlooked Remedios

  • Relish the unique Christmas Eve celebration of a Remedios tradition during a competing fireworks display, the oldest celebration in Cuba

  • Visit the preserved home of celebrated author Ernest Hemingway for insight into his creative mind when he wrote award-winning novels  

  • Visit the artisan market of Havana to view the sensational paintings and craftsmanship of local artists, from handcrafted textiles to woodwork

  • Trek through the wilderness of the Escambray Mountains to discover the refreshing waters of the El Nicho cascade

  • Indulge in a relaxing and scenic sunset cruise around the harbor of Cienfuegos

  • Wander the museum commemorating the battle at the Bay of Pigs after the CIA attempted a failed coup against the Castro regime

  • Enjoy a convertible tour through Old Havana for insight into the hidden history of the antique city connected to the mafia of the 1920s-1950s

  • Traverse a traditional cigar factory to learn the history of cigars and tobacco in Cuba while watching workers hand roll the famous commodities


Trip at a Glance

(Day 1): Santa Clara – Arrive in Cuba with Introductory Dinner and Music

(Day 2): Remedios – Visit Santa Clara’s Monuments before Transferring to Remedios

(Day 3): Remedios – Explore the Historical Heart of the City and Fishing Village

(Day 4): Trinidad – Travel to Trinidad for a City Center Tour and Salsa Class

(Day 5): Trinidad – Traverse a Former Sugar Plantation and Trek to El Nicho Falls

(Day 6): Cienfuegos – Venture to Cienfuegos for a Full Day Tour and Sunset Cruise

(Day 7): Havana – Relish an Excursion to the Bay of Pigs en route to Old Havana

(Day 8): Havana – Delight in a Convertible Tour and View Plaza de la Revolución

(Day 9): Havana – Visit Hemingway’s Home and a Traditional Cigar Factory

(Day 10): Havana – Wander the Aisles of Almacenes Market and the Rum Museum

(Day 11): Havana – Relax in Havana and along the Coast with a Day at your Leisure

(Day 12): Havana – Depart for Home


Places To Visit

Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Havana, Remedios  


Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Tour Description

Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean islands and contains multitudes of history, culture, and ineffable majesty. Music fills the cobblestone squares of Havana and French colonial architecture shines against the coastline promenade of Cienfuegos. The revolutionary spirit of Santa Clara emanates from the monuments dedicated to Che Guevara and the youthful ambiance deriving from the university. Spanish colonial estates decorate the streets of Trinidad and the tranquil town of Remedios erupts into life on Christmas Eve. Your 12-day Cuba tour immerses you in culture and celebrations between Christmas and New Years for an unforgettable holiday season.

Reach the Abel Santamaria Airport in Santa Clara and from there, lead to your comfortable accommodation near the heart of the fascinating city. The unique ambiance deriving from the revolutionary past introduces you to the cityscape, the cuisine, and the enticing music of Cuba. The Che Guevara Memorial and Tren Blindado revolutionary site bring you into the past and the culture of the city. The town of Remedios shines with restored beauty, the colonial mansions dating back nearly two centuries.

Delight in a celebratory barbecue featuring a traditional pig roast and explore the historical center of town. On Christmas Eve, the town glows with fireworks in the traditional festival of Las Parrandas, a carnival-like street party. Trinidad features colonial architecture representative of the glory days of the sugar industry in Cuba. Tour the fascinating museums and gorgeous manors, along with the ruins of the sugar plantations inside Valle de los Ingenios. Move along to the rhythms of salsa during a private class and trek the paths along the ridges of the Escambray Mountains to reach El Nicho Waterfall.

Cienfuegos is located on the southern central coastline and retains the grandiose facades of Spanish and French colonial palaces. Explore the fascinating history of the town and indulge in the aromas of the Caribbean Sea on a private cruise around the colorful bay at sunset. Havana crowns your journey through Cuba as the most desired location for visitors on the island. The captivating city encapsulates the history and culture of greater Cuba with restored colonial architecture, vibrant life, preserved fortresses, and endless monuments.

Tours bring insight into the history of the Italian American mafia in Havana during the 1950s and offer lessons in the history of Cuban art on display in the Museum of Fine Arts. Cigar factories produce Cohibas and Monte Cristos, the cigars preferred by revolutionary legends Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. The Almacenes de San Jose market brims with artisan goods as La Finca Vigía provides a look into the life of Ernest Hemingway while he resided in Cuba. Witness the unique traditions of habaneros on New Year's Eve and partake in the captivating heritage at the Havana Club Rum Museum and a special dinner with live music hosted in the historical city center.


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