Explore Costa Rica With This Latin America Adventure Travel Guide

Having one of the most comprehensive conservation programs across the globe which have ensured the protection of nearly 27% of the country, out of which about 11% encompasses the country’s national park system, Costa Rica is a true heaven for outdoor adventure. Covered in lush, tropical rainforest, and home to the most biologically diverse landscapes on earth, there is adventure around each and every corner of Costa Rica. So, wander through Costa Rica with this Latin America adventure travel guide that will help you at every step in your adventurous journey.


A Brief Look At The Costa Rica Tour

(Day 1): Arrival in San Jose and then transfer to Arenal

(Day 2): Adventure in Arenal

(Day 3):  Safari experience in Manuel Antonio

(Day 4): Kayak tour in Manuel Antonio

(Day 5): Another day in Manuel Antonio

(Day 6): Sailing in Manuel Antonio

(Day 7): Departure for Home



San Jose, Arenal, Manuel Antonio


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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in San Jose and then transfer to Arenal

The San Jose city buzz with life around the historic city center packed with neoclassical architecture. The National Theater features fabulous mosaics and marble statues that represent the prestige of the aristocracy in the late 19th century. The mansions featuring art deco and Victorian architectural styles in the Amon neighborhood depict the sophisticated aesthetic of plantation owners at the turn of the 20th century. Galeria Namu displays elegant arts and crafts, that include ceramic works and hand-carved Huetar masks, created by the indigenous people of Costa Rica. On your arrival, your private guide meets you at Juan Santamaria International Airport and takes you out of the active city.

After the excitement of your journey from the capital city, you will settle down into the comforts of your luxurious hotel and relax in the fabulous thermal springs that are connected to the property. The volcanic activity heats the pools naturally whereas thousands of gallons of mineral water rush through the five main springs. The sound of gushing waterfalls provides a soothing soundtrack that welcomes you to the grandeur of your resort and the splendor of Costa Rica.  


Day 2: Adventure in Arenal

The soothing and familiar sounds of waterfalls cascading into a waiting pool highlight the ambiance at breakfast. The aroma of sweet pineapple accompanies the decadent scent of freshly brewed coffee. Today is yours entirely to indulge in your first adventure of Costa Rica with a plenty of thrill options to choose. You can head out for a trek across the trails of Arenal Volcano National Park or drift through the jungle canopy on a zip line tour. For an enthralling excursion that highlights the natural beauty of Costa Rica, you’ll be mounting a horse and following your guide to the entrance of Fortuna Falls.


Day 3: Safari experience in Manuel Antonio

At breakfast, you remember the excitement of your day canyoning near Arenal Volcano, and your heart beats faster. Indulge in the stimulating flavor of fresh coffee, refreshing your mind and body before you depart Arenal. Your private guide escorts you west to the Pacific Ocean, terminating along the banks of the Tárcoles River in search for wild crocodiles. The waterway traverse across the country, covering nearly 1,200 miles before it empties down into the central Pacific Ocean. You board a private boat and set out into the water which is known for the boasting the highest population of American crocodiles in the world.

Your heart starts beating once more, this time due to the proximity of your boat to the giant crocodile as it opens its mouth in order to warm its body after having been in the water for too long. You will continue to float down the river and discover a scarlet macaw perching high in the trees. Its lively red feathers stand out against the emerald leaves of the rainforest.


Day 4: Kayak tour in Manuel Antonio

As you wake up today morning to the comforts of your luxury resort, you overlook the indigo waters of the Pacific Ocean. Your private balcony offers a perfect view of the lush, dry forest lining the pristine gold-sand beaches and overtaking the rugged shores. The aroma of the sea blends with the decadent scent of coffee at breakfast. After you are done with your breakfast, Step into a kayak and follow your guide through the mangrove trees on a private tour searching the wildlife and the pure ecosystem mixing fresh and saltwater.


Day 5: Another day in Manuel Antonio

This morning, you wake up in a tropical heaven and enjoy the majestic view from your private balcony to the Pacific Ocean. You meet your instructor on the beach in order to start your private surf lesson. The sand starts to warm in the tropical heat, and you get comfortable on the board by first practicing on the shore. Once you get on the water, paddle through the whitewater and your guide holds the board in order to help you balance. The water from the sea splashes against your skin with a rejuvenating warmth.

After a morning of surfing, you meet your guide at the hotel lobby and follow him beneath the canopy for a walking safari tour in search of the mesmerizing wildlife of Manuel Antonio National Park. You continue your search of finding the squirrel monkey, hoping to catch a sight of its 16-inch long tail and two-tone face. Today is yours entirely to experience the many varied magnificence of Costa Rica.


Day 6: Sailing in Manuel Antonio

The crystal-clear waters of the Pacific Ocean offer the perfect blend of leisure and activity. Sports fishers set out on yachts onto the water in search of grand marlin. Scuba divers traverse deep into the water searching for the manta rays and tropical fish swimming along the coral reefs. Later in the afternoon, you board a boat that is bound for the open water. Look back at the tranquil setting of the tropical forest that is pouring over the coastline. The sails rise into the air and catch the precise breeze. On reaching the coral reef, your boat drops anchor and you observe that the water is cool here farther as compared to from the shoreline.

You take a dip into the water, and tropical yellows, reds, and oranges capture your attention. Parrotfish nibble on the edges of the reef, whereas triggerfish circle the branches of stag coral. Their vibrant hues shine against a backdrop of coral. You return back to the boat and start sailing back to shore. A group of spinner dolphins appears and arcs out of the sea water. These are well-known for their playful personalities and vibrant acrobats. As they leap from the ocean, their silver sheen glitter in the sunlight.  


Day 7: Departure  for Home

At breakfast, you enjoy the refreshingly sour and sweet flavor of fresh passion fruit juice. When you get ready, your private guide greets you at the hotel lobby and escorts you to Juan Santamaria International Airport for your flight back home.


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