Fall in Love with Colombia with this 10-day Tour Itinerary

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 11,2019

10 days are definitely not enough to explore entire Colombia but with this Colombia Tour itinerary, you can at least get a fantastic overview of the best things and places Colombia has for travelers. So, if you are planning a Colombia Tour but do not know which city to pick and which to drop from your travel destination list, let this itinerary assist you with the best options.

Trip At A Glance:

Day 1-2: Cartagena

Day 3-4: Tayrona National Park

Day 5-7: Medellin/Guatape

Day 8-9: Salento

Day 10: Departure

Trip Highlights:

  • Visiting the top attractions of Cartagena.

  • Spending 2 days in Tayrona National Park and discovering the bright side of its stunning places

  • Exploring the colorful, bright, and incredibly beautiful town of Salento

  • Experiencing the majestic views of Medellin by taking a cable car ride.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1-2: Cartagena

What you do on the first day of your Colombia tour depends on the time of the day you arrive in the city. The earlier you arrive, the more will be the time to explore the breathtaking beauty of this place. The buildings in the town are colorful and the beaches are unequivocally stunning.

No matter at what time of the day you head out of the hotel, the first thing to visit in Cartagena should be the beautiful and the incredible Isla Baru. With a camera in hand, start exploring the main attractions including the street food points. If you are a traveling foodie, you are going to taste some of the best delicacies of your life. In case, you are here more for #DoItForInsta and less for pleasure, then do not let the batteries of your camera die. The stunning sunset views of the beaches will give you some of the best backdrops to get pictures clicked on.

The good part about the town is that most of the beaches are located within the walking distance of the town which makes arriving and leaving to/from beaches easy. This saves time which can be utilized in many other things. However, if you are only looking for the best beaches and not many, you will have to take a boat ride and reach to the lesser-known and lesser-crowded beaches of Rosario Island.

While planning a visit to one of such beaches, do keep in mind the fact that most of these beaches are privately owned. In order to access one of such beaches, you will have to plan a full-day tour in advance.

However, if you want a self-led beach experience closer to town than Playa Blanca, you can visit Tierra Bomba. It’s been famous for the stunning beach views and a sense of tranquility it tends to offer.

Caution Note: No matter what beach you chose to visit, do not forget to apply a good sunscreen as Colombia (and especially the Caribbean coastline) is really hot.

Day 3-4: Tayrona National Park

Ask about the best places to visit in Colombia and we would shout out loud with Tayrona National Park. When on a Colombia tour with family, it becomes quintessential to add this place on your travel destination list.

The best way to explore the park is to camp at night. You can opt for camping on the beautiful and the famous Cabo San Juan Beach. Choosing camping over lodges save time which you can utilize on better things. For example, if you are camping on the beach, you can utilize the early mornings and late evening hours of the day in exploring the top attractions of the park not on sleeping or traveling.

So, camping on one of the best beaches in the world allows you to explore the Tayrona National Park in early mornings and late afternoons. There are also a couple of ruins which you can hike during the day. For water persons, snorkeling is another great thing to do in the park.

Caution Note: While soaking your eyes with the beauty of the beach and the park, some bugs will annoy you with their buzzes. So, do pack a bug spray before leaving and enjoy the scenic beauty of the park bug-free.

Day 5-7: Medellin/Guatape

Medellin is a beautiful city and also one of the most innovative cities in the world. While wandering around its streets, you will find how hard working the Paisa People are. Their continuous efforts of making their city cleaner and better is incredible. The same can be reflected from the Cable Car system that has been installed to give the communities in the mountains surrounding Medellin better access to the city and its resources. When in Medellin, do not forget to experience the excitement of cable car which allows you to take a quick tour of the entire city with spectacular views from the top.

The second thing you will witness next on your Colombia tour would be the Real City Free Medellin Walking Tour. Taking a walking tour under the guidance of a guide not only opens you to the untamed corners of the city with their importance and history explained by an expert.

Next on the list is the colorful gem of a lake town - Guatape. Located at a distance of 2 hours from Medellin, Guatape is packed with wonderful views that can be admired at both day and night. A night stay in Guatape is highly recommended when on a Colombia trip.

Day 8-9: Salento

In most of the travel itineraries, you will find the best has been kept for last and so is this Colombia Itinerary. The town of Salento is bright, colorful, and incredibly beautiful( more than any other town of Colombia). Nearby waterfalls, valleys, and river give you a perfect backdrop for your pictures and this is just one of the countless positive sides of this town. The panoramic views of the town will give you an illusion as if you have reached to the center of the planet.

During your two days stay in the town, you will visit the stunning Cocora Valley. Horseback riding, a visit to the Santa Rita waterfall, a tour of a coffee plantation, and a few rounds of the addicting game tejo are some other activities you are going to enjoy during your stay. Do try the exotic delicacies of the town as they are known to mesmerize foodies with their exceptional taste.

Day 10: Departure

Your 10 days Tour in Colombia is finally completing and today you will be saying Cheerios to the scenic beauty of this place. With lots of special memories in your heart, you will transfer to the airport for a happy return. Do not miss to enjoy your farewell breakfast in the hotel before the exit formalities. You will love the sweet gesture shown by the hotel staff.


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