Latin America Journey - Experience The True Aroma Of Colombia

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 04,2019

Colombia is the premier coffee producing country in the world. On this 7-day Latin America journey, you will travel to the center of coffee production hidden in the beautiful mountains of the Antioquia region. You will learn how master roasters cultivate the unique flavors of different blends. Then, indulge yourself in the fascinating aromas that twisting around you during a private tasting. Visit a pure organic farm and taste the hints of citrus and tartness of a ripening cherry directly from the coffee bush. As you wander around the plantations in Medellin you will discover the ultimate coffee experience on a personalized Latin America journey.

Tour Highlights

  • Indulge in the exceptional flavors and aromas of different kinds of coffee produced in the lush fields of Santa Elena at a famous cafe and coffee laboratory

  • Witness a new passion for coffee and the focus needed to produce 100 percent  pure organic quality coffee from seed to cup at a Condo plantation

  • Travel through the forest in search of Colombia’s attractive biodiversity and indulge in the naturally sweet fruits swing from the trees

  • Enjoy in a coffee tasting tour that teaches you the different ways to produce and properly sample coffee to find the flavors, aromas, and unique quality

Tour Description

Your ultimate coffee tour of Colombia explores the unique connection between the biodiversity of the Andes Mountains and producing coffee by sustainable practices that support the environment and local communities. In this Latin America journey immerse deep into the coffee growing experience in Colombia. You will follow the movement of the lovely drink as it moves from seed to cup. You also learn how coffee has brought changes to the different farming communities across the Antioquia, home to the renowned city of Medellin. The significant journey starts with your arrival at the international airport in Medellin, where your private transfer greets you at customs and escorts you to a luxury hotel in view of the city’s bustling streets and beautiful mountains. Explore the unique city at your leisure. You can traverse the Metrocable for pictorial views or walk through the Plaza Botero to spend time with the works of the renowned Colombian artist.

Travel to the mountains outside of Medellin to discover the marvels of coffee and the specific type of climate required to cultivate the various kinds of beans. San Cayetano started producing coffee over 120 years ago and holds the roots of Colombia’s commercial coffee industry.

The future of coffee require needs rest more than just flavor alone, which you learn in Roldan, a leader in research to improve Colombian coffee quality. Enjoy private access to the farm as you learn about the local studies that highlight the environment and family farms that minimize soil use.

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Medellin – Arrive in the Vibrant Capital of Antioquia

Colombia has shed its former reputation to uncover an excellent blend of cultural heritage, bustling daily life, and one of the world’s most ecologically diverse countries. The state’s capital of Medellin has a cosmopolitan aura with the beauty of an eternal spring spread across the hills.

There is an endless movement of trade and industry in a city that promotes chic restaurants, elegant hotels, and welcoming culture. Your guide will greet you at Jose Maria Cordova International Airport and drive you to a luxurious hotel, which overlooks the city’s dynamic center. The valley in which Medellin located provides a mild climate throughout the year, that earned its nickname, the Endless Spring.

The rest of the day is at your leisure to enjoy the city at your own pace. You will view the paragliders circle the sky over the towering buildings like one of the endemic birds of the jungle and the beautiful mountains frame the city with jade canopies.

Day 2: San Cayetano – Find the Origin of Colombian Coffee In San Cayetano

At breakfast, you will feel the similar aroma of arepas as the traditional corn cakes are partnered with fried eggs or stuffed with cheese. Your guide will greet you in the hotel lobby after the breakfast and drives you away from the fast-paced streets of the city en route to San Cayetano. The beautiful greenery spreads across the ridges of the Andes Mountains then descends 3,000 feet to the banks of the Cauca River.

Your guide will drive you through the fields of the cultivation for an introduction to the coffee before it becomes a “bean.” The aroma of jasmine spreads upwards from the plants, as the coffee bush is a neighbor to the jasmine flower. You will notice bright red cherries swing from the branches, which are actually the ripening coffee bean. The chief roaster at the historic plantation will pluck some cherries for you to taste, which contain notes of citrus and roasted fruit.

At the warehouse, you can dig your fingers into the fine, dry and roasted. The aroma of light char conquers the subtle scent of jasmine. The warehouse uses the traditional as well as specifically designed methods to de-pulp the cherries, then washing and drying the beans.

You can learn from your guide on how to taste the coffee like a professional coffee cupper, similar to a sommelier. You will slurp from a spoon and let the coffee coat your palate to get a combination of sweetness and tartness with notes of sugar cane and cinnamon. Like wine, the coffee beans soak up the nutrients from the soil, gives them their specific, which is why coffees from different regions of the same plantation offer distinctive properties. Once you have indulged in your first cup of premier Colombian coffee, spend some time meeting with the pickers on the farm to learn more about their them, their community, and their experience in the fields.

Day 3: Jerico – View a Colombian Saint, Visit a Coffee Laboratory, Admire the Views

The next morning, the mountains will let you experience the diversity of Colombia’s nature as you can hear the call of a red-bellied grackle as it swishes through the trees. The drizzle spreads beneath the mountain peaks creating a blanket of fog before it dissipates underneath the warm morning sun. At breakfast, the aroma of hot chocolate fills the dining room before you head out for the Pueblo of Jerico.

Your guide will tell you the importance of roasting coffee and the different levels of roasting like light, medium, and dark roasts, in addition to Italian and French roasts. Roasting the beans displays the natural flavor of the grain by a unique flavor, with the lighter roasts containing the most caffeine. You will savor the different types of coffees from around the coffee-growing region. Each cup has familiar aromas of nutmeg, cinnamon, brown sugar, or almond that makes flavors similar to chocolate or cherry.

Day 4: Roldan – Tour Ciudad Bolivar and Savor Celebrated Roldan Coffee

At breakfast, you will experience the delicious flavors of hot chocolate, taking a moment’s reprieve from the delicate and enjoyable aromas of coffee. You will also experience the delicious pineapple with indelible sweet juice that is free of any acidity. You will leave the village of Jerico and head out for the peaks that create the border between El Choco and Antioquia to reach the city of Ciudad Bolivar.

A short drive from the city center is Santa Elena, home to the farm that cultivates the elegant flavors of Cafe Roldan. The plantation committed to sustainable practices for better results in the cultivation, production, and overall production of coffee, as well as its effects on the local community.

You will learn how the skin is then removed followed by the fermenting process that breaks down the pulp. Then, the remaining beans are cleaned and dried in the sun. Santa Elena has chosen to cultivate and produce coffee Typica, Bourbon, and Red and Yellow Caturra, in addition to the most popular coffee bean, Arabica.

Day 5: Cocona – Enjoy a 4WD Tour in the Forest and an Organic Coffee Tour

The next morning you will appreciate the lush forest in the Titiribi Mountains, which contain beautiful biodiversity as they hide the vast ridges supporting the Condo coffee fields. As you proceed along the knolls, you will view the Flame-rumped tanager perched on a branch. Your driver will shift into 4-wheel-drive and take the way leading into the steep mountain slope at a 45-degree angle. A beautiful view of Antioquia will greet you upon arrival at the plantation.

Day 6: Medellin – Trek the Beautiful Biodiversity Before Transferring to Medellin

Your morning will start with a sharp call of active rose-breasted Grosbeak echoes through the forest. At breakfast, you will savor a revitalizing cup of coffee cultivated from the landscape around the Condo as you will see hints of cherry, apricot, and chocolate. You will set out into the wilderness after the breakfast, as you appreciate the lush forest, which contains hidden trails and protected underbrush leading away from the fruit trees and coffee plants of the farm.

Day 7: Medellin – Depart for Home

Today is the last day of your Latin America journey. Your private transfer will reach you Jose Maria Cordova International Airport for your home flight.

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