Coffee, Culture & Nature: Uncover This 9-Day Iconic Colombia Tour

The colonial heritage of South America is perhaps best preserved in Colombia, with attractive towns interspersed with lush rainforests and local villages home to a variety of regional customs and tribes. This all-encompassing itinerary combines Colombia's popular attractions with some roads less traveled.


  • Discover the charms of Fernando Botero and the fascinating connection of Colombia’s indigenous peoples to gold during a private tour of Bogota

  • Sample the subtle aromas and distinctive properties of Colombia’s different types of coffee during a plantation tour in the Quindío Coffee Region

  • Witness the staggering heights of the wax palm, the tallest palm tree in the world, while exploring the captivating scenery of Cocora Valley  

  • Relish the colonial cobblestone streets of Cartagena, a city surrounded by antique walls and located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea

  • Dip your body into the healing properties of a naturally heated mud bath located in the crater of a volcano near the outer rings of Cartagena

  • Let the colors of colonial homes enchant you both on the streets and while visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cartagena

  • Luxuriate in gorgeous accommodations offering stunning views, insight into the local culture, and a connection to Colombian history



(Day 1): Bogota – Arrive in the Rich History and Vibrant Heart of Colombia’s Capital

(Day 2): Bogota – Relish a Historical Full Day Tour of Bogota’s Museums and Culture

(Day 3): Armenia – Transfer to the Coffee Growing Quindío Region at Armenia

(Day 4): Armenia – Tour Nature in Valle Cocora and Culture in Filandia and Salento

(Day 5): Armenia – Discover Coffee Culture in Quindío Touring a Local Plantation

(Day 6): Cartagena – Fly from Armenia to Cartagena to Enjoy the Caribbean Setting

(Day 7): Cartagena – Explore the Wonderful History and Scenery of Cartagena

(Day 8): Cartagena – Delight in the Caribbean Ambiance of the City at your Leisure

(Day 9): Cartagena – Depart for Home 


Bogota, Armenia, Quindio Coffee Region, Cartagena, Filandia, Valle Cocora, Salento  


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