A Must Explore Itinerary To Spend 4 Days In Bulgaria

Trip Highlights: 

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and becomes the premier destinations to visit. Being the capital of Bulgaria, it is huge to explore and is blessed with varied photography spots and churches. Alongside Sofia, there are much of the gardens, restaurants, cafes and historical museums to closely see Bulgaria. 

Places to Visit: 

  • Sofia

  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

  • Saint Sofia church

  • The Royal Palace

  • The National Theatre

  • The City Garden

  • National Palace of Culture

  • Vitosha Boulevard

  • The Cathedral

Trip at Glance: 

Day 1: Catedral - The Central Bath

Day 2: Vitosha Boulevard - National Palace of Culture

Day 3: Plovdiv

Day 4: The main street- Kapana district 

Day 5: Departure 

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: The Catedral

Sofia’s most famous building, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a photography spot. It’s in existence since 1912 and is the gorgeous building in Sofia. The next destination would be Saint Sofia church aka Church of Sveta Sofia is the oldest Orthodox church which is next to the cathedral and the old red basilica. Other noted destinations:

  • The Royal Palace

  • The National Theatre (Sofia heartbeat)

  • The City Garden (liveliest in Sofia)

  • And you can easily spend a quality time here.

  • The Largo and Sofia’s Older Mall

The Largo is the center of Sofia which assembles 3 buildings established since 1950 by then Socialist regime. Most noted destinations to visit here:

  • The Largo building housed the Parliament

  • The Council of Ministers and TZUM

  • The oldest shopping mall in

  • The St. George Rotunda

  • President’s headquarters.

  • The ruins of ancient Roman baths.

  • Banya Bashi Mosque

  • The Synagogue

  • The central Market (Halite)

And much more.

Day 2: The Central Bath (Sofia History Museum) - Vitosha Boulevard - National Palace of Culture

Move ahead from Largo, you will be finding the Halite market that has its immense radiance. You must visit the Synagogue and the former city bath house which is known as Sofia History Museum. Here, bathing in the hot mineral water fountains becomes a must. Lead yourself towards the Vitosha Boulevard  & National Palace of Culture. Vitosha Boulevard is Sofia’s main promenade where you can have a walk and fun at cafes and restaurants. The most visited places in the city are:

  • Court House

  • National Palace Of Culture (Ndk)

  • A Prominent Congress Center

  • Concert Hall

  • Boyana Church

And a much more as the city consists of a most of the cultural events and exhibitions.

Day 3: Plovdiv – Bulgaria’s cultural capital


Plovdiv is Bulgaria’s center which is also considered as one of the interesting sites in the country. Additionally, Plovdiv is also a city fledged with history and events. Owing to such assistance, it is also called as Bulgaria’s second-largest city.

Day 4: The main street and  Kapana district

If you desire to feel the spirit of Plovdiv then, Kapana district welcomes you. The place is tuned as the neighborhood for workshops, cafes, and restaurants. From here, lead towards the Koprivshtitsa which is a reserved place for the architecture during the 18th century, the Bulgarian Revival.

Day 5: Departure

The last day in Bulgaria. It’s time to say goodbye to the country. Capture moments and generate memories for a lifetime by having the mesmerizing farewell here at the country. 

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