Bora Bora - Visit A Tour to Heaven in 2019

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jul 15,2019

Bora Bora is a paradise in French Polynesia featuring with the unparalleled beauty of nature and gives you an ideal tourist destination to spend a few days on this island. It lies in the laps of Leeward group of Society island of French Polynesia. The island is a popular getaway among the tourist for its snowy white sand beaches, dreamy landscape, turquoise water, over water villas, luxurious resorts and tropical climate.  Bora Bora offers you a perfect escape from the hustle bustle of life and pours you into the divine beauty of nature. The island has something for all type of tourist whether passive or active. Jet skiing, windsurfing, hiking, cruise tour, fishing, snorkelling are some of the activities that you can enjoy doing in your Bora Bora tour. 


  1. Enjoy doing snorkelling at Toopua Island.

  2. Gain the unique experience of choosing your own pearl at The Farm and Pearl Company.

  3. Rejuvenate yourself with Tavai Spa at Bora Bora pearl beach resort and spa.

  4. Go for four by four tour of Mount Otemanu.

  5. Meet celebrities at Bloody Mary Restaurant.

  6. Enjoy windsurfing and kitesurfing at Matira Point.

  7. Set your eyes at the beautiful sunset view of Rohivai Lagoon Tour.


Day1: Welcome to Motu Toopua and enjoy dive for your own pearl at The Farm and Pearl Company.

Day2: Explore the hiking adventure at Mount Otemanu and swim with turtles at Pofai Bay.

Day3: Climb the hill rising from Matira Point and go for kayaking in the water of Rohivai Lagoon Tour. 

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

DAY 1: Motu Toopua:

Welcome to Bora Bora island, Toopua is the first spot in your Bora Bora tour. The island has beautiful white sand beaches with black lava rocks, over water bungalows, turquoise water of French Polynesia.  Start your day by checking into a resort and have your breakfast served in Bora Bora Buffet style to recharge yourself for the adventurous tour. Begin with a snorkeling tour to enjoy underwater life and attractive coral reefs, swim with tropical fishes and watch sharks and rays going by your side.  As well as you can enjoy various cultural activities and beach games to add fun in your day. And in case you don’t want to burn your energy you can simply choose ‘Hina’ massage or any other massage to pamper yourself in the laps of nature. After exploring so much of Toopua Island your Bora Bora travel agent will take you to The Farm and Pearl Company.  Bora Bora tour gives you a unique experience of diving for your own pearl in the sea water. Firstly, the farmer will explain the process of how this gem is harvested and formed in the water.  Then get into the canoe and dive into the water with the farmer, you will be asked to choose an oyster strand and each strand has 6 oysters in it. Then come out of the water and choose any one oyster out of six and the pearl out of that oyster will be yours. After that, make your way to Bora Bora pearl beach resort and spa.  You can rejuvenate and renew yourself with famous Tavai Spa or hot stone massage with Monoi oil in the natural surroundings of Bora Bora then relax in Polynesian style overwater bungalows, having an exquisite view of Mount Otemanu.

DAY 2: Mt Otemanu:

Get up early and be ready for the hiking adventure at Mount Otemanu. It is one of the two peaks of extinct volcanoes that rises about 2400 feet above the lagoons and provides you with rugged and adventurous hiking trials of this summit. The Summit is the crown of the island for its beautiful summit, magnificent view and the blue lagoon that surrounds the mountain.  You can choose a 4x4 excursion to reach quickly at the top that is surrounded by clouds, and appreciate the beauty of the mountain. The mountain is surrounded by a turquoise lagoon that gives the opportunity of a sight seeking boat tour to take a 360-degree view of this magnificent landform and capture some snaps from the bottom of the mountain. After spending your time on this beautiful site Bora Bora travel agent will take you to Pofai Bay. Start with snorkeling in the crystal clear water of French Polynesia and enjoy swimming with turtles, colorful fishes, rays and sharks.  Or spend some time on the white sand beaches gazing at the beautiful sunset view, and enjoy leisurely walking on the beach to admire this site. Then enjoy having your dinner at Bloody Mary Restaurant. This restaurant is popular among the Celebrities so, before choosing your table check the celebrity list hanged beside the entrance. And it serves you with fine ambiance marked with log chairs and sandy floors to make you feel amid the authentic Bora Bora surroundings. You will be served with sizzling grilled food and signature cocktails. And enjoy the starry nights with borne fire on the beach and watch the amazing cultural dance presented by the locals in Bora Bora costumes.

DAY 3: Matira Point:

On the last day of Bora Bora tour, it's time create some memories at Matira Point that is one of the most captivating destinations in Bora Bora.  Spend a day in the sunshine on the extensive white sand beaches and enjoy the exquisite view of the island with a cool tropical drink to soothe you from inside. It has a pleasant sea breeze that makes windsurfing and kitesurfing possible on the offshore of the island. And in case the breeze has dropped you can enjoy going for Kayaking or snorkeling in the cerulean water to look closely and experience swimming with tropical fishes and other marine creatures of Bora Bora Island. After that go for a walk on the beach and try climbing up on the hill for the breathtaking view of the Matira Point. Bora Bora travel agent will take you to Rohivai Lagoon Tour for seeing the amazing lagoon with 50 shades of blue. Embark with snorkeling in the azure water and take a chance to see closely the sharks, manta rays, sting rays, tropical fishes and vibrant and soft coral reefs. Here you will be served with barbequed fresh seafood and with some local cuisine of the island followed by Tahitian cold beer to complete your meal. Then enjoy sitting on the white sand and watch the stunning sunset view of the Rahivai tour. And finally, come back to your resort and have some French Polynesia style cuisine in your dinner and relax in the amazing overwater villas of resort. 

So, the time has come to say N?n? (goodbye) to this mesmerizing Bora Bora tour that has gifted you with tons of heart touching memories to take home. Bora Bora travel agent will bid you a nice farewell at the airport.

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