Dreamy Honeymoon on the Exotic Bora Bora Island

If marriage is a start for your new life then the honeymoon is the foundation. If your idea of honeymoon starts with magnificent skyline, beautiful beaches, glamorous nightlife, and spend some solitude days with your partner- Bora Bora honeymoon is just the right thing for you. Bora Bora is the frontier of wilderness. The beauty and serenity of the island will exhilarate and fill your life with romance. A couple will look forward for their ideal honeymoon- charming and stylist beaches with lush greenery, luxurious resorts, soaring volcanic peaks, then the Bora Bora Island is the perfect place for your honeymoon. There are many places to explore in Bora Bora Island. Bora Bora travel agents will help in exploring the island’s most famous and romantic places. This Bora Bora tour is going to be your most memorable honeymoon trip. Bora Bora is also called as ‘Romantic Island’.

Places to visit:

  • Matira Point

  • Mount Otemanu

  • Bloody Mary Restaurant

  • Bora Bora Romantic Tour

  • Keishi Tour Private Motu Picnic and Lagoon Trip

  • Parroquia De San Pedro Celestino

  • Mount Pahia

  • Bora Bora Turtle Sanctuary & Museum

  • Piti Aau

  • Bora Bora Lagoonarium

Activities to do:

  • Scuba diving

  • Snorkeling

  • Jet ski tour

  • Cruise trip

  • Sunset sailing

  • Whale watching and swimming experience

  • Underwater scooter

  • Waterskiing or tubing

  • Sightseeing

  • Floating bar experience

  • Canoeing & kayaking

  • Hiking & Trekking

Trip highlights:

  • Explore luxurious resorts and waterfront beaches in Matira Point and enjoy upscale dining experience at Bloody Mary.

  • Pamper your partner in luxury of the private island-Piti Aau; and discover the amazing marine creatures on Bora Bora Lagoonarium, the small islet.

  • Explore the range of hiking trails on the Bora Bora’s tallest peak- Mount Otemanu and enjoy the Bora Bora Romantic Tour.

  • Spend your perfect romantic day on Keishi Tour Private Motu Picnic and Lagoon trip; and visit the very beautiful church with view of tallest mountain, the Parroquia De San Pedro Celestino.

  • Enjoy one more challenging hiking trail on the second tallest summit of Bora Bora Island-Mount Pahia; visit to the amazing Bora Bora Turtle Sanctuary and museum.

Trip at a Glance:

  • DAY 1: Welcome to Bora Bora Island: Matira Point and Bloody Mary.

  • DAY 2: Lodge in the private island: Piti Aau and enjoy Bora Bora Lagoonarium.

  • DAY 3: Enjoy Bora Bora Romantic Tour and hike in Mount Otemanu.

  • DAY 4: Spend your day on Private Motu Picnic and visit Parroquia De San Pedro Celestino.

  • DAY 5: Hike in Mount Pahia and visit Bora Bora Museum and Turtle Sanctuary.


Day 1: Welcome to Bora Bora Island:

Start your romantic journey in Bora Bora Island. Lodge in the most comfortable resorts chosen by the Bora Bora travel agents. Explore one of the most alluring place of Bora Bora Island- Matira Point. The Matira Point gives the most amazing itineraries for the honeymoon couples. Enjoy the amazing view of white sand beaches, try canoeing and kayaking in the clear waters of the island. Enjoy the spa and relax on the beaches of Matira Point. Take your meal in Bloody Mary’s restaurant. Enjoy the unique dinner experience in the amazing ambiance. Bloody Mary’s restaurant is oldest restaurant with great history. You spend your day one marvelously of Bora Bora tour.

Day 2: Explore Bora Bora Lagoonarium

The second destination of your Bora Bora tour is Piti Aau Island. Lodge in the private island of your Bora Bora tour. Enjoy the lonely beachside view with your partner. This is the dreamy part of your Bora Bora tour. Enjoy the most luxurious views and experience the life with relaxing day. Enjoy the watersports like scuba diving and jet ski tour and take 360-degree view of the island. Discover Bora Bora Lagoonarium, the marine creatures live in small islet. Try snorkeling between the marine creatures under the guidance of attendants of the lagoonarium. Bora Bora travel agents will provide a guided tour. Watch sharks, turtles and rays moving around in the lagooarium. And enjoy the night stay in the lagoonarium’s accommodation.

Day 3: Bora Bora Romantic Tour

Enjoy the third day of Bora Bora tour by exploring the hiking trails of Mount Otemanu. It is the tallest peak of the Bora Bora Island. Admire its green vegetation and the pointed peak. Hold your partners hand and climb up to the vertical cliffs of the mountain. Mount Otemanu is called as the crown of the Bora Bora Island. The next place to visit is Bora Bora Romantic Tour. Bora Bora travel agents will book a private champagne cruise for you. Enjoy the sunset with champagne and private dinner in the romantic cruise trip. Bora Bora Romantic Tour is the world’s best romantic tour.

Day 4: Private Motu Picnic

For another perfect romantic day, honeymoon couples are waiting for is Keishi Tour Private Motu Picnic and Lagoon Trip. It is another fun-filled place which will add countless memories to your honeymoon. Enjoy the fantastic circle island tour and activities including shark feeding and stingray feeding at the beautiful coarlreefs. Visit Parroquia De San Pedro Celestino church. This is the beautiful church with a mountain view and the interiors are fascinating. This is the interesting sight of the local culture of Bora Bora.

Day 5: Explore Bora Bora Museum & Turtle Sanctuary

Another hiking trail of Bora Bora tour is Mount Pahia, the second largest peak. Climb up on the steep jungle trail with spectacular views of resorts, over-water bungalows, and the beautiful lagoon. Hiking becomes romantic part of your honeymoon with your partner. The last picturesque place of your Bora Bora tour is Bora Bora Museum and Turtle Sanctuary. This is the unique turtle protection center. The center take care of the unique species of turtle like green turtle and hawksbill turtle. There is an underwater observatory for the tourist view and educational aquarium also. There is a coral nursery and a laboratory for the turtle also. The museum is dedicated to the ecosystem. The is the most visited place by the tourist.

Every good thing comes to end; so is your Bora Bora Honeymoon Trip. The countless memories and romantic moments will be with you for lifetime. After enjoying the luxury of the boutique island it’s time to go back to your home. Bora Bora travel agents will take you to the airport for your flight. Say goodbye to the most amazing trip.


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