Best 7 Days Bora Bora Vacation in 2019

If you are tired of all the city adventures and want a place where you can relax and still benefit from all the beautiful natural features that come with it then Bora Bora Island should be your next destination.  This beautiful Island has so much beauty to offer which will leave you asking yourself how possible it is for one place to be blessed with so much beauty so effortlessly. Apart from all the beautiful natural features which surround this erotic Island, you can also enjoy beautiful man-made architects like overwater bungalows, five-star hotels, restaurants and also the inland beauty of the island.  As small as this island is there's actually a lot more to do and see that you can see, with the help of our Bora Bora travel agents you can enjoy from the best Bora Bora vacation plan whenever you want.

A brief look at your Bora Bora vacation

Day 1: Arriving Bora Bora

Day 2: Start your Bora Bora tour by relaxing at the Matira beach

Day 3: Explore Otemanu

Day 4: Visit Bora Art Upstairs

Day 5: Go on an Aqua Safari

Day 6: Circle the Island on a bicycle

Day 7: Spend the whole day exploring the lagoon

Tour Description:

With a lot of activities to do in Bora Bora, your vacation will include a lot of adventures to capture most of the beauty which the Island Is known for until the very last day of your trip.  The vacation includes several activities which involve relaxation and exploring. The Island has a lot to offer and throughout your stay, we will be doing our best to get you to the best spots to please your satisfaction.


Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

Start Planning your trip

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at your Island paradise

As you arrive at your vacation destination you'll be welcomed at the airport and taken to a beautiful overwater bungalow where you'll spend your vacation until you go back. In this luxurious and comfortable bungalows, you get to experience leisure at its fullest peak with plush beds, incredible comfy furniture, bathtubs,  and bathrooms with a range of other complementary luxury amenities which can be found in these thatched huts. These bungalows are designed to make you as comfortable as possible with freshwater showers and loungers at your disposal. And to add to the final touch to the already impressive environment, breakfast is delivered to you by canoe.

Day 2: Get the best beach experience at Matira beach

After enjoying the comfort of your bungalow you start the next day with more relaxation at the beach. The beautiful Matira beach is a place you'll definitely want to lay your feet on while you lay down and let your eyesights feed on the beautiful scenarios around the beach. Matira beach is an ideal example to a south pacific beach, with all its features it is often present in the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  This beach is a perfect place for you to sit down and relax or swim as much as you want. You might even get the opportunity to make your way right to the barrier reefs when the water is very shallow in low tide periods.

Day 3: The exploration of Mount Otemanu begins

We kick-start the third day of your Bora Bora tour by exploring mount Otemanu which can be seen from any spot in the island. We begin by exploring the mountain from the base where you get to enjoy the full view of this gigantic beauty. It features black rock slopes and reaches an amazing height of about 2,385 feet which makes it a popular hiking destination for many. Unfortunately, the mountain can only be explored from the base and not too far from the base due to its volcanic rocks which are fragile and can't support the average weight of a human. Even with this, exploring the mountain from the base and climbing up a bit is worth everything as you can take amazing photos while at it too.

Day 4: Enjoy arts at Bora Art Upstairs

At Bora Art Upstairs you get to see beautiful artwork done by local artists which are inspired by the Polynesian culture. These artworks are done by ten local artists which mounts to more than 100 works of arts which are all created using different techniques and styles. This colorful gallery or exhibition is going to bring joy to your eyes as you get to know the stories behind these work of arts.

Day 5: Explore the Clearwater with an Aqua Safari

On day five we get up close and personal with marine live through an Aqua safari, a team which will guide you throughout your water exploration will pick you up at your villa. You will then be taken to the best spots where you can dive in the water with a helmet on and explore the beauty of the underwater world of Bora Bora. You will get to walk on the sandy bottom of the water where you'll be surrounded by a variety of beautifully colored fish,  sea plants and other marine animals.

Day 6: Circle the Island on a bicycle  

After exploring the aqua life of Bora Bora you can spend the sixth day of your Bora Bora tour by peddling your way through the island. You can pedal through Vaitape which is the main village of Bora Bora. While peddling around the island you'll be able to get a real sample of what it feels like to live on this island while hanging out with the locals. While peddling through Vaitape you can stop at the village to get a look at the Lagoonarium which is a natural aquarium in the Island. The sixth day is just a day for you to go around the Island and familiarise yourself with the locals and their activities.

Day 7: Spend your last day of touring Bora Bora in the lagoon

The lagoon of Bora Bora Island is no doubt the top attraction in the whole Island and that is where you get to spend your last day of exploring the beautiful Island. To have the full experience of the lagoon you'll have to exit the comfort and protective zone to get really close with friendly reef sharks and nurse sharks. These sharks will swim around you as you get closer to them, with a mixture of fear and excitement building up inside of you as this action takes place you can take a really cool photo to show your friends just how fearless you are. Apart from that, you can also feed stingrays in the shallow waters of the lagoons after you have left the sharks.  Isn't this the best way to end a Bora Bora tour?.

As you wake up one last time in your beautiful bungalow and enjoy your breakfast it is time for us to take you to the Bora Bora airport for you to return home and share all your outstanding experience.


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