Here are the Best Things To Do in this Paradise Land

One of the key aims of visiting this place is relaxing & rejuvenating! And, this small Island is a magical bundle offering you with different activities to make your trip a rejuvenating one. There are innumerable Bora Bora vacation packages that will provide you with the chance to take up various interesting activities here. There is something for every group of travelers here!! Check out this 6-days itinerary that will introduce you to the best activities in Bora Bora!!


Trip at a Glance

Day 1: Matira Beach

Day 2: 4x4 Excursions.

Day 3: Coral Gardens

Day 4: Boat Tours

Day 5: Stingray/Shark Feeding

Day 6: Departure Day


Trip Highlight

  • Matira Beach - Explore the largest beach in Bora Bora, which has got public access!

  • Taking a 4*4 Island Tour will surely enable you to discover the nook and crannies of the place. Don’t miss it!!

  • Coral Gardens - It looks gorgeous on this small islet, which you can reach directly from Marara Beach Resort, the Sofitel Bora Bora.


Best Things to do in Bora Bora

Visiting Matira Beach, 4x4 Excursions, Coral Gardens, Boat Tours, Shark/Stingray Feeding, Bora Bora Lagoonarium, Vaitape



Day 1: Matira Beach

This is the largest beach in Bora Bora, which has got public access! And, this beach is quite popular among travelers from flocking to this land from around the globe. Here, you will get to find the crystal-clear water that you surely have never experienced before. And, with the sand, downy and soft, there’s no doubt you are going to love this place. Planning to spend the complete day here is actually a prudent decision because there’s even no dearth of shops, resorts and different types of eat-outs. The beach is located at a distance of 5-miles from the Vaitape in the Southern direction.


Day 2: 4x4 Excursions

Taking a 4*4 Island Tour will surely enable you to discover the nook and crannies of the place. And, interestingly, you will also be discovering about the cultural and historical aspect of the place. There are a variety of Bora Bora vacation Tour packages that fascinate travelers from around the world. Be it an Indian Jones kind of adventure or a relaxing ride, here you can have access to tours that appeal to every genre of people. These kinds of Bora Bora vacation packages include wild safari jungle treks, Champagne tours, cultural island expeditions and much more. And, the guides with a 4*4 tour are indeed excellent; they would explain to you about every little detail of the history and culture of Bora Bora. Apart from that, you should not forget taking a camera along, because you are going to see a complete breathtaking scene.


Day 3: Coral Gardens

There is a fascinating small coral reef located on the Eastern side of the main Island. It looks gorgeous on this small islet, which you can reach directly from Marara Beach Resort, the Sofitel Bora Bora. Your personal guide will help you through snorkeling and swimming among the coral. Coral gardens are considered as a must visit place in Bora Bora. And, many past travelers suggest that you should be with the group when you are up for swimming and snorkeling. You can easily find the handful of tour operators in the vicinity of Bora Bora Lagoon around the Motu Island.


Day 4: Boat Tours

Bora Bora is a place that has a lot to offer for all kinds of travelers and especially those who are ]musch into boating. Be it glass-bottom boats, sailboats or speedboats, there is something unique and enthralling. A boat tour will be a perfect thing to explore the Bora Bora crystal-clear wonderful waters. It will relieve you from all the stress of snorkeling and swimming. And, most travelers recommend that exploring Bora Bora through a boat tour is a perfect idea. You can explore the breathtaking view of the island by sea. But, make sure that before starting off with your sea tour, you already have enough food packed, because once you are up on your tour, there is no way out.


Day 5: Stingray/Shark Feeding

You can easily spot here the rich wildlife inhabiting the region and that is credited to the crystal-clear waters of waters of Bora Bora. Many adventure Bora Bora Tour packages cover Stingray/Shark Feeding. And, availing their services here will mean that you would be getting enough time to have a close encounter with sharks and can feed them. There is also enough scope for those who are not comfortable feeding sharks and stingrays. They can very much enjoy watching colorful fishes and snorkeling the reefs.


Day 6: Departure Day

This would be your last day of the trip to Bora Bora! You are left with just a few hours and there are a lot of things to do, but definitely, you cannot plan them all on this trip. Keep in mind plan 2 to do all that has been left. Today you can just devote your time to explore the largest city of Bora Bora, Vaitape. After exploring the roads and city life you can take your flight back home from the Bora airport which is just 6.9 km from the city. Enjoy this 6-days Bora Bora vacation package.


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