Enjoy the Romantic Gateway to Tahiti With 7-Days Bora Bora Itinerary

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Nov 13,2018

Runaway to heaven for experience or unwinding, fervor or revival amid your sentimental 7-day excursion to Bora Bora. Your escape together to the pure miracles of French Polynesia will start with your landing in Bora Bora Air terminal, and your private exchange will welcome you both at baggage carousel to escort you over the tidal pond by pontoon to achieve your inn that is arranged on a private islet. Unwind in the solaces of your overwater cabin with the rest of the day at your relaxation, and after that at night, participate in a supper demonstrate that will acquaint you with the conventional development of Tamure move.

Bora Bora Trip Package to Tahiti Highlights:

  • Learn about the qualities of genuine Polynesian pearls as you investigate a family-claimed pearl cultivate
  • Swim with stingrays and the blacktip reef sharks in the completely clear waters of Bora Bora's segregated tidal pond
  • Discover petroglyphs that enhance the old sanctuary stones once used to pay tribute to the network's guides over the Pacific
  • Delight in the lively shades of tropical fish and the staggering coral amid a swimming journey to see coral gardens that periphery a disconnected islet
  • Savor the awesome kinds of French Polynesia with a private cooking class that will offer knowledge into the social history and particular tastes of the food
  • Bask in the private display of the turquoise tidal pond and basalt pinnacle of Mount Otemanu while taking off over the water on a parasailing trip
  • Indulge in the advantage of an overwater home and rich hotel in the untainted island setting of Bora Bora


Bora Bora Trip to Tahiti Itinerary at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Touch base in the Appeal and Excellence of Sumptuous Bora Bora
  • Day 2: Connect with the Marine Existence of Bora Bora with a Coral Patio nurseries Visit
  • Day 3: Appreciate the Dynamic Life on Bora Bora with multi Day at your Recreation
  • Day 4: Investigate the Tidal pond on a Private Shark and Beam Pontoon Safari
  • Day 5: Adventure into the Core of Bora Bora with a 4x4 Jeep Endeavor
  • Day 6: Savor the experience of the Solaces of Bora Bora at your Favored Pace
  • Day 7: Withdraw for Home

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Touch base in the Appeal and Excellence of Extravagant Bora Bora

Your flight will plummet into Bora Bora Airplane terminal and offer a striking first perspective of the taking off basalt pinnacle of Mount Otemanu. Your private exchange will welcome you both upon your entry and escort you over the sparkling waters of the tidal pond to the hair-raising extravagances of your retreat situated on a private islet that disregards the shores of Bora Bora. The emotional pinnacle of Mount Otemanu lingers over the core of the island as a foundation to your overwater lodge.


Day 2: Draw in with the Marine Existence of Bora Bora with a Coral Patio nurseries Visit

You will wake to the hints of the water sprinkling against the wooden posts of your overwater cabin as the tidal pond laps against the white sands of the hotel's private shorelines. At breakfast, the fragrance of banana will radiate from the lounge area. The exuberant shades of winged serpent leafy foods highlight the thin and soft surface of the hot cake. After the feast, your guide will welcome you on the hotel dock prepared to escort you over the tidal pond to locate the noteworthy coral greenhouses.


Day 3: Appreciate the Dynamic Life on Bora Bora with multi Day at your Relaxation

In the first part of the day, you can wake up gradually as the invigorating ocean breeze will float through your open window as a school of angelfish crossing underneath the glass floorboard at the core of your overwater cottage. At breakfast, the fragrance of enthusiasm natural product will emphasize the rich smell of espresso prepared to utilize beans developed from the French Polynesian islands. The day will be yours to grasp the excellence and the appeal of Bora Bora at your relaxation, enabling you two to unwind on the hot white sands of the hotel, relax in the private waters of your dive pool or have a bold undertaking into the Valley of the Lords on a fortifying climb.


Day 4: Investigate the Tidal pond on a Private Shark and Beam Watercraft Safari

You can dive into the water and will feel relieving underneath the warmth of the tropical sun. The light penetrates the shallows and offers enormous permeability as you can contact your feet to the ocean bottom and still have your head above water. The manta beams twirl over the sands with wingspans coming to as wide as 23 feet. The beams adventure near the pontoon as your guide tosses feed into the water. You can show signs of improvement take a gander at their gills and the mouth situated on the base of your level bodies as they point upwards towards the surface of the tidal pond.


Day 5: Adventure into the Core of Bora Bora with a 4x4 Jeep Campaign

At breakfast, you will wake to the tasty fragrance of banana flapjacks for a brilliant beginning to the day for you both. As you are prepared, you can wander together by the shores of Bora Bora to meet your guide and board your outdoors 4x4 jeep. The undertaking will take you to the core of Bora Bora looking for a peaceful view and energetic history, and you will leave the fundamental street that circles the island to drive on the unpaved trails that confound the rainforest. The overhang shades the orchids that flourish in the tropical warmth and pervasive dampness. Frangipanis emanate rich pink and extravagant white hues on their waxy petals, and their sweet scent fills the demeanor of the rainforest. You will achieve a ridge that offers an amazing perspective of the indigo and turquoise water that controls your eyes to the delegated pinnacle of Mount Otemanu along Faanui Sound and require significant investment together to appreciate everything.


Day 6: Savor the experience of the Solaces of Bora Bora at your Favored Pace

The day is yours together to enjoy the brilliant qualities of Bora Bora at your favored pace, regardless of whether it be by figuring out how to kitesurf or by getting a charge out of a restful bicycle ride around the island street. In any case, before that, you can take in the kinds of Polynesian food and find out about the impact of the French culture over a century. Advance into the business kitchen of the retreat to meet your private cooking teacher anxious to show you dishes that burst with innovation and the blend of territorial flavors. Your teacher will welcome you with some espresso produced using beans sourced from Raiatea, the neighboring island. You will discover indications of caramel and chocolate in the celestial smell, and after that appreciate finding out about the history and culture of Polynesian cooking, concentrated on the flavorful organic products, blossoms, and marine life around the island.


Day 7: Withdraw for Home

At breakfast, you will review the dynamic flavors you found in your private cooking class the earlier day, alongside the celebratory atmosphere the eatery on the shores of the principal island over supper. After one last comfortable breakfast, your private exchange will take you both by pontoon to Bora Bora Air terminal. As your plane takes off, you can appreciate one more display of the charming tropical heaven of the island before arriving home.

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