Meditate in the Serenity of Bora Bora in this 7-Days Bora Bora Itinerary

The hints of quietness and a parity of exercises will convey solace and extravagance to your 7-day yoga trip itinerary in Bora Bora. Develop your thankfulness and comprehension of the diverse kinds of yoga while unwinding in the common wonder of a genuine tropical heaven. Keep your heart open to new encounters and unprecedented open doors as you swim with manta beams and sharks, find antiquated sanctuary remains, and relish your alleviating spa medications in the midst of the quiet hints of a segregated tidal pond. Focus your body and psyche with therapeutic practices, remain appreciative, and say Namaste to a wonderful yoga-focused excursion in Bora Bora.

 Bora Bora Meditation Package Highlights:

  • Practice your equalization amid a private oar board exercise to take in the elating and loosening up the game on the quiet waters of the tidal pond
  • Traverse the rainforest landscape looking for brilliant blooms, lively tropical natural products, and the cemetery of antiquated chieftains in the Valley of the Lords
  • Plunge into the crystalline waters of the tidal pond on a swimming safari to swim among coral greenery enclosures, intriguing fish, manta beams, and blacktip reef sharks
  • Visit a family-claimed pearl cultivate and find out about the history, culture, and business that encompasses the sparkling valuable stones
  • Enjoy a loosening up involvement with your resort's spa to complement the therapeutic properties of your yoga classes
  • Relish your ideal parity of yoga and experience, unwinding and comfort while at your extravagance resort with notable overwater homes
  • Embrace various yoga encounters with a variety of classes that will concentrate on various methods to present new examples of breathing and stance


7-Days Bora Bora Itinerary at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Landing in Bora Bora for therapeutic Yoga and Contemplation Session enduring Seven days
  • Day 2: Relish Two Yoga Classes and a Snorkel Safari on the Tidal pond
  • Day 3: Investigate on a 4x4 Jeep Safari between Two Various Yoga Classes
  • Day 4: Figure out how to Oar Board and Parasail in the wake of Morning Yoga Exercises
  • Day 5: Contact the Wilderness on a Post-Yoga Climb in the Valley of the Lords
  • Day 6: Unwind with a Spa Treatment to Highlight your Yoga Practice
  • Day 7: Withdraw from Bora Bora

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Bora Bora for remedial Yoga and Reflection Session enduring Seven days 

Your flight will arrive at Bora Bora Airplane terminal where your private exchange will welcome you upon your landing. Journey over the perfectly clear waters of the tidal pond while saddling to the extravagances of your resort, and after that sink into the solaces of you overwater lodge to discover the impeccableness of the characteristic scene gazing back at you from your private deck. You will locate a flawless glass floorboard that will offer a view to the exquisite tidal pond underneath your home as schools of bright fish surge past. You will meet your educator in an outdoors studio that ignores the ivory white sands of the island's shoreline and the silver-streaked pinnacle of Mount Otemanu. 


Day 2: Relish Two Yoga Classes and a Snorkel Safari on the Tidal pond 

The morning light will extend over the island and bring a recharged freshness that exudes from the blooming hibiscus and colourful natural products, for example, coconut, lychee, and guava. The sound of the water brushing without wanting to welcome you as you venture out of bed, and you will have an early Vinyasa stream to help restore your soul in the wake of going from abroad. You will come back to the studio to discover a perspective of the daylight shining over the turquoise tidal pond as the inconspicuous fragrance of the ocean floats through the studio with the breeze. Your body will rapidly participate in the basic developments and rapidly responds to your board position as you move to Chaturanga into Upward-Confronting Pooch, progressing easily into the following posture.

After class, you will enjoy the sweet and crisp kinds of energy leafy foods at breakfast. After your feast, you will venture on board a conventional outrigger kayak to investigate the privileged insights Bora Bora's commended tidal pond. 


Day 3: Investigate on a 4x4 Jeep Safari between Two Different Yoga Classes 

You will breathe in with the lively fragrances of tropical natural products radiating from around the island that mix passionfruit and mango with maturing, sweet avocados. Your teacher will change bearings with your morning yoga class, rehearsing the controlled breathing methods and activities of Pranayama. You will spend a minute tuning in to the sound of your breath against the setting of the water lapping against the shoreline. You will hold the air in your lungs and tally the prior seconds discharging to locate the most agreeable time allotment and procedure for you. After a morning meal emphasized by the wanton fragrance of new espresso, your guide will meet you on the shores of the primary island to venture into an outdoors 4x4 jeep that will offer dazzling perspectives to the encompassing landscape. 


Day 4: Figure out how to Oar Board and Parasail in the wake of Morning Yoga Exercises 

You centre around your breathing amid morning yoga again as you come back to the thorough pace of Vinyasa stream. You will mean to coast into every development while encompassed by the excellence of Bora Bora. At breakfast, you will savour the experience of the aroma and kind of banana flapjacks joined by the delightful espresso produced using beans developed on around French Polynesia. When you are prepared, you can take to the water for a private oar board exercise, and your educator will clarify how your yoga practice will help your comprehension of oar boarding dependent on the standard of equalization. 


Day 5: Contact the Wilderness on a Post-Yoga Climb in the Valley of the Lords 

Start your day with a Hatha class, and your educator will have you hold each posture for various breaths. Your muscles will shake as you move into Warrior Three, floating over the floor at a 90-degree edge with one leg off the floor. You will feel invigorated and anxious to wander out onto the island after your exercise, and your muscles are wakeful as the fragrant aroma of coconut attracts you away to the shores. You will meet your guide at the edge of the woods prepared to trek the territory to achieve the Valley of the Lords, the recorded graveyard of the previous chieftains of the island. 


Day 6: Unwind with a Spa Treatment to Emphasize your Yoga Practice 

Your teacher will focus on adjusting your body and of your brain as your morning class will present the art of Yin Yoga. You will hold each model for quite a long time at any given moment trying to reestablish length and versatility by focusing on your muscles profoundly. You will utilize the developments like contemplation as you sink into each posture for its remedial power in the mix with development and breath. You will concentrate on invigorating your body and psyche after the class closes with the solaces and mitigating vibe of a spa treatment at your resort. The fragrance of coconut floats through the air, and you can feel any waiting pressure in your legs from holding dragonfly present vanish. 


Day 7: Leave from Bora Bora 

After breakfast, your private exchange will meet you in your lodging entryway and escort you over the tidal pond to Bora Bora Air terminal to finish up your yoga withdraw in the heaven of Bora Bora.

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