Relish A Perfect Destination Wedding With 7-Days Bora Bora Itinerary

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Nov 05,2018

Your 7-day Bora itinerary offers the possibility for a fantasy wedding in tropical nirvana. Give your tresses a chance to wash away in the invigorating waters of the South Pacific Ocean. Enjoy the delights of an extravagance resort, including a famous overwater home suite. Love these exceptional minutes as a team, from segregated nightfall to enchanting picnics, daring swimming journeys to a beautiful private breakfast. Toast as a team with a dusk voyage and get a kick out of an excursion lunch on a remote islet. Enjoy overwater cottages and mitigating couple's spa medications. Wear leis and flower crowns, bound your hands with tied leaves, and make the moves to marriage while in life-changing Bora. 

Bora Bora Wedding Package Highlights: 

  • Embrace the delights of a private evening outing with new made fish and scrumptious cakes on the sands of a separated islet
  • Bask in the normal wonder of a tropical dusk amid a nightfall journey around Bora's well known tidal pond
  • Capture the glad snapshots of your time cruising around Bora with a private expert photograph shoot remembering your time on the island
  • Enjoy the peaceful appeal of breakfast on your private deck, brought by a customary outrigger kayak, offering cherished perspectives of the mountains
  • Rejoice as a lovebird with an unwinding and restoring couple's spa day
  • Indulge your bold side, swimming with blacktip reef sharks and monster manta beams
  • Celebrate the ideal wedding function and gathering while at the same time appreciating the ravishing view of an unspoiled tropical heaven 

Bora Bora Vacation Package Itinerary at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Entry in Tropical Heaven of Bora with a Private Visit
  • Day 2: Appreciate a Parasailing Trip, Shoreline Cookout, and Nightfall Voyage
  • Day 3: Investigate the Grandness of Bora on a Guided 4x4 Jeep Safari
  • Day 4: Relish a Private Tidal pond Visit and an Expert Photograph Shoot
  • Day 5: Praise your Big Day with a Service and Gathering
  • Day 6: Savor the experience of a Disconnected Breakfast and Relieving Couple's Spa Day
  • Day 7: Departure for Home

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Tropical Heaven of Bora with a Private Visit 

Your flight lands at Bora Airplane terminal. Your private exchange welcomes you upon your landing and escorts you over the tidal pond to the solaces of your extravagance resort. You enter the shop to meet your guide, who is anxious to instruct you about the complexities of the pearl showcase, including what makes the pearl sparkle so splendidly. You proceed onto the water to visit the homestead. Expansive ropes about 20 feet long contain various dangling links supporting up to six extensive shellfish. A decent clam can keep on forming a pearl for over seven years. You can bounce into the warm, welcoming water of the South Pacific to see the shellfish dangling from the ropes previously coming back to the shop with a choice. Your guide demonstrates to you generally accepted methods to remove the pearl without hurting the shellfish, finding a flawless green pearl glimmering in the island light. 


Day 2: Appreciate a Parasailing Trip, Shoreline Outing, and Dusk Journey 

Early in the day, you relax in the separated excellence of your overwater lodge, enjoying enthusiasm products of the soil beautifying breakfast with energetic flavours and exquisite hues. After the dinner, you board a speedboat on the resort's private dock to start your parasailing journey. Appreciate a novel couple's display while anchored into the outfit. The parasail gets the breeze and you climb gradually into the air. The island bit by bit turns out to be quieter as you coast up to 30 feet high. You have a cosy perspective of the tough pinnacles and shimmering waters. You can see blueprints of the sporadic reef frameworks in the tidal pond and along the South Pacific Ocean. 


Day 3: Investigate the Greatness of Bora on a Guided 4x4 Jeep Safari

At breakfast, you lounge in the delectable aroma of crisp coconut drain. The smell of frangipani and hibiscus emphasize the fragrant naturally fermented espresso. After the feast, you dare to Vaitape to meet your guide for a private visit finding the core of the island. Mix the rough unpaved streets of the rainforest with trekking through the Valley of the Rulers looking for verdure, fauna, and old island history. The aroma of mango and avocado floats from the trees close to the towns. Orchids dangle their petals in the shade of transcending trees. You find unpretentious, sporadic insights of jasmine conveyed in the cool wind.


Day 4: Relish a Private Tidal pond Visit and an Expert Photograph Shoot

After breakfast, you board a pontoon to investigate the praised swimming goals around the tidal pond, mixing bordering and obstruction reefs for a life-changing submerged understanding. The coral greenhouses bloom with pastel shades curving like hills out of the ocean bottom. Sporadic branches connect from the group of coral-like trees. You hop into the water for a dynamite perspective of the lively common reef enriched with bottomless schools of fish.


Day 5: Praise your Big Day with a Function and Gathering

The Tahua, a Tahitian minister, plays out the function brightened in conventional ensemble gleaming with red. You remain as a team around made of palm fronds and bolstered by bamboo staffs. The circle speaks to the start of your home together. Your Tahua ties your hands together with leaves and pours cool, unadulterated water from the tidal pond over your fingers as a gift, washing your past sins away. The lie speaks to the solid hover of your dedication and commitment with the individual blossoms epitomizing the wonderful, suggest snapshots of life. You trade the pledges and the rings previously the Tahua offers you Polynesian names to round out the service. You kiss while wrapped inside a customary handcrafted cover and walk as one to an outrigger kayak for your first adventure together as a wedded couple.


Day 6: Have a great time a Disconnected Breakfast and Mitigating Couple's Spa Day

As the staff sets up the dinner on your deck, you board the outrigger kayak for a morning, couple's ride over the water. The ukulele supplements the serene voyage over the perfectly clear tidal pond. You spot angelfish and sergeant majors swimming beneath. You wear another lei giving a fragrant sweetness among the enhancing hibiscus on the pontoon. You come back to your cabin for a stunning dinner with a private perspective of the mountains. The delectable fragrance of coconut overwhelms the flower smells. You share in the succulent pineapple and delicate sweetness of the lychee. You move at a casual pace for the duration of the day, delighting in the excellence of the island and the newly discovered solace of your lovebird life.


Day 7: Leave for Home

Air terminal at Vaitape when you are prepared. You check in for the flight home, anxious to praise your recently married life past tropical heaven. 

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