Attend to the Calls of the Himalayan Beauty in Bhutan with Cheap 7-Day Trip to Bhutan

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Oct 16,2018

Visiting Bhutan has always been on the bucket list for everybody given its magnificence and serenity it has been serving to its visitors. The illustrious culture, the Buddhist religious tolls and the fragrances of the cooking styles emerging from the hosts make everybody ponder about the emotions Bhutan joins inside itself. Visiting Bhutan won't just give the simple best of nature yet, in addition, will destroy you into the regularly rising mysticism in the slopes. The nation has for some time been home to the absolute most established practices of Buddhism and the religious communities and sanctuaries here are the evidence to that. In such manner, Bhutan gives its guests all that they come searching for.

Bhutan Tour Package Highlights:

  • Visiting the serene setting of Bhutan’s Capital Thimpu
  • Knowing the heritage and culture and history of the city filled with indigenous culture and heritage.
  • Checking out the sanctuary of the Divine Madman who is considered to have a great place in the architectural history of Bhutan.
  • Visiting the King’s palace at Khumjung Yuely Namgyel Sanctuary and then to the Punakha Dzong.


Bhutan Itinerary at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Landing in Paro and after that transfer to Thimpu
  • Day 2: Visiting the indigenous and Historical sites and locales in Thimpu
  • Day 3: Assisted Transfer to Punakha and visit the Sanctuary of the Divine Madman
  • Day 4: Transfer from Khamsung Yuely Namgyel sanctuary to Punakha Dzong
  • Day 5: Assisted Transfer to Paro and Visit to Bhutan's National Exhibition hall, the Paro Dzong, and Drukgyel Dzong
  • Day 6: Visit Kyichu Lhakhang to the Paro Dzong Dzongdraka Goemba
  • Day 7: Takeoff from Paro.

Tour Price

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Paro and after that exchange to Thimpu

On this day, the visitors will touch base at the Paro Global Air terminal through the Druk Air. You will either be required to Kolkata or Bangkok or Beijing to get into Bhutan as for the most part there are no non-stop flights from America and European goals. The visitors will then be exchanged to Thimpu by private exchange just orchestrated by your movement operators. At Thimpu, you can get multi day's rest. Yet, do attempt and appreciate the exchange from Paro to Thimpu as they will, in general, be extremely sentimental and energizing.


Day 2: Visiting Recorded locales in Thimpu

On the second day, your movement guide will take you out to visit the recorded locales of Thimpu as there are loads of them in fact. The city is tranquil and there are still just a couple of roads, no movement lights, and none of the activity issues basic to other Asian state houses. Thimphu is a city preferably investigated by walking, and our walk today takes us between its many fascinating sights. Before the day is through, we may visit the recently assembled material exhibition hall, the Thimphu Dzong (seat of the legislature and primary priest body), the School of Conventional Expressions and Artworks, the Legacy Gallery, and the Handiworks Emporium, showing the rich customary specialties of the kingdom. En route we stop at a neighborhood eatery for lunch before proceeding with our stroll through the city and coming back to our inn late evening.


Day 3: Exchange to Punakha and visit the Sanctuary of the Awesome Maniac

On the third day, there will be a helped exchange to the authentic magnum opus town of Punakha which additionally has a ton of otherworldly destinations for its visitors. The way to Punakha crosses the Dochula Pass (10,230 ft), offering an extraordinary perspective of the eastern Himalayan mountains. From the pass, our street dives through brilliant pine and rhododendron timberlands and meanders through a portion of Bhutan's most beautiful wide open. The atmosphere here rolls out a sensational improvement from snow-capped to semi-tropical, where prickly plants, banana trees, and orange forests flourish. Stop at Ring Lhakhang which is a sanctuary devoted to the Lama Drukpa Kunley who is one of Bhutan's most loved holy people and is normally known as the 'Divine Crazy person'. He went all through Bhutan and Tibet utilizing tunes, humor and absurd conduct to sensationalize his lessons, trusting that the solidness of the church and social traditions were shielding individuals from taking in the genuine Buddhist lessons.


Day 4: Khamsung Yuely Namgyel sanctuary to Punakha Dzong

Today a drive through the Punakha Valley brings us to where we start our stroll by first climbing a progression of bends to the Namgyel Khamsum Yuely Sanctuary. From the perspective at this cutting-edge sanctuary, we are managed fabulous perspectives of the Mo Chu Waterway Valley underneath. We plunge from the sanctuary and pursue a well-worn way out the valley through rice fields and little towns. En route we are compensated with shocking perspectives, the terraced rice paddies giving an intriguing scenery to the waterway underneath. Subsequent to getting a charge out of an excursion lunch close by the stream, we proceed with our stroll to the Punakha Dzong. Developed in 1637, the Punakha Dzong was the second of Bhutan's dzongs and for a long time it filled in as the seat of the legislature. Today it is the home to Bhutan's otherworldly pioneer, the main abbot Je Khempo, who dwells here with 1,000 priests amid the winter a long time because of Punakha's moderately low height by Himalayan benchmarks (4,000 feet). From this staggering dzong, we can think back to see the Namgyel Khamsum Yuely Sanctuary roosted on the slope far out yonder.


Day 5: Exchange to Paro and Visit to Bhutan's National Exhibition hall, the Paro Dzong, and Drukgyel Dzong

At the beginning of today, we drive to Paro, where we will visit the National Exhibition hall, housed in the round multi-storied Ta Dzong, worked in 1775. The Ta Dzong was at one time the watchtower for the enormous Paro Dzong, worked in the seventeenth century by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. The historical center's accumulation incorporates antiquated curios, weapons, a gathering of antique thangkha (painted or weaved religious pictures), materials, and stamps. We stroll from the historical center to the Paro Dzong, the religious and mainstream focal point of Paro, and absolutely the most predominant element in the valley. The dzong was first imagined in the fifteenth century, lastly blessed in 1646.


Day 6: Kyichu Lhakhang to the Paro Dzong; Dzongdraka Goemba

A short drive through town at that point takes us to Kyichu Lhakhang. Kyichu Lhakhang, signifying "twin sanctuaries," is accepted to have been worked in 659 Promotion by Lord Songtsen of Tibet, and mirrors the acquaintance of Buddhism with Bhutan. The sanctuary is one of 108 that were worked all through the Himalayas in a single day with an end goal to stifle a strong ogress; it is still accepted to hold her left foot set up today. From here a simple walk drives us through Paro farmland and to cultivate fields of rice, mustard, buckwheat, eggplant, and, obviously, chilies. We cross the Paro Stream on our way to the valley's glorious Rinpung Dzong. On the off chance that we are lucky we may get the chance to investigate inside the dzong's forceful dividers; be that as it may, if the Regulatory Body is in session, we should appreciate all things considered.


Day 7: Takeoff from Paro

Today is the last day of the tour and you will be transferred from the Paro International Airport to your connected location or further assorted trips by the trip manager.

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