Enjoy Pristine Nature and Wildlife Tour Of Belize With This Latin America Tourist Attractions Guide

Originally called as British Honduras, the world of Belize has so much to offer when it comes to the travelers who are an adventurous naturalist. With its idyllic islands, long barrier reef, unspoiled rainforests, friendly locals, stable democratic government and ideal conservation approach towards its natural and ancient Maya heritage, Belize has always been an oasis of peace in Central America which was once a volatile region. With approximately 40% of its land classified as protected, the Belize forests provide support and shelter to a broad variety of wildlife, also including five species of cat family– ocelot, margay, puma, jaguarundi, and jaguar. The bird life is also quite abundant in Belize with more than 500 species recorded. Here is a guide for you to help find out the best Latin America tourist attractions…

A Brief Look at the Belize Tour

(Day 1-2): Exploring Chan Chich

(Day 3): Adventure at Punta Gorda – Biking, Hiking, and a Sunset Cruise

(Day4): Maya encounters at Punta Gorda

(Day 5): Experiencing the beach life at the Ambergris Caye

(Day 6): Back to Belize City – Departure


Places To Visit

Chan Chich, Punta Gorda, Ambergris Caye



Day 1: Exploring Chan Chich

As your international flight land in the city of Belize, you’ll meet your local guide and will be transferred to a domestic charter flight and fly into the interior and across the rainforest canopy to Gallon Jug Reserve, which is a very reserve area. This reserve embodies the wildlife world of Central America. You’ll witness large cats roaming freely here, rare species of birdlife thriving, while monkeys providing a sunset lullaby. Settle down into a luxury lodge here and enjoy the feeling of being engulfed by the majesty of nature. This afternoon you’ll get a chance to head out for a wildlife walk and discover everything that is there in the reserve to offer.

Day 2: More exploration of Chan Chich

Today, you are going to receive a much better understanding of the wildlife world. Begin your day in a canoe, heading towards life along the banks. Spot the monkey troops and prints of large land mammals as you pass. Effortlessly and silently, the canoe safari gets you extremely close to live along the banks of the river. After this canoe ride, you will continue your safari on foot, looking for the incredibly varied species of bird in the reserves. This safari will let you get immersed entirely in the rainforest, making you feel the adventure at its best.

Day 3: Adventure at Punta Gorda – Biking, Hiking, and a Sunset Cruise

Today, you’ll fly from the West to the Southern Belize, where the boundary between the reef and rainforest is marked by Punta Gorda. Stay amidst nature and enjoy the best upscale jungle lodges of Latin America. You’ll be able to feel the world of wilderness, wildlife, and landscape. You can have the experience of mountain biking for the afternoon, while for the evening, set out on a sunset cruise. Now, all you need to do on the cruise is just sit back and enjoy the nature’s show at its best.  

Day4: Maya encounters at Punta Gorda

In today’s tour, you will experience three contrasting impressions of the Maya culture. Start with the ruins of Lubaantun which is the oldest. It provides an insight into the ornamental design and architecture. Next, venture through the new as you have lunch with a Maya family in the Blue Creek village. Now as you hike through the jungle, explore the mystique of Hokeb Ha Cave. This is a ceremonial site where the Rain God inhabits.

Day 5: – Experiencing the beach life at the Ambergris Caye

As you take a short flight over the pristine blue waters, you’ll land on the Ambergris Caye. This island is the largest and the best known in entire Belize. After spending almost a week in the very remote part of the world, you will finally get the opportunity to visit the bar-life and amazing restaurants of San Pedro. Walk across the quiet beaches, snorkel from the shore or take a swim. You will soon witness how Belize can offer the charm of Caribbean beach without the presence of over-developed and high-rise resorts.

Day 6: Back to Belize City – Departure

Finally, you’ll fly back to the Belize City, and will be assisted towards your homebound departure.



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