6-Day Tour of Bali: Experience The Best of its Attractions

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jun 12,2019

From the historical monuments to majestic temples and thrilling adventure spots, the tourist highlights in Bali are spread across eight regencies. This guide of tourist attractions in Bali will help you uncover the must not miss experiences of this beautiful Island like a native Balinese. So, are you excited to explore the country like a true local? Then check out this compilation of some of the best places to visit in Bali.   


This Bali tour guide takes you straight to the famous landscapes and cultural treasures hidden in the magical island of Bali. There are innumerable historical sites, temples and spots of natural beauty found here. If you are someone who is planning to visit this island paradise any time soon, then knowing about some of the best places to explore beforehand will certainly help you a long way. The list below will get you to discover the best of this gorgeous island in no time.

Tour Highlights:

  • Experience beautiful golden sands and surfable waves at the picturesque Balangan beach and enjoy breathtaking views here.

  • Have a close to nature experience at Gitgit waterfall and enjoy some solitude and peace as well.

  • Participate in the ritual bath in the holy Pakerisan river at Tirta Empul and admire the rich temple carvings as well.

  • Visit Ayung river to experience some adventure and thrill.

  • Witness 1000 birds along with a massive 250 species of reptiles at Bali Bird and Reptile Park and also do some souvenir shopping here.

  • Experience the best hospitality chains at the Poppies Lane which is one of the few amazing and enlivening places to visit in Bali.

Tour At A Glance:

Day 1: Balangan Beach

Day 2: Gitgit Waterfall

Day 3: Tirta Empul

Day 4: Ayung River Rafting

Day 5: Bali Bird and Reptile Park

Day 6: Poppies Lane 

Tour Price

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Balangan Beach

Located around 20 km to the south of Kuta, this beach is a scenic one which is famous for its ravishing golden sands and also its surfable waves as well.  The place draws surfers from all over the globe, especially to the hill from where the beach sink, as if offers some astonishingly sweeping views. The stunning beach itself inlined with warungs serving refreshments. This is a perfect place for surfers who are looking forward to test themselves. Know that the beach lack lifeguards which makes it a little unsafe. Its glistening white sandy landscape contradicts with the shimmering blue water of the ocean. Plan a visit to this place during sunset so as to witness something magical.     

Day 2: Gitgit Waterfall

Located about 10 km from Singaraja, the Gitgit waterfalls are also known widely as Air Tejung Gitgit and offer a rejuvenating experience for the visitors. In order to reach the 40-meter waterfall, you will have to travel along a wooden walkway which extends into a rocky pool. Take a dip into that cool pond and proceed further to the nearby Mekalongan waterfall. This is an amazing place to relax and get closer to nature. The water over at the waterfall splits into two different streams which give the waterfall its another name - Twin Falls or Air Terjun Kembar Gitgit. It’s an amazing place for the ones who seek some solitude and peace. The cold water falling, combined with the lush scenery makes for an ideal spot.        

Day 3: Tirta Empul

Established during the Warmadewa dynasty’s Reign, in the year 962 AD, the Tirta Empul is also known as the Holy water Temple is a legacy of a fable of the victory of good over evil. It houses a mountain spring which is considered holy and the spring feeds into the Pakerisan river. This holy place is esteemed for its ability of ritual purification by the devotees. Tourists can look at the temple carvings but can’t take part in the ritual bath. Here, look out for a 10th-century charming structure, dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple is split into three sections known as the Madya mandala or the middle section, the Nista Mandala or the outer section, and the Utama Mandala. The rich carvings as well as the lore of this place makes it a place not to be missed.  

Day 4: Ayung River Rafting

Rafting is actually a very famous sport in Bali, however white water rafting increases the level of difficulty and along with it, the thrill of it as well. If you wish to experience some adventure, Ayung river is the spot to visit which is the largest river in Bali and is located in Ubud. A raft boat will take you over 10 km of adventure and thrill. It is appropriate for all kinds of the rafter, from beginners to full families as there happens to be a professional trainer to guide visitors and help them navigate the distance full of 2 meter to 3 meter long rapids successfully. Several safety standards are put in place so as to make the experience of Ayung river a memorable one.    

Day 5: Bali Bird and Reptile Park

The Bali Bird and Reptile Park is a fun place for kids, adults, as well as full families who love animals. The park houses about 1000 birds along with a massive 250 species of reptiles. It’s an ideal place to visit for all nature lovers and for those who wish to do something unique as well as enjoy being in a surrounding with animals. Make sure to carry your camera for the trip as the brightly colored toucans are ideal to fill up your memory space. There is also a dining facility along with a shopping place there from where you can purchase some souvenirs.     

Day 6: Poppies Lane

It is quite a famous shortcut road in Bali as it cuts down much of the distance for cars, taxis, scooters, surfboard and more. There is the Poppies Lane 1 as well as poppies lane 2, both of which come with remarkable hotels, boutique resorts, surf shops and restaurants. In Lane 2, there’s famous restaurants and art shops. The poppies lane is one of the few amazing and enlivening places to visit in Bali which gives tourists the choice of the best hospitality chains.

Bali is a stunning destination to visit because of the absolute variety of places to visit it offers to its visitors. From temples and beaches to museums and mountains, there is just everything here for the traveler. Furthermore, all of it combined with the unique and delicious cuisine of the place makes it the more appealing.

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