Experience A Mystical 5-Day Tour of Bali

Bali is one of the most vivid and well-known tourist islands in the entire Indonesian archipelago. A Bali tour is sure to spark your senses. As soon as you reach this beautiful island, the exhilarating fragrance of clove and incense floats in the thick tropical air. Traditional gamelan music chime against the humming of mopeds, petal-strewn offerings glow on busy sidewalks, and peanuts blaze at roadside stalls.


In spite of the chaos and clamor of the major tourist areas, Bali is rich in natural beauty, having attractions for every kind of traveler. Hikers can trek the jungle volcanic peaks and up to murky waterfalls, surfers come for the fabled swells, and cyclists can drive through lush landscapes swarming with traditional villages and rice terraces. The rich art scene of the island is another major attraction, and if in case you are looking for relaxation, then the spa treatments and the shopping in Bali are fabulous as well as affordable options for you. Spirituality adds just another layer to the charm of Bali, and witnessing the impressive temples and sacred Hindu ceremonies are some of the top things to do here. The famous film and book, Eat, Pray, Love highlighted Bali and increased the number of tourists, however If you are someone who stray off the beaten track, then you can still experience old Bali.  

Tour Highlights:

  • Hike up the 1,700-meter summit of Mount Batur to see the sun rising above the lush mosaic of mist-covered mountains and the caldera far below.

  • Visit one of the most iconic temples of Bali, Pura Tanah Lot and witness its splendid seaside setting on a rocky islet surrounded by crashing waves.

  • A must-see for photographers and animal lovers, Ubud Monkey Forest is one of the top attractions in the town.

  • Enjoy amazing water slides and rides at Waterbom Bali.

Tour At A Glance:

Day 1: Mount Batur

Day 2: Pura Tanah Lot

Day 3: Ubud Monkey Forest

Day 4: Uluwatu Temple

Day 5: Waterbom Bali

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Mount Batur

Each day in the predawn darkness of Bali, hundreds of tourists begin the trek up the 1,700-meter summit of Mount Batur to witness the sun rising above the lush mosaic of mist-covered mountains as well as the caldera far below. This sacred active volcano is situated in Kintamani district of Bali’s central highlands, about an hour’s drive from Ubud, and the trek to the summit to see the sunrise has long enhanced the list of top things to do in Bali.   

The trek along the well-marked track is comparatively easy and generally takes about two to three hours. Guided treks usually include a picnic breakfast, having eggs cooked using the steam from the active volcano. On a clear day, the views happen to be splendid, stretching all the way across the Batur caldera - the surrounding mountain range and magnificent Lake Batur. Make sure to carry sturdy hiking shoes and it is also advisable to wear layers, as the temperature can really cool down before sunrise.  

Day 2: Pura Tanah Lot

In Balinese, ‘Pura’ means temple.  Pura Tanah Lot, situated about 20 kilometers northwest of Kuta, is one of the most iconic temples of Bali, thanks to its splendid seaside setting on a rocky islet surrounded by crashing waves. For the locals, it is one of the most sacred of all the sea temples of the island. Throngs of tourists from Legian, Sanur, and Kuta find their way every evening through a maze of lanes dotted with souvenir sellers to witness the sun setting behind the temple. Pura Tanah Lot was constructed at the beginning of the 16th century and is believed to be inspired by the priest Nirartha, who asked the local fishermen to construct a temple here after spending the night on the rock outcrop. Although, foreigners aren’t allowed to enter any of the temples, you can walk across to the main temple at low tide. Wandering along the paths clicking photos and soaking up the spectacular setting is fun. After witnessing the various temples and shrines, you can visit one of the cliff top restaurants and cafes to relax and even try out the popular civet coffee, kopi luwak.

From here, you can wander along tropically landscaped paths to gorgeous Batu Bolong, another sea temple situated on a rock outcrop with an eroded causeway that connects it to the shore. While visiting a temple in Bali, make sure to wear a sarong and sash and dress respectfully.

Day 3: Ubud Monkey Forest

The Monkey Forest, which is also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, is situated at just a 10 minute’s walk south of the town center in Ubud and is one of the top attractions in the town and a must-see for photographers and animal lovers. Other than the entertaining troops of grey long-tailed macaques that build their home here, a huge part of the appeal is the vivid jungle setting where the monkeys roam freely. Concrete pathways lead through thick forests of huge banyan trees and nutmeg, where ancient temples and moss-covered statues appear through the dense foliage, transmitting an almost other-worldly feel.

Day 4: Uluwatu Temple

Situated over lurching sea cliffs above one of the Island’s best surf spots, Uluwatu Temple is one of Bali’s most popular temples, thanks to its striking clifftop setting. In Balinese, “Ulu” signify “tip” or “end of land” and “Watu” signify rock, a suitable name for the temple’s location on the Bukit Peninsula along the southwestern tip of the island. Similar to Pura Tanah Lot, sunset us the best time to visit here, when the sea and sky glow in the late afternoon light.

Archaeological findings suggest that the temple is of megalithic origin, that date from around the 10th century. The temple is thought to guard the island from evil sea spirits, while the monkeys who reside in the forest near its entrance are believed to protect the temple from bad influences. A picturesque pathway snakes from the entrance to the temple with stunning viewpoints along the way. Only Hindu worshippers are allowed to enter inside the temple, but the lovely setting and the sunset kecak dance performances that take place here on a regular basis are worth the visit.  

Day 5: Waterbom Bali

Situated in the heart of Kuta, Waterbom Bali is an action-packed waterpark, having something for each member of the family. Kids can drift down the Lazy River, splash in the swimming pools, or zoom down one of the many twisting water rides and slides, having names such as the Green Viper, Super Bowl, and Python. Parents can relax with a manicure or pedicure, fish spa therapy, or reflexology session. Cafes and restaurants cater to a range of different diets, and the grounds are landscaped with huge, shady trees and gorgeous tropical gardens, making this an exhilarating respite from the heat on a hot tropical day.

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