Australia trip package: Experience the diversity of incredible Australia

Author: Priyanka Saxena on May 20,2019

Australia is a place full of many beautiful things to see, places to visit and people to meet.  For other countries finding fun activities to do and ways to keep yourself entertained requires some hard research carried out while in Australia you'll have a problem trying to shortlist all the activities available at your disposal. With the very best Australia tour Agents at your service, you can make this beautiful and gigantic island your next place of exploration while we take care of making you experience what it feels like to be in Australia. 

Trip Highlights

  • Visit the beautiful city of Sydney
  • Relax at the Bondi beach
  • Explore the World Heritage  Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
  • Enjoy the bucket list of activities in Melbourne
  • Visit another world heritage site, Fraser Island
  • Take a tour on the second largest national park in the world

Tour Description

You'll start your Australia tour in the famous city of Sydney where you can enjoy the beauty which it has to offer through its infrastructures. After starting your incredible Australia trip by touring around Sydney you can spend your second day by calming your eager nerves in the Bondi beach of Sydney before leaving for Queensland. From the experience in Sydney, we take you to a world heritage site to explore the largest living structure in the world and from there we move on to the second largest city in Australia. After a well-spent time in the city, we then go to Fraser Island, the beautiful world heritage site, from the island we go deeper to explore nature in Kakadu national park where you can see some wildlife and incredible natural scenarios.

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

Start Planning your trip

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive Sydney

As you arrive in the city of Sydney where your Australia Tour will begin, we will be there to pick you up at the Sydney international airport where we will drive you to a one in a kind hotel. Once you settle into the beautiful hotel you can then enjoy from all the leisure which comes with it while you relax and prepare to explore Sydney the next day.

Day 2: Time to see the best of what Sydney has to offer

You start your second day by getting a delicious breakfast delivered to you in your room or eating in the hotel restaurant.  After that, your tour guide will be there to pick you up and take you to one of the most beautiful attractions of the city and country. From your hotel, you will be taken to the Sydney Opera house which is one of the top architectural icons in the world and also a world heritage site. This beautiful infrastructure is shaped like a giant billowing sails.  The beauty of this site is sure to capture all of your attention as it is surrounded by water on three sides with the Royal Botanic Gardens closing it at the south.  In this amazing infrastructure, you can take a tour and view the exhibition rooms, theaters, a cinema, concert hall and restaurants where you can dine.

After laying your eyes on the memorizing architecture both in and out, you can then explore other impressive architectures in the city and carry out activities like climbing up the harbor bridge, have dinner at Circular Quay, go museum shopping and just drive through the city to explore other beautiful sites.

Day 3: Sydney - Relax at the Bondi beach

After an exciting start to your Australia itinerary, you can cool down those eager nerves of yours at the Bondi beach in Sydney,. Australia has more than 10,000 beaches and you'll have the privilege to visit one of the most popular beaches in the world while still in Sydney. The Bondi beach is a great spot to have a picnic or a seaside stroll. You'll find a huge crowd of tourists and locals who are there to enjoy the scenic view of the beach.

Day 4: Queensland - Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Get to visit one of the seven wonders of the world after leaving Sydney by exploring the Great Barrier Reef. This reef is great in every sense and you won't be able to ever get the images out of your head as each scene is going to be completely unforgettable. The Great Barrier Reef can be seen out of space with its enormous area and also sprawls over  344,400 square kilometers. This little planet is made up of over 900 islands with the most popular ones being the Whitsunday Islands, Heron Island, and Lizard Island.

The Great Barrier reef composes of over 2500 individual reef systems, 600 tropical islands, and more than 290 coral cays. It also hosts a variety of marine animals and plants.  It's home to about 134 species of rays and sharks and other marine lives. This experience is bound to leave you saying wow even long after you return to your home country as it feels like a planet on its own.

Day 5-6: Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the top Australian itineraries and that is where we'll be heading to after the incredible visit to the Great Barrier Reef. The second largest city in Australia hosts a number of eye-catching places like shops, galleries, restaurants, theaters, parks gardens and a beautiful river crossing the city. The main highlights of this green city includes the National Gallery of Victoria, the Royal Botanic Garden, the Melbourne Central Shopping Center, etc. This beautiful city gives you so much to enjoy from with all its diversity and culture. A visit to Melbourne will leave you wanting to spend more time so you can explore everything which is why we will be granting you two days to spend in the city.

Day 7: Visit Fraser Island

From city life, we get up close to nature by taking a tour on the largest sand island in the world. This island is a world heritage site and is a must-see beauty for outdoor lovers.  Along the windswept seventy-five Mile Beach on the island, you'll see colored sandstone cliffs of the Cathedrals, rusted shipwrecks and fish-filled rock pools which are called Champagne Pools.

The island provides a great scenario with crystal clear freshwater creeks, several lakes, rainforest inhabited by several animals and plants. The marine life is filled with a variety of sharks, whales, dolphins and other marine animals. The best way to enjoy a visit o the Fraser island will be by a major wheel drive as the island has no barrier.

Day 8-9: Kakadu National Park

We end your Australia tour by doing justice to your last days with an unforgettable experience in the Kakadu National Park which is one of the planet's greatest area covered with the wilderness. It is the second largest island in the world and is home to many animals and over 200 different plants.  The Kakadu National park with its diverse ecosystem can be explored by foot using hiking trails, air, boat, and car. Australia is known for all its natural scenarios and wildlife and that is exactly how you should end your Australia Tour.

Day 10: Time to return back home

You'll spend your last day by enjoying the leisure and comfort provided by your hotel before you are taken to the airport to take you back home. This Australia tour package could be your next vacation plan with the help of our Australia tour agent, hope you like it and plan for an Australian trip soon.

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